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Newsletter #124 December, 2018 February, 2019


Ace, Cathy The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor (WISE Enquiries #4: When Huw Hughes, the village's prodigal son, returns and sets his cap at Annie Parker, village publican Tudor begs Annie's colleagues at the WISE Enquiries Agency to unearth the truth behind Huw having been widowed three times) $17.95
Alexander, Michelle The New Jim Crow (Legal scholar Michelle Alexander argues that we have not ended racial caste in America, merely redesigned it. By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color, the US criminal justice system functions as a system of racial control, relegating millions to permanent second-class status) $19.95
Anderson, Carol White Rage (An acclaimed historian chronicles the powerful forces opposed to black progress in America, from the Civil War to the present) $17.00
Baer, Ann Medieval Woman: Village Life in the Middle Ages (Reissue; Nonfiction. A year in the life of a peasant woman in medieval England is evoked in this portrait of Marion, a carpenter's wife, and her extended family) $14.95
Baldacci, David End Game (Will Robie #5: Robie returns from an overseas mission to discover that his boss has gone missing, last seen in a remote Colorado town where violence is brewing) $9.99
Baldwin, James The Fire Next Time (Reissue; Originally published in 1963. This slim volume combines Baldwin's account of his early life in Harlem with his disturbing examination of the consequences of racial injustice in the US) $13.95
Baldwin, James Nobody Knows My Name (Reissue; Originally published in 1961. Essays examining topics ranging from race relations in the US to the role of the writer in society, plus personal accounts of Richard Wright, Norman Mailer, and other writers) $14.00
Baldwin, James Notes of a Native Son (Reissue; Originally published in 1955. Essays on life in Harlem, the protest novel, movies, and African Americans abroad) $15.00
Barclay, Linwood Parting Shot (After a tragedy rocks Promise Falls, Cal Weaver is asked to investigate the threats being made to the accused's family. He accepts the job, only to find himself caught up in a vicious revenge plot) $9.99
Bell Jr., Albert A. The Gods Help Those (Pliny the Younger #7: PBO; Pliny hoped to improve relations with his unpleasant wife and her mother by investing in a warehouse on the Tiber with them. Now the building has collapsed due to heavy rains. Pliny discovers several dead people inside, including a man with a narrow red equestrian stripe on his tunic, dead from a knife wound in the back) $15.95
Bryan, Beverley Heart of the Race (Reissue; Originally published in 1985. This book reclaims and records black women's place in British history, documenting their day-to-day struggles, their experiences of education, work and health care, and the personal and political struggles they have waged to preserve a sense of identity and community, as well as their relationship to the British state throughout its long history of slavery, empire, and colonialism) $19.95
Buchholz, Simone Blue Night (Chastity Riley #1: After convicting a superior for corruption and shooting a gangster, hard-bitten state prosecutor Chastity Riley has been transferred to the tedium of witness protection. However, when she is assigned an anonymous man lying under police guard in a hospital - bones broken, a finger cut off, and speaking only in riddles - she senses a big, exciting case) $14.95
Buckley, Fiona The Heretic's Creed (Ursula Blanchard #14: 1577: Sir William Cecil tasks Ursula with visiting a group of recusant women who possess an ancient book Dr. John Dee is eager to get hold of. His two previous emissaries vanished without a trace. What happened to them? Will Ursula suffer the same fate?) $17.95
Carofiglio, Gianrico The Cold Summer (1992: Fenoglio, a member of the Italian Carabinieri, must deal with the new gang wars raging around Bari, and solve a boy's murder, in a world where the prosecutors are hard to distinguish from the prosecuted) $14.95
Clare, Alys The Devil's Cup (Hawkenlye #17: 1216: His rule threatened, King John summons Sir Josse to support him. But can Sir Josse save the king from himself? Meanwhile, Josse's daughter Meggie is summoned to Hawkenlye to attend a sick patient, an elderly woman who warns of terrible danger unless she can complete her mission. Her patient's words send Meggie on a perilous journey to retrieve a cursed treasure) $17.95
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Between the World and Me (What is it like to inhabit a black body and find a way to live within it? The US built an empire on the idea of 'race', a falsehood that damages us all, but falls most heavily on the bodies of black people - historically exploited through slavery and segregation, and today threatened, incarcerated, and murdered out of all proportion) $25.00
Coates, Ta-Nehisi We Were Eight Years in Power ('We were eight years in power' was the lament of Reconstruction-era black politicians as the American experiment in multiracial democracy ended with the return of white supremacist rule in the South. In these essays, Coates explores the echoes of that history in our own time: the election of a black president followed by a vicious backlash that fueled the election of the man Coates argues is America's 'first white president') $18.00
Cooper Jr., Clarence The Syndicate (Reissue; Originally published in 1960. A hard-hitting story plunging into the psycho-sexual depths of a ruthless enforcer sent to retrieve syndicate money) $14.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Student Body (E.J. Pugh #13: Graham Pugh should be having a ball as a university freshman. Unfortunately, his roommate is a complete jerk. Even more unfortunately, Graham wakes up one morning to find the jerk dead on the floor. E.J. is determined to prove her son's innocence) $17.95
Dams, Jeanne M. The Missing Masterpiece (Dorothy Martin #19: On a holiday in France, Dorothy finds herself embroiled in mysteries: a woman has drowned in quicksand, a man has suffered a near-fatal fall at an abbey, and an American archaeologist has gone missing - all seemingly connected to a monk named Abelard who has been dead for almost nine centuries) $17.95
Dard, Frederic The Gravediggers' Bread (A chance encounter with a beautiful blonde in the town post-office and Blaise is hooked - he'll do anything to stay by her side, and soon finds himself working for her husband, a funeral director. But the tension in this strange love triangle begins to mount, and eventually results in a highly unorthodox burial) $13.95
Davis, Lindsey The Third Nero (Flavia Albia #5: 90 CE: Flavia Alba reluctantly agrees to do some investigating for the increasingly paranoid Emperor Domitian) $16.99
Dawson, Janet The Ghost in Roomette Four (California Zephyr #3: PBO; 1954: Zephyrette Jill McLeod walks through the Silver Gorge Pullman car, and sees a shimmering light. A ghost? Jill doubts the evidence of her own eyes, but soon learns that others have seen the phenomenon, too. Is there a connection to an incident two months earlier, when Jill found the body of a young man there?) $15.95
Driscoll, Sara Before It's Too Late (FBI K-9 #2: FBI special agent Meg Jennings and her search & rescue dog Hawk race against the clock to stop a twisted killer's body count from climbing higher) $9.99
Du Bois, W.E.B. Black Reconstruction in America (Reissue; Originally published in 1935. This pioneering work was the first full-length study of the role black Americans played in the crucial period after the Civil War, when the slaves had been freed and the attempt was made to reconstruct American society) $22.00
Edim, Glory (ed) Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves (Original essays by black women writers that shine a light on how important it is that all of us - regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability - have the opportunity to find ourselves included in literature) $20.00
Edwards, Martin (ed) Mystery Tour (PBO; Anthology. Crime spreads across the globe in these short stories by members of the UK Crime Writer's Association) $14.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Murder in a Cornish Alehouse (Rosamond Jaffrey #3: 1584: Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey is summoned to Cornwall, only to find herself embroiled in a murder investigation involving smugglers, piracy, and rumours of treason) $17.95
Evanovich, Janet Hardcore Twenty-Four audiobook (Stephanie Plum #24: Unabridged. Diesel is back in town. Hot cop Joe Morelli isn't pleased, and neither is Ranger. And is Diesel's reappearance a coincidence, or is it somehow connected to the recent rash of headless corpses around town?) $14.99
Fishman, David E. The Book Smugglers (National Jewish Book Award winner. Nonfiction. The story of a group of poets turned partisans, and scholars turned smugglers, in Vilna, Lithuania, ghetto residents who rescued thousands of rare books and manuscripts - first from the Nazis and then from the Soviets) $24.95
Forshaw, Barry Forshaw Historical Noir (PBO; A reader's guide to historical crime fiction) $16.95
Fowler, Christopher Wild Chamber (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #14: In London's Regent Park, a man sees a girl walking her dog. Then the dog and the girl vanish into thin air. Now octogenarian detectives Arthur Bryant and John May and their colleagues are investigating the most baffling case of their careers) $16.00
Gilliland, Rhonda (ed) Cooked to Death: Hell for the Holidays (Anthology. Midwestern authors serve up tales of crime and cookery with holiday themes. Includes recipes) $17.95
Grabenstein, Chris Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race (Mr. Lemoncello #3: Kids; Mr. Lemoncello is testing his new game! If Kyle can make it through the first round, he and the other finalists will go on a great race - by bicycle, bookmobile, and Mr. Lemoncello's corporate banana jet - to find fascinating facts about famous Americans. But when a few surprising 'facts' surface about Mr. Lemoncello, it might be Go to Jail and Lose a Turn all at once! Could Kyle's hero be a fraud?) $7.99
Grafton, Sue Y Is for Yesterday (Kinsey Millhone #25: In 1979, four teens sexually assaulted a classmate and filmed the attack. Then the tape disappeared, and the suspected thief was murdered. One boy turned state's evidence, two were convicted, and the ringleader escaped without a trace. Ten years later, one of the men has been released from prison - and has received a copy of the missing tape with a ransom demand. His family turns to Kinsey Millhone for help) $16.00
Grant, Maxwell The Scent of Death / The Chinese Primrose (Shadow #126: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Silent Death / Charg, Monster (Shadow #127: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Shadowed Millions / No Safety in Numbers (Shadow #128: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Mobsmen on the Spot / Murder Trail (Shadow #129: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Hands in the Dark / Murder Marsh (Shadow #130: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Vanished Treasure / Isle of Gold (Shadow #131: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Fingers of Death / The Blackest Mail (Shadow #132: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Syndicate of Sin / Merry Mrs. Macbeth (Shadow #133: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Creeping Death / The Banshee Murders (Shadow #134: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Ghost Murders / Ships of Doom (Shadow #135: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Greenwald, Tommy My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog (Crimebiters #1: Kids; Jimmy loves his new dog Abby, but she has some unusual habits, and he's beginning to wonder if she's a vampire. Jimmy's friend Irwin thinks Jimmy is being ridiculous, but when Abby uncovers a crime in progress, even Irwin has to admit that perhaps Abby has some special powers) $12.99
Greenwald, Tommy It's a Doggy Dog World (Crimebiters #2: Kids; When Jimmy joins the lacrosse team and mysterious things start happening on and off the field, the Crimebiters investigate) $12.99
Greenwald, Tommy Dog Day After School (Crimebiters #3: Kids; A copy of the final math test has been stolen, and the local animal shelter is in danger of closing. Can four determined kids and two squabbling pets save the day again?) $12.99
Gregory, Dick Defining Moments in Black History (Comedian and social justice activist Dick Gregory charts the empowering yet often obscured past of the African American experience, moving from African ancestry and surviving the Middle Passage through the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance to modern times) $15.99
Hirvonen, Elina When Time Runs Out (A young man is shooting people from a rooftop in Helsinki. His mother is confronted with a horrifying scenario she is powerless to stop. His sister can only watch events unfold from afar. Over the course of a day, one family fractures. But this crisis goes beyond their small lives: Aslak is not the only boy on a rooftop with a gun today) $12.95
Hoch, Edward D. Challenge the Impossible (Sam Hawthorne #4: Sam Hawthorne, a New England country doctor, solves fifteen seemingly impossible crimes in these stories originally published between 1940 and 1944) $19.00
Hoeg, Peter The Susan Effect (Susan is expert at finding out secrets; people feel compelled to confide in her, and unwittingly confess their innermost thoughts. She has exploited this talent, but now her family is in jeopardy and a prison sentence hangs over her head, until she gets an offer from a former government official. All charges dropped if she uses her power one more time, to track down the surviving members of a secretive think tank, and find out the details of their mysterious final report) $14.95
Hornsby, Wendy Number 7, Rue Jacob (Maggie MacGowen #11: PBO; Jean-Paul and Maggie begin a nightmare trip across Europe as they try to stay a step ahead of a predator who uses every electronic medium to stalk them. Who? And why? As they try to answer those questions, their nemesis uses the internet to offer a reward for their capture, turning the pursuit into a crazy real-world game) $15.95
James, Bill Close (Harpur & Iles #34: Thomas Hart drifted into a dodgy career as a PI and grew clever at tailing suspects and the other tricks of the trade. Not quite clever enough, though - it's up to Harpur and Iles to figure out how Hart came to be executed behind the wheel of a Ford Focus on a quiet suburban street) $17.95
Jecks, Michael Murder Too Soon (Jack Blackjack #2: 1554: Jack's employer believes that a spy has been installed in the Princess Elizabeth's household, and dispatches Jack to deal with the threat. Jack arrives, only to find that a murder has already been committed) $17.95
Jones, Peter Quid Pro Quo: What the Romans Really Gave the English Language (Nonfiction. From germs and bullets to custard and tinsel, Jones traces the origins of hundreds of everyday English words with Latin roots) $14.95
Kendi, Ibram X. Stamped from the Beginning (National Book Award winner. An award-winning historian traces how racist ideas were created, spread, and deeply rooted in American society) $19.99
King Jr., Martin Luther Why We Can't Wait (Reissue; Originally published in 1964. King's classic exploration of the events and forces behind the Civil Rights Movement, including his 'Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963') $9.99
Kope, Spencer Collecting the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #1: The Special Tracking Unit is tasked with finding the lost or abducted and bringing them home. Magnus 'Steps' Craig is renowned for his ability to find and follow trails over any surface, giving his team an edge for stopping serial killers. Now there's a new monster at large, and the bodies are piling up) $9.99
Lawrence, Hilda Blood Upon the Snow (Mark East #1: Reissue; Originally published in 1944. PI Mark East arrives at an elegant estate to serve as private secretary to a nervous archeologist. It soon becomes apparent that East's employer is actually in need of a bodyguard. After a snow storm isolates the house, the occupants start dying under mysterious circumstances) $14.95
Laycock, S/West, C Lost Countries: Exotic Tales from an Old Stamp Album (Nonfiction. Pick up an old stamp album, and you'll find a host of exotic and unfamiliar names - distant lands, vanished territories, lost countries. Do they still exist? If not, where were they? And what happened to them?) $21.95
Lindgren, Minna Escape from Sunset Grove (Lavender Ladies #2: Under threat from falling masonry, best friends Irma and Siiri are forced out of Sunset Grove to negotiate 21st-century living in the center of Helsinki. Joined by a growing number of friends in their flat-share, they face unexpected questions. As they dig deeper, they find themselves following a trail of corruption, deceit, and intimidation) $13.95
Lindgren, Minna The End of Sunset Grove (Lavender Ladies #3: Best friends Irma and Siiri are relieved to return home, but find that Sunset Grove is under sinister new management that promises spiritual enlightenment in return for donations from residents. The staff has been replaced by technology that remotely takes care of all of their needs, if they could figure out how it works. The Lavender Ladies plan an elaborate act of sabotage - but their last hurrah has some drastic consequences) $13.95
Mckesson, DeRay On the Other Side of Freedom (Drawing from his own experiences as an activist, organizer, educator, and public official, Mckesson lays out the intellectual, pragmatic, and political framework for a new liberation movement. Continuing a conversation about activism, resistance, and justice that embraces our nation's complex history, he dissects how deliberate oppression persists, how racial injustice strips our lives of promise, and how technology has added a new dimension to mass action and social change) $25.00
Odden, Karen A Dangerous Duet (PBO; Victorian London: Determined to raise money to attend the Royal Academy, Nell Hallam disguises herself as a man and slips out at night to play piano at a popular Soho music hall. When she learns that a notorious and deadly crime ring is working in the music hall's shadows, she is drawn into a conspiracy that stretches the length of London) $15.99
Ostler, Rosemarie Splendiferous Speech (PBO; Ostler takes readers along on the journey as Americans declare linguistic independence from England and embrace their own speech, exploring sources of American vernacular such as the western frontier, the bumptious world of politics, and the sensationalism of popular 19th-century newspapers) $17.99
Pascoe, Bruce Dark Emu (Pascoe uncovers evidence that, long before the arrival of white people, Aboriginal people across the Australian continent were building dams and wells; planting, irrigating, and harvesting seeds, and then preserving the surplus and storing it in houses, sheds, or secure vessels; and creating elaborate cemeteries and manipulating the landscape. All of these behaviors were inconsistent with the hunter-gatherer tag, which turns out have been a convenient lie that worked to justify dispossession) $15.95
Schweizer, Mark The Choir Director Wore Out (Liturgical Mystery #15: St. Germaine is in a season of change: a couple of new shops have opened on the square; a Renaissance Festival has just opened out at Camp Possumtickle; and St. Barnabas Church has a new priest, straight from France, who is also a famous mystery author and detective. Good thing, because Hayden Konig's police department has a raft of homicides on its hands with no end in sight. Signed copies) $13.95
Sequiera, Christopher (ed) Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook (Anthology. Original stories of the Great Detective during his 1890 trip Down Under, written by Australian authors) $26.95
Simon, Clea The Ninth Life (Blackie & Care #1: Blackie is rescued from drowning by Care, a strange pink-haired girl. Care has sworn to avenge her mentor's murder, but first she must escape the clutches of drug dealers, murderers, and thieves. Blackie would repay her kindness if he could, but he is only a cat in this blighted city) $17.95
Simon, Clea As Dark As My Fur (Blackie & Care #2: Blackie does not trust Care's new client, a factory owner who has hired the young PI to shadow a worker he suspects is stealing from him. With his feline sixth sense, Blackie know the client is lying - but how can the cat protect and warn his human companion?) $17.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency BBC Radio Casebook Volume 2 (Collects eight episodes (total time six hours) of the BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization, starring Claire Benedict as Mma Ramotswe, Nadine Marshall as Mma Makutsi, and Joseph Marcell as Mr JLB Matekoni) $36.95
Staalesen, Gunnar Big Sister (Varg Veum #18: PBO; A woman introduces herself to Varg as his half-sister, and asks him to find her goddaughter, who disappeared two weeks ago) $14.95
Starns, Penny Odette: World War Two's Darling Spy (Reissue; This biography of SOE agent Odette Brailly delves into recently opened SOE personnel files to reveal the truth about this wartime heroine and the officer who posed as her husband, from her French Resistance undercover work to her unlikely survival in Ravensbruck concentration camp) $19.95
Studer, Jim The Mystery of Tony the Goat & Other Tales (Collection. Signed copies) $14.95
Swanson, Denise Die Me a River (Welcome Back to Scumble River #2: PBO; Skye and her husband Wally are meeting with the priest to discuss their newborn twins' christening when an explosion at the nearby bowling alley rocks the rectory. And although the business was closed at the time of the blast, there's a body inside) $7.99
Tatum, Beverly Daniel Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations about Race (Walk into any racially mixed high school and you will see black youth seated together in the cafeteria - and the other kids are clustered in their own groups too. The same phenomenon can be observed in college dining halls, faculty lounges, and corporate cafeterias. Is this self-segregation a problem we should try to fix, or a coping strategy we should support?) $18.99
Thompson, Victoria City of Secrets (Counterfeit Lady #2: New York City, 1910s: When her friend Priscilla's second husband dies in a suspicious accident, and is found to have an empty bank account, Elizabeth discovers unsavory evidence that the death may have been connected to blackmail. To save Priscilla's future, Elizabeth must find the truth) $26.00
Westbrook, William The Bermuda Privateer (Nicholas Fallon #1: 1796: Privateer Nicholas Fallon finds diabolical pirates, traitorous allies, and unlikely friends when he is hired to protect a merchant's Caribbean salt trade from the French) $19.95
Westbrook, William The Black Ring (Nicholas Fallon #2: 1798: As Great Britain, France, and Spain vie for control of Caribbean trade, Nicholas Fallon and his crew deal with secret agents, slave rebellions, a soulless pirate, a lady in distress, and a plot that threatens Britain's presence in the islands) $22.95


Adams, Ellery The Whispered Word (Nora Pennington #2: A reed-thin young woman is hiding in the fiction section of Nora's bookstore, wearing a hospital ID and faded bruises. Nora and her friends offer work, shelter, and support, but their guest isn't ready to divulge her secrets. When a customer is found dead, an apparent suicide, Nora uncovers a connection that points to the young woman as either a suspect - or another target) $26.00
Atkins, Ace The Fallen (Quinn Colson #7: A series of bank robberies, executed with skill and precision, have Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colson wondering if the robbers are former Army Rangers) $9.99
Bartlett, L/Leeson, G Yule Be Dead (Victoria Square #5: It's Christmas time, but not so jolly - Vonne Barnett has been found dead in Victoria Square. Vonne left a trail of men behind her, so the suspects are many, but the clues are few, as Artisan's Alley manager Katie Bonner finds when she investigates) $7.99
Blake, Bethany A Midwinter's Tail (Lucky Paws #4: Daphne and her basset hound Socrates investigate when the founder of a national chain of pet care stores is found murdered beneath the town Christmas tree) $7.99
Blum, Christine E. The Name of the Rose (Rose Avenue #3: The ladies of the wine club investigate when one of their members is suspected of drug smuggling and murder) $7.99
Booth, Stephen Dead in the Dark (Cooper & Fry #17: Years ago, Reece Bower was accused of killing his wife, a crime he denied. Extensive police searches near his home found no trace of her remains, and the case collapsed. Now memories of that investigation have been resurrected for DI Ben Cooper, because Reece Bower has disappeared, and his new wife wants answers) $11.99
Bradford, Laura Just Plain Murder (Claire Weatherly #6: Claire helps her beau Jakob investigate when the retired police chief who inspired him to become a cop is murdered) $7.99
Burns, V.M. The Novel Art of Murder (Mystery Bookshop #3: When flamboyant phony Maria Romanov nabs the lead in the Shady Acres Senior Follies, Samantha's grandmother reads Maria the riot act, then lands the leading role on the suspect list after Maria is murdered) $15.95
Cahoon, Lynn Slay in Character (Cat Latimer #4: Cat and the members of her writers' retreat head to an Old West tourist town, and wind up investigating a murder) $7.99
Cavanagh, Steve The Plea (Eddie Flynn #2: When David Child, a major client of a corrupt New York law firm, is arrested for murder, the FBI asks lawyer Eddie Flynn to secure David as his client and turn him to testify against the firm) $9.99
Childs, Laura Eggs on Ice (Cackleberry Club #8: You'd have a dickens of a time finding someone who likes attorney Allen Sharpe, but it's still a shock when the Ghost of Christmas Past stabs him during the first rehearsal of A Christmas Carol) $26.00
Crais, Robert The Wanted (Cole & Pike #17: When single mother Devon Connor hires PI Elvis Cole, it's because her son Tyson is flashing cash and she's afraid he's dealing drugs. But the truth is devastatingly different - he's responsible for a string of high-end burglaries) $9.99
DeMille, Nelson The Cuban Affair (Mac runs a charter fishing boat out of Key West, but his latest clients aren't looking to fish - they want to retrieve sixty million dollars their grandfather left hidden in Cuba when he fled Castro's revolution. Mac knows if he takes this job, he'll walk away rich - or not at all) $9.99
Dent, Susie Dent's Modern Tribes: The Secret Languages of Britain (Word expert Susie Dent has spent years interviewing professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts to compile this idiosyncratic phrasebook of British slang) $15.99
Doyle/Sandford The Man Who Would Be Sherlock (Arthur Conan Doyle was involved in investigating dozens of real life cases, solving many, and zealously campaigning for justice in all. Sandford makes the case that many of the details of these cases provided fodder for his fictional detective's work) $28.99
Duncan, Francis So Pretty a Problem (Mordecai Tremaine #5: Reissue; Adrian Carthallow is no stranger to controversy, but this time it's not his paintings provoking publicity - it's that his career has been terminated by a bullet to the head. His wife confesses, but the facts don't add up, so the town's police inspector turns to amateur criminologist Mordecai Tremaine for help) $14.99
Duncan, Francis In at the Death (Mordecai Tremaine #6: Reissue; When Mordecai Tremaine and Chief Inspector Jonathan Boyce investigate a murder in Bridgton, a question soon emerges: why did the highly regarded Dr. Hardene bring a revolver on a routine house call?) $14.99
Dyer-Seeley, Kate Violet Tendencies (Rose City #2: Britta and Aunt Elin are building a float for the Portland Rose Festival parade. The festival attracts angry protesters; when their leader is strangled with a garland of violets, Britta investigates) $7.99
Fowler, Christopher Hall of Mirrors (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #15: London, 1969: After accidentally sinking a barge painted like the Yellow Submarine, Bryant and May are relegated to babysitting the star prosecution witness in the trial of a disreputable real estate developer. When their charge insists on attending a party at Tavistock Hall - rife with falling stone gryphons, secret passages, rumors of a mythical beast, and an all too real dismembered corpse - the pair find themselves with a proper country house murder to solve) $27.00
Furlong, Susan Splintered Silence (Bone Gap Travellers #1: Former Marine MP Brynn Callahan and her canine partner Wilco head to Bone Gap, Tennessee, and the insular Irish Traveller culture Brynn had escaped when she enlisted. When Wilco leads Brynn to a body in the woods, tensions between the Travellers and the 'settled' townspeople threaten to boil over) $7.99
Glover, Allen TV Noir: The Dark Genre on the Small Screen (Nonfiction. An illustrated survey of noir on TV) $45.00
Grafton, Sue Y Is for Yesterday (Kinsey Millhone #25: In 1979, four teens sexually assaulted a classmate and filmed the attack. Then the tape disappeared, and the suspected thief was murdered. One boy turned state's evidence, two were convicted, and the ringleader escaped without a trace. Ten years later, one of the men has been released from prison - and has received a copy of the missing tape with a ransom demand. His family turns to Kinsey Millhone for help) $9.99
Greaney, Mark Agent in Place (Gray Man #7: Fresh off his first mission back with the CIA, Gentry secures what seems like a straightforward contract job: kidnap the mistress of Syria's dictator to get intel that could destabilize the regime) $9.99
Gribble, Leonard The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (Reissue; Originally published in 1939. A death during the second half sends Inspector Anthony Slade into the world of professional football to investigate deadly foul play on and off the pitch) $12.95
Guerra, Wendy Revolution Sunday (Cleo travels to Spain to collect a prestigious award, only to learn that the Cuban expats there assume she's an informant for the Castro regime. That suspicion follows her home to Cuba, where she finds herself under constant government surveillance. When she falls in love with a Hollywood filmmaker, she discovers her family is not who she thought they were - and neither is the filmmaker) $16.99
Harper, Karen Silent Scream (South Shores #5: Forensic psychologist Claire Britten joins an archaeological dig at a Florida peat bog. But some of the perfectly preserved corpses show signs of a grisly fate, and what started as an exploration of the past escalates into current danger) $7.99
Herron, Mick This Is What Happened (Maggie Barnes is someone you would never look at twice, living alone in a London sublet with no close family and not much in the way of friends. She's just the kind of person who could vanish without anyone taking notice - or just the kind of person MI5 needs to infiltrate and thwart an international plot that threatens Britain) $15.95
Hurwitz, Gregg Hellbent (Evan Smoak #3: With government forces trying to scrub all traces of the Orphan Program, Jack Johns sends Evan on a final assignment: find and protect Jack's last recruit to the program) $9.99
Jacobs, Nova The Last Equation of Isaac Severy (Bookseller Hazel Severy receives a letter from her mathematician grandfather days after he dies in an apparent suicide. The letter alludes to a secretive organization that is after his final equation, and charges Hazel with delivering it to a trusted colleague. But first she must find where it is hidden) $16.00
King, L/Klinger, L (ed) For the Sake of the Game (Anthology. Original stories inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon) $25.95
Larsen, Ward Cutting Edge (After his helicopter goes down during a harrowing rescue, Alaskan Coast Guard rescue swimmer Trey DeBolt awakens in Maine to the news that he has been officially declared dead and drawn into an ultra-secret government program) $9.99
Maxwell, Alyssa A Devious Death (Renshaw & Huntford #3: A summer getaway at her cousin Regina's newly purchased estate goes from tense to tragic when the hostess is found murdered in her bed. With suspects in every room, Lady Phoebe and her maid Eva must uncover the secrets of High Head Lodge) $15.95
McDermid, Val (V.L) Broken Ground (Karen Pirie #5: Alice Somerville's inheritance lies in a Highland peat bog, buried by her grandfather at the end of World War II. When she finally uncovers it, she finds a body with a bullet hole between the eyes. Meanwhile, DCI Pirie is called in to unravel a case where nothing is quite as it seems) $26.00
Ng, J/Blumberg-Kason, S (ed) Hong Kong Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Hong Kong) $15.95
Parker, R/Lupica, M Blood Feud (Sunny Randall #9: When Richie, the ex she still loves, is shot and nearly killed, Boston PI Sunny Randall is dragged into the thick of his family's business as she searches for answers and tries to stave off a mob war) $27.00
Penny, Louise Kingdom of the Blind (Armand Gamache #14: When a peculiar letter arrives inviting Gamache to an abandoned farmhouse, the former head of the Surete de Quebec discovers that a complete stranger has named him one of the executors of her will, along with Myrna Landers, and a young builder. The will is so odd that they begin to wonder, but when a body is found, the terms of the will seem less peculiar and far more menacing) $28.99
Potenza, Carol Hearts of the Missing (Hillerman Prize winner. When a young woman linked to a list of missing Fire-Sky tribal members commits suicide, Pueblo police sergeant Nicky Matthews is assigned to the case) $26.99
Preston, D/Child, L City of Endless Night (Pendergast #17: Pendergast and Vincent D'Agosta team up to investigate the murder and mutilation of a tech billionaire's daughter) $9.99
Preston/Child City of Endless Night audiobook (Pendergast #17: Unabridged. Pendergast and Vincent D'Agosta team up to investigate the murder and mutilation of a tech billionaire's daughter) $20.00
Reilly, Matthew The Three Secret Cities (Jack West Jr. #5: When Jack won the Great Games, he threw the four legendary kingdoms into turmoil. Now these dark forces are coming ruthlessly after him. With the end of all things rapidly approaching, Jack must find three lost cities of legend) $26.99
Shaw, M.B. Murder at the Mill (Iris Grey #1: Iris is commissioned to paint a portrait of celebrated crime writer Dominic Wetherby. At the Wetherby's holiday party, the mulled wine is in full flow, but so are tensions among the guests. When a dead body is discovered the next day, is it a tragic accident, or a deadly crime?) $27.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret's Secret (alternate title: Maigret Has Doubts) (Maigret #54: At a dinner party, Maigret tells of a case. A man named Adrien Josset was found guilty and executed for the murder of his wife Christine. Although all the clues pointed to Adrien's guilt, Maigret remained unconvinced, and still has doubts) $13.00
Simon, Misty Deceased and Desist (Tallie Graver #3: Tallie's latest cleaning job, prepping a renovated B&B for a grand reopening, takes a macabre turn when she finds a shady building inspector dead in one of the bedrooms) $7.99
Smith, Karen Rose Cut to the Chaise (Caprice De Luca #8: Caprice is busy arranging every last detail for her wedding reception at a local winery, but get sidetracked when the owner's husband is found stabbed to death in the tasting room) $7.99
St. James, Simone The Broken Girls (Vermont, 1950: Idlewild Hall is a place for the troublemakers, the illegitimate, the girls who are too smart for their own good. Local legend says the school is haunted. Four roommates bond over their fears - until one of them disappears. Vermont, 2014: Two decades ago, the body of Fiona's sister was found near the ruins of Idlewild Hall. When Fiona discovers the Hall is being restored, she decides to write a story about it. A shocking discovery during renovations links the loss of her sister to secrets that were meant to stay hidden in the past - and a voice that won't be silenced) $15.00
Turow, Scott Testimony (The International Criminal Court taps Bill ten Boom for a mystifying case: over a decade ago, in the chaos following the Bosnian war, a Roma refugee camp vanished overnight - and a witness has finally stepped forward) $9.99
Washburn, Tim Cyber Attack (Passenger jets drop from the sky. Water pumps fail at nuclear power plants. With each passing hour, orchestrated cyber attacks unleash death and destruction. Fear is going viral, and could lead to total annihilation, unless two specially trained FBI agents can penetrate the darkest recesses of the web to defeat a faceless enemy) $7.99
Wilkinson, Ellen The Division Bell Mystery (Reissue; Originally published in 1932. Wilkinson, one of the first women elected to Parliament, offers an insider's perspective on political scandal with sharp satire. A financier has been found shot in the House of Commons. Suspecting foul play, parliamentary private secretary Robert West takes on the role of amateur sleuth) $12.95
Woods, Stuart Shoot First (Stone Barrington #45: Barrington is enjoying a round of golf when the game is violently interrupted - and the target may be the brilliant businesswoman behind a software startup on the cutting edge of technology) $9.99


Baxter, Cynthia Murder with a Cherry on Top (Lickety Splits #1: Kate heads home to the Hudson Valley, hoping to indulge her dream of running an ice cream shop. She is less than thrilled when her high school nemesis Ashley starts selling frozen treats in the bakery across the street. When Ashley is murdered, Kate will need to get the scoop on the real killer to salvage her reputation) $12.95
Blackmoore, Stephanie Gown with the Wind (Wedding Planner #4: Really, Mallory is fine handling the wedding arrangements for her ex Keith - until the bride-to-be winds up a murder suspect) $7.99
Blaedel, Sara The Stolen Angel (Louise Rick #6: Detective Rick's skills as a trained negotiator are tested when a seriously ill little girl is kidnapped) $7.99
Carr, Jack The Terminal List (A Navy SEAL has nothing left to live for and everything to kill for after he discovers that the US government was behind the deaths of his team) $9.99
Chisholm, P.F. A Suspicion of Silver (Robert Carey #9: 1593: Sir Robert Carey goes on the hunt for Joachim Hochstetter, suspected of plotting with the King of Spain and Scottish earls to assassinate King James VI) $15.95
Connolly, Sheila Many A Twist (County Cork #6: Maura's estranged mother has moved back to Skibbereen and taken a job at the hotel outside town. When her new boss is found dead in the hotel gardens,Maura will leave no stone unturned to clear her mother's name) $15.99
Copperman, E.J. The Hostess With the Ghostess (Haunted Guesthouse #9: The Jersey Shore lodge's latest polter-guest is Richard Harrison, the recently murdered brother of long-time resident ghost PI Paul Harrison. But Paul left the guesthouse months ago, and Alison hasn't been able to contact him. And she's going to need him, because Richard's death isn't the only unsolved case) $15.99
Dorsey, Tim The Pope of Palm Beach (Serge Storms #21: Serge and his sidekick Coleman set out on a literary pilgrimage, headed for the seaside town where they spent their formative years. Along the way, Serge disturbs some long-forgotten ground, attracting a cast of villains that only Florida could produce. As the body count grows, so does the list of questions) $15.99
Eaton, J.C. Botched 4 Murder (Sophie Kimball #4: Phee and her boyfriend Marshall investigate a murder at her mom's Arizona retirement community) $7.99
Ferencik, Erica The River at Night (On a hiking and rafting excursion in Maine's remote Allagash Wilderness, an accident leaves four women stranded without raft or supplies. And their discovery of a ramshackle camp nearby turns out not to be the salvation they were hoping for) $9.99
Finlay, Mick Arrowood (London, 1895: The police don't have the resources to deal with all the crime. The wealthy turn to Sherlock Holmes for help. In densely populated south London, people turn to Arrowood, a private investigator who understands people, not clues) $7.99
Goldstein, Debra H. One Taste Too Many (Sarah Blair #1: Sarah's ex has dropped dead, apparently poisoned by her twin sister Emily's award-winning rhubarb crisp. To crack the case, Sarah may have to face a fate worse than death: being in the kitchen!) $7.99
Hillerman, Anne Cave of Bones (Manuelito & Chee #4: Bernie's planned speech at a program for at-risk teens is derailed when one of the attendees returns hours late from a hike, traumatized by stumbling over a human skeleton. And the instructor who went looking for the girl seems to have vanished) $9.99
Jones, S/Watts, P The Big Empty (Nathan Active #6: Nathan's investigation of a plane crash in the Big Empty casts suspicion of murder on more than one person in the small town of Chukchi) $26.95
Kubica, Mary Don't You Cry (Esther disappears from her Chicago apartment, leaving behind a letter that raises a lot of questions for her roommate Quinn. As Quinn searches for answers, a young man in a Michigan town falls under the spell of a mysterious woman) $9.99
Ortiz, Paul An African American and Latinx History of the United States (Nonfiction. A revisionist history spanning more than two centuries that shows how placing African American, Latinx, and Indigenous voices front and center transforms American hsitory into one of the working class organizing themselves against imperialism) $16.00
Parra, Nancy J. A Case of Syrah, Syrah (Sonoma Wine Country #1: Taylor lives on a small winery with her aunt and leads tours around Sonoma County. Things are running smoothly until a tour member is found dead with Taylor's corkscrew buried in her neck) $15.99
Pressey, Rose Fashions Fade, Haunted Is Eternal (Haunted Vintage #7: Cookie has been hired to dress models for a fashion shoot in a cemetery. When the grumpy photographer is edited out of the picture for good, Cookie investigates with some help from her ghostly pals) $7.99
Robb, Candace A Murdered Peace (Kate Clifford #3: York, 1400: Kate's cook and confidante Berend disappears shortly before Christmas, then returns wounded. He denies any connnection to the Epiphany Uprising, but refuses to explain himself. When he is accused of murdering a merchant, more questions arise) $15.95
Ross, Barbara Steamed Open (Maine Clambake #7: Beachcombers, lighthouse buffs, and clammers are outraged after Bartholomew Frick puts up a gate in front of his newly inherited mansion, blocking access to the beach. When he winds up stabbed in the neck with a clam rake, there's a long list of suspects) $7.99
Rowland, Laura Joh A Mortal Likeness (Sarah Bain #2: London, 1889: Photographer Sarah Bain runs a PI agency with Lord Hugh Staunton and former street urchin Mick O'Reilly. They land a big new case when a surveillance photograph happens to reveal a clue about the kidnapping of a wealthy banker's infant son) $15.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Dead of Winter (Lily Dale #3: When a body turns up in the lake, everyone pulls out all the stops to locate a missing child, identify the murder victim, and collar the killer) $15.99


Alexander, Ellie Live and Let Pie (Bakeshop #9: PBO; During a lakeside picnic, Jules and Helen discover old skeletal remains that might be connected to a 1960s missing person case) $7.99
Bates, Quentin Cold Breath (Gunnhildur #6: Gunnhildur agrees to act as bodyguard to a man with a price on his head, but they soon realize that the secure house outside Reykjavik is neither as safe nor as carefully hidden as the police thought) $13.99
Bell, David Somebody I Used to Know (When a young woman is murdered at a local motel, the police find Nick Hansen's name and address in her pocket. Convinced that there's a connection between the dead woman and his college girlfriend Marissa, Nick decides to investigate Marissa's death twenty years ago) $9.99
Berry, Steve The Bishop's Pawn (Cotton Malone #13: The US Justice Department turns to Cotton Malone for help investigating a delicate situation involving a stolen rare coin and a rogue FBI faction) $9.99
Blaedel, Sara The Drowned Girl (alternate title: Only One Life) (Louise Rick #3: When a young Jordanian immigrant girl is found in Holbraek Fjord with a piece of concrete tied around her waist, Inspector Rick investigates. Was it an 'honor killing'?) $9.99
Burnell, Mark The Rhythm Section (Stephanie Patrick #1: Reissue; When it turns out a bomb caused the plane crash that killed her family, Stephanie Patrick has one goal: revenge. She is recruited by a covert organization that will train her to commit acts of terrorism - and when she proves her loyalty, she will have a chance to take out those responsible for the crash) $9.99
Cohen, William S. Final Strike (Sean Falcone #3: Sean Falcone leads a dangerous op to bring a CEO home from Moscow and convince the Russians to help bring down an asteroid that threatens Earth) $9.99
Cornwell, Bernard Fools and Mortals (Elizabethan England: Penniless actor Richard Shakespeare dreams of a glittering career in the world dominated by his older brother William. Instead, when a priceless manuscript goes missing, he finds himself entangled in a high-stakes game of duplicity and betrayal) $16.99
Delaney, J.P. The Girl Before ('Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life.' The request seems odd, even intrusive - and for the two women who reply, the consequences are devastating) $9.99
Duncan, Francis Behold a Fair Woman (Mordecai Tremaine #7: Reissue; In need of a vacation, Mordecai Tremaine heads to the picturesque island of Moulin d'Or. When a dead body is discovered, he must piece together the truth) $14.99
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Headlong (Bill Slider #21: When a literary agent is found dead under strange circumstances, DCI Slider is pressured to declare it an accident, but the number of people with grudges against the dead woman leaves him skeptical, and his team investigates) $28.99
Hart, John Redemption Road (Steel Dagger shortlist. A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother. A detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a shooting. After years in prison, a good cop walks free. But for how long? And in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, the unthinkable has just happened) $9.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Night Moves (Alex Delaware #33: Alex and Milo investigate when a corpse - minus its face and hands - is found in a family home in a well-to-do suburban enclave of Los Angeles) $9.99
MacBride, Stuart Now We Are Dead (DCI Roberta Steel got caught fitting up Jack Wallace - now she's been demoted, and he's back on the streets. Women are being attacked again, but her superiors won't listen to her, and if DS Steel goes anywhere near Wallace, she'll get thrown off the force for good. How much is she willing to sacrifice to stop him?) $15.99
Rankin, Ian In a House of Lies (John Rebus #22: When skeletal remains are identified as a PI who went missing over a decade earlier, Rebus' old friend Siobhan Clarke is assigned to the case. Rebus remembers the original case all too well: when the investigation stalled, the family of the missing man complained that there was a police cover-up. Signed copies expected; unabridged audiobook $35.00) $27.00
Robb, J.D. Leverage in Death (Eve Dallas #47: Lt. Eve Dallas puzzles over a bizarre suicide bombing at a Wall Street office) $8.99
Rollins, James Crucible (SIGMA Force #14: Commander Gray Pierce arrives home to find the house ransacked, his pregnant lover missing, and his best friend's wife Kat unconscious. What Pierce learns from Kat sends SIGMA Force on a frantic quest for answers connected to mysteries reaching back to the Spanish Inquisition. Signed copies expected) $28.99
Shelton, Paige Lost Books and Old Bones (Scottish Bookshop #3: When a new friend, one of a group of medical students who sold the shop a collection of antique medical books, is murdered, Delaney investigates) $7.99
Truman, M/Bain, D Allied in Danger (Capital Crimes #30: DC investigator Robert Brixton is hired to look into a fraudulent charity and a criminal warlord in Nigeria) $8.99
Woods, Stuart A Delicate Touch (Stone Barrington #48: An old acquaintance reaches out to Stone - she needs an expert in an esoteric field to solve a puzzle. The solution to that one small problem blows the lid open on a bigger scandal going back decades and involving several prominent New Yorkers) $28.00


Appel/Pachter (ed) Amsterdam Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Amsterdam) $15.95
Burke, James Lee The New Iberia Blues (Robicheaux #22: A young woman who disappeared near Desmond Cormier's Cypremort Point estate has been found crucified, and detective Dave Robicheaux and young deputy Sean McClain are looking for answers) $27.99
Dale, John (ed) Sydney Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Sydney, Australia) $15.95
Faye, Lyndsay The Paragon Hotel (1921: Alice is on a train, fleeing New York City after an illicit drug and liquor deal gone horribly wrong. She befriends Max, a Pullman porter, who points her to the Paragon, the only all-black hotel in Portland, Oregon. Its lodgers seem terrified to have a white woman on the premises, and Alice soon realizes why: the Ku Klux Klan have arrived in Portland in fearsome numbers. Alice is soon tangled in a web of mystery, and club chanteuse Blossom Fontaine seems to be at the very center of it) $26.00
Finch, Charles The Woman in the Water (Charles Lenox Prequel #1: London, 1850: Young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself as a detective, but Scotland Yard won't take him seriously, and his friends deride him for working. When the newspaper publishes a letter whose anonymous author claims to have committed the perfect crime and promises to kill again, Lenox seizes the chance to prove himself) $17.99
Gilbert, Victoria Shelved Under Murder (Blue Ridge Library #2: A renowned artist has been murdered with her own palette knife, and a search of her studio uncovers a cache of forged paintings. Library director Amy Webber's research skills draw her into the investigation) $15.99
Hart, Rob Take-Out (Collection. Short stories of culinary crime and noir) $16.00
Housewright, David First, Kill the Lawyers (Holland Taylor #5: Five prominent Minneapolis attorneys have had their computers hacked and sensitive case files stolen. To find the missing files and those responsible, Holland must first dive into the five cases covered in those files: divorce, bribery, class action, rape, and murder. Signed copies expected) $27.99
Jonasson, Jonas The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man (Allan Karlsson #2: It all begins with a hot air balloon trip. Allan and Julius are ready for some spectacular views, not expecting to land in the sea and be rescued by a North Korean ship - let alone one where the captain is harboring a suitcase full of contraband uranium) $15.99
Jonasson, Ragnar Rupture (Ari Thor #4: When new evidence surfaces, young policeman Ari Thor tries to solve a decades-old murder. The investigation proves difficult in a town where no one wants to know the truth and secrets are a way of life) $16.99
Kadare, Ismail A Girl in Exile (The Albanian Party Committee questions playwright Rudian Stefa after a young woman is found dead with a signed copy of his latest book in her possession. Under the influence of the paranoid regime, Stefa finds himself swept along on a surreal quest to discover the truth about her death) $16.95
McCrery, Nigel Flesh and Blood (Mark Lapslie #5: During a murder investigation, DCI Lapslie's methods come under fire; as a result, his prime suspect goes free. Then another body is discovered) $13.99
Medawar, Tony (ed) Bodies from the Library (Anthology. Obscure stories, either previously unpublished or published only once, by popular Golden Age authors) $16.99
Nesbo, Jo Macbeth (A retelling of Shakespeare's play, set in a rainy, rundown industrial town in the 1970s. Duncan, the police chief, is idealistic and visionary, a dream to the townsfolk but a nightmare for criminals. The local drug trade is overseen by the manipulative Hekate, who has connections in high places and plans to use them to get her way) $16.00
Perry, Thomas The Bomb Maker (A former LAPD Bomb Squad commander returns to help his old squad catch a bomber who seems to be targeting the Bomb Squad itself) $16.00
Perry, Thomas The Burglar (Elle Stowell makes her living burgling vacant mansions, but her latest target turns out to be the scene of a grisly triple homicide. When she realizes her knowledge of the crime makes her a target, she races to solve the case before becoming the next casualty) $26.00
Petrie, Nick Tear It Down (Peter Ash #4: June sends Peter to Memphis to help her friend Wanda, a photographer and war correspondent who has been receiving peculiar threats) $26.00
Preston, D/Child, L Verses for the Dead (Pendergast #18: After a change in leadership at the FBI, Pendergast must now work with a partner. He and junior agent Coldmoon are sent to Miami Beach to investigate a rash of killings with a confounding M.O) $28.00
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa The Legacy (Huldar & Freyja #1: The only person who might have answers about a baffling murder is the victim's young daughter, found hiding in the room where her mother died. But she's not talking. Detective Huldar turns to psychologist Freyja for help with the case) $17.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret in Court (Maigret #55: To save Gaston Meurant, accused of two horrific murders, from the gallows, Maigret must expose some dark secrets about him, secrets that may put Meurant in a different kind of danger) $13.00
Stewart, Mary The Wind Off the Small Isles and The Lost One (Reprints a long-lost novella and a recently rediscovered short story) $13.99
Swinson, David Crime Song (Frank Marr #2: Disgraced cop turned PI Frank Marr's surveillance confirms that his cousin Jeffrey is involved in a small-time drug operation. Modest stuff, it seems, until Frank's home is burglarized, leaving Jeffrey's body on the kitchen floor) $15.99
Symons, Julian The Belting Inheritance (Reissue; Originally published in 1964. Lady Wainwright presides at Belting, mourning her two sons lost in World War II. Years later, a stranger arrives claiming to be David Wainwright, not dead but long held captive in a Russian prison camp. With the lady's health fading and an inheritance at stake, the family is torn apart by doubts about the man's identity) $12.95
Taylor, Andrew The American Boy (1819: Thomas Shield is tutor to an American boy and his best friend Charles Frant. When a murder takes place in London's seedy backstreets, all clues lead to the Frant family, and Shield is tangled in a web of lies. At the heart of these macabre events lies the American boy: what secrets is young Edgar Allan Poe hiding?) $16.99
Tearle, Oliver Britain by the Book (A multitude of curious questions are answered in this travelogue with a literary theme. What caused Charles Dickens to leap out of bed one night and walk thirty miles from London to Kent? How did a small town on the Welsh borders become the second-hand bookshop capital of the world? Why did a jellyfish persuade Evelyn Waugh to abandon his suicide in North Wales?) $15.99
Wiebe, Sam Cut You Down (Wakeland #2: Vancouver PI Dave Wakeland is hired to find Tabitha Sorenson, a bright but unstable student who disappeared in the aftermath of a scandal involving millions of dollars in missing college funds) $18.99
Wilson, F. Paul The Void Protocol (ICE Sequence #3: The product of technology confiscated from the Nazis sits in a bunker below a New Jersey military facility. No one knows what it is, but illegal human research has revealed what it can do. Humans with special abilities have been secretly collected. And so it sits, slowly changing the world) $27.99


Akunin, Boris The State Counsellor (Fandorin #6: Russia, 1891: The new governor of Siberia has been secreted away on a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. An official climbs aboard, introduces himself as Erast Fandorin, kills the man, and flees. When the Department of Security arrests the real Fandorin, the only way to save his reputation is to find the culprit - and the government mole who supplied information) $16.00
Atkins, Ace The Lost Ones (Quinn Colson #2: Edgar finalist. A child abuse case leads newly elected Sheriff Colson and his deputy Lillie Virgil to a human trafficking ring, and a trail of death. And an old buddy running a local gun shop may be in over his head when stolen army rifles start showing up in the hands of a Mexican drug gang) $9.99
Bell, Ted Overkill (Alex Hawke #10: Hawke's skiing holiday in St. Moritz turns into a nightmare when his young son inexplicably goes missing from the gondola they were on) $7.99
Bellotto, Tony Bellini and the Sphinx (Remo Bellini #1: Who is the missing dancer Ana Cintia Lopes? Why did her coworkers Camila and Dineia disappear? Who killed surgeon Dr. Samuel Rafidjian? These questions and more plunge PI Remo Bellini into the underworld of Sao Paulo, Brazil) $15.95
Berenson, Alex The Deceivers (John Wells #13: An old asset in Colombia has information to share, and it will lead Wells to the deadliest mission of his life - sleeper cells, sniper teams, false flag ops, highly placed double agents, and a Russian plot to take over the US government) $9.99
Box, C.J. The Disappeared (Joe Pickett #18: The new governor has a delicate job for Pickett: find out what happened to an important British woman, who hasn't been seen since she visited a Wyoming guest ranch months ago) $9.99
Bradley, Alan The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10: Flavia has honed her detection skills to the point where she has little choice but to turn professional, so she and Dogger set up shop. Their first case will be extremely close to home, beginning with the unwelcome discovery of a human finger in her sister Ophelia's wedding cake) $26.00
Camilleri, Andrea The Overnight Kidnapper (Montalbano #23: A woman has been abducted, drugged, then released unharmed a few hours later. In a few days, the same thing happens again. The only link between the two events is that both women work at a bank. Inspector Montalbano and his team investigate) $16.00
Cavallaro, Brittany The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes & James Watson #3: YA; Jamie and Charlotte haven't spoken in a year. Jamie is going through the motions, trying to finish his senior year without incident. Charlotte is on the run. No one has seen her, and she wants it that way. She knows she isn't safe to be around, and that Watson can't forgive her. When strange things start happening, it's clear that someone wants the team back together - someone who wants to see one of them suffering, and the other one dead) $9.99
Corry, Jane My Husband's Wife (When Lily marries Ed, she's determined to leave the secrets of the past behind. Then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe, a convicted murderer she is strangely drawn to - and for whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Boy Who Lived with the Dead (Albert Lincoln #2: 1920: DI Albert Lincoln is called to a new case in the village of Mabley Ridge. Before the Great War, he unsuccessfully investigated a child's murder there. Now a woman has been murdered, and a child is missing. This time, Albert is determined to find the truth - and the missing child) $26.99
Fluke, Joanne Raspberry Danish Murder (Hannah Swensen #24: Hannah's husband Ross has vanished without a trace, leaving their marriage in limbo. Then his assistant P.K. is murdered. P.K. has been using Ross' car as well as his desk at the TV station, which raises a question: who was the intended victim?) $7.99
Fox, Candice Crimson Lake (After being accused but not convicted of a brutal crime, Sydney detective Ted Conkaffey winds up in Crimson Lake, where his lawyer introduces him to PI Amanda Pharrell, a convicted murderer. Not convinced she is a killer, Ted agrees to investigate her case) $9.99
Gleason, Robert The Evil That Men Do (Income inequality has reached such extremes that people worldwide are demanding that the UN seize and redistribute illicit offshore funds. Those in power will do anything to stop this movement - even nuke the UN - unless a team of operatives can stop them) $9.99
Greenwald, Tommy Fangs for Everything (Crimebiters #4: Kids; While the rest of the Crimebiters are busy, Jimmy sets out to answer the question that's threatening to drive a stake through his heart: is his dog Abby really a vampire?) $12.99
Harris, Sherry The Gun Also Rises (Sarah Winston #6: While sorting through a massive collection of mysteries in a woman's attic, Sarah discovers a case of lost Hemingway stories, stolen from a Paris train in 1922. How did they end up in Massachusetts?) $7.99
Henry, Julia Pruning the Dead (Lilly Jayne #1: Retiree Lilly Jayne's inaugural garden party is going well until her ex's third wife shows up and makes a scene. When the woman is murdered days later, and Lilly's best friend and her ex become suspects, Lilly investigates with some help from the Garden Squad) $7.99
Ivar, Katja Evil Things (Hella Mauzer #1: Cold War era: Hella Mauzer's superiors in the Helsinki Homicide Unit deemed her too emotional and reassigned her. Now she is working in Lapland for a boss more interested in crime statistics than police work. When a man disappears from a village on the Soviet border, Hella leaps at the chance to investigate) $14.95
Ivy, Alexandra You Will Suffer (Something strange is going on in Curry, Oklahoma. Lawyer Ellie Guthrie finds her tires slashed. Dead rats are dumped on her patio. Her neighbor, former FBI agent Nate Marcel, insists on watching out for her. And then bodies begin turning up: supposed overdoses that Nate suspects are something more sinister) $7.99
Johnson, Carrie H. Hot Flash (Muriel Mabley #1: Muriel sweats every detail as a forensic firearms specialist. When her sister in witness protection receives a terrifying warning, Muriel's long-time partner Laughton reveals he knows more than he should about her and Muriel's past. And when Laughton's ex-wife and her new husband turn up dead, his own secrets send Muriel down a twisted trail of disappeared witnesses and wrenching betrayal) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Dead as a Door Knocker (House Flipper #1: A fixer-upper is like catnip to Whitney Whitaker, but her latest acquisition turns out to have a dead body in the flower bed. Now it's up to Whitney - with some help from Nashville detective Collin Flynn - to find out what happened) $7.99
Kent, Kathleen The Dime (Edgar finalist. Betty Rhyzyk's Brooklyn street smarts only get her so far when she transfers to the Dallas, Texas, police force. As her first investigation goes sideways, she does battle with unruly subordinates, a persistent stalker, a formidable crime organization, and an unsupportive girlfriend) $7.99
Kope, Spencer Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2: The Special Tracking Unit investigates when a pair of human feet are found stored in a cooler in a judge's home in Texas) $9.99
Koryta, Michael How It Happened (FBI investigator Rob Barrett staked his name and reputation on an duplicitous woman's murder confession, only to have the bodies turn up 200 miles away and covered in someone else's DNA. His career may already be over, but Barrett is determined to get to the truth for the sake of the victim's grieving father) $16.99
Lee, R.J. Grand Slam Murders (Bridge to Death #1: The quiet Mississippi town of Rosalie has its first quadruple homicide: four wealthy widows sat down at the bridge table and never got up again. Who put cyanide in their sugar bowl? Society columnist Wendy Winchester is hoping the case will deal her a better hand as an investigative reporter) $15.95
Lutz, John The Havana Game (Thomas Laker #2: The US appears linked to a terrorist bombing in a Baltic nation and a Russian troop buildup just over the border. Thomas Laker is sent to untangle the mess. Meanwhile, Ava North's investigation of an agent's death leads to a Cuban-American billionaire who's in bed with the Jersey mob) $9.99
McCrery, Nigel Bloodline (Mark Lapslie #6: When a British university student disappears while investigating a family mystery in Spain, DCI Lapslie and DC Bradbury are sent to investigate alongside the local police) $13.99
Morgan, Alexis Death by Committee (Abby McCree #1: Abby is moving on from a rough divorce when her Aunt Sybil dies, leaving her a rundown estate complete with a slobbery Mastiff and a sexy tenant who growls more than the dog. Unfortunately, she also discovers Aunt Sybil's long-time rival buried in the backyard) $7.99
Mugavero, Liz Murder, She Meowed (Pawsitively Organic #7: Stan's bachelorette party takes an unexpected turn when someone takes out the male stripper with one of Stan's kitchen knives, turning the guest list into a suspect list) $7.99
O'Connor, Carlene Murder in an Irish Churchyard (Irish Village #3: Kilbane has a new garda, and Siobhan already has her first case - a stranger has been found dead in the church graveyard) $7.99
Reich, Christopher The Take (Simon Riske #1: Freelance industrial spy Simon Riske lives a mostly quiet life above his auto garage in London. The CIA turns to him for help when a secret letter that could upend the balance of power in the West is stolen from a Saudi prince) $9.99
Ricca, Brad Mrs. Sherlock Holmes (Edgar finalist. Nonfiction. The story of Grace Humiston, a detective and lawyer who turned her back on New York high society to become one of the nation's greatest crime fighters, focusing on solving cases no one else wanted and advocating for innocents. She became the first female US District Attorney and made groundbreaking investigations into modern slavery) $9.99
Robb, J.D. Connections in Death (Eve Dallas #48: When a recovering addict is found dead with a syringe in his lap, Lte. Eve Dallas investigates, and confirms this wasn't just another overdose - it was murder) $28.99
Robinson, Peter Careless Love (Alan Banks #25: A student's body has been found in an abandoned car on a lonely road, and an older man in an expensive suit has been found dead in a moorland gully. As DS Alan Banks and his team investigate, inconsistencies multiply and questions proliferate) $26.99
Rosenfelt, David Fade to Black (Doug Brock #2: A member of Doug's amnesia support group has found a scrapbook about a murder victim in his attic, but has no recollection of why he collected the information. Doug agrees to help, and reopens the cold case) $7.99
Ryan, Annelise Dead Calm (Mattie Winston #9: A man and a woman have been found dead at the local no-tell motel, and it looks like a murder-suicide. When it becomes apparent the scene has been staged, Mattie and Steve find themselves investigating an increasingly complex double murder) $7.99
Ryan, Sofie No Escape Claws (Second Chance Cat #6: Her father is in prison for negligence after her stepmother's suspicious death, but young Mallory Pearson believes he is innocent and turns to Charlotte's Angels for help. When the senior sleuths take the case, Sarah and her cat Elvis are ready to lend a paw) $7.99
Sala, Sharon Dark Water Rising (Haley is determined to keep an appointment to show a property, despite the tropical storm heading for the Texas coast. Then two inmates escape from a nearby prison. When Sam's phone shows Haley's number, he is sure it can only mean one thing: she is in danger, and it's up to him to save her) $7.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Old People (alternate title: Maigret in Society) (Maigret #56: When a respected diplomat is found shot dead in his study, Maigret is urged to investigate discreetly. He must navigate class divides and his own position in society to uncover the killer) $13.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse (A heartwarming tale of hope and friendship amid the turmoil of World War II, starring Val, a young woman working on an English farm, Mike, a US pilot stationed nearby, and Peter Woodhouse, a rescue Border Collie who finds a new home at the air force base) $16.00
Svensson, Anton The Sons (Made in Sweden #2: After six years in prison, Leo is free, and plotting a final heist - to steal more than 100 million krona from Sweden's largest police station and then disappear. The plan threatens what remains of his relationships with his father and brothers, and puts him on a collision course with the detective who sent them all to prison) $16.99
Symons, Julian The Colour of Murder (Reissue; Originally published in 1957. John Wilkins meets an irresistible girl. Looking at his wife, and thinking of the girl, everything turns red before his eyes - the colour of murder. But did he really commit the heinous crime he is accused of?) $12.95
Todd, Charles The Black Ascot (Ian Rutledge #20: Under the cover of a routine review of a cold case, Inspector Rutledge is put in charge of a quiet search for the prime suspect in an appalling 1910 murder, who is rumored to have recently returned to England) $26.99
Unger, Lisa The Red Hunter (Claudia is hoping for a fresh start after a brutal assault, and undertakes the restoration of an old house. The defining moment of Zoey's childhood was the home invasion murder of her parents, but training in martial arts has prepared her to face the demons of her past. These two women are on a collision course, because Zoey's past and Claudia's dream for the future involve the same house) $9.99
Walker, Wendy All Is Not Forgotton (After young Jenny Kramer is attacked at a party, she is given a drug to medically erase her memory of the assault. Despite no factual recall, she struggles with her raging emotional memory. As her parents seek help for her, the fault lines in their marriage and their community emerge from the shadows) $9.99
Westlake, Donald E. Brothers Keepers (Reissue; What will a group of monks do when their century-old monastery on Park Avenue in New York City is threatened with demolition to make room for a high-rise? Anything they have to) $9.95
Xu, Ru EndGames (NewsPrints #2: Kids; Blue arrives in the capital city of Altalus, determined to find her friend Crow, who was created to be a flying war machine, and Jack, the engineer who built him) $12.99


Boice, James Who Killed the Fonz? (1984: Arthur Fonzarelli died when he lost control of his motorcycle on a bridge. Richard Cunningham flies back home for the memorial service, only to discover the death was no accident - it was murder) $26.00
Celestine, Ray Dead Man's Blues (Talbot & Davis #2: Chicago, 1928: Pinkerton detectives Michael Talbot and Ida Davis are hired to find a missing heiress, and turn to Ida's friend Louis Armstrong for help) $16.95
Crider, Bill That Old Scoundrel Death (Dan Rhodes #24: When a man is murdered in an old school that's due to be demolished, Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates) $27.99
Davies, David Stuart The Instrument of Death (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Lady Damury staged the theft of a priceless ruby and tried to frame her husband. Now she has been murdered. Investigating, Holmes finds himself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the sinister Dr. Caligari) $9.95
Finch, Charles The Vanishing Man (Charles Lenox Prequel #2: London, 1853: The Duke of Dorset turns to Charles Lenox for help when a painting is stolen from his study. The case makes Lenox uneasy, and a vicious attack on the Duke confirms his anxiety) $26.99
Hamilton, Victoria A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder (PBO; Sir Henry Claybourne's murder leaves Regency London shaken. Just hours before his death, Miss Emmeline St. Germaine threatened him with a dagger as she rescued a scullery maid he planned to assault. Did the murderer know of her visit? Her secret identity at risk, her reputation and life in jeopardy, Emmeline sets out to solve the crime) $15.99
Hunter, Maddy Catch Me if Yukon (Passport to Peril #12: PBO; As tour escort Emily Miceli leads her globetrotting Iowa seniors into the wilds of Alaska, she discover that whales aren't the only killers on the prowl) $15.99
Mofina, Rick Missing Daughter (When the Lanes discover their daughter's window open, the girl missing from her bed, police investigate, suspicions swirl, and no one is ruled out. Years go by without answers, until a stunning twist plunges the family deeper into secrets whose revelations threaten the foundation of their lives) $9.99
Nadel, Barbara Incorruptible (Cetin Ikmen #20: A young woman's body is found in the backstreets of Istanbul, dumped in a dustbin and covered in cut flowers. She had claimed to be miraculously cured of cancer, and a messenger of the Virgin Mary, creating enemies in the Islamic community and stirring up divisions among the Christians. But as Inspector Ikmen investigates, he also uncovers dark secrets within her family) $13.99
Raybourn, Deanna A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3: London, 1888: Stoker's former expedition partner has vanished from a dig - along with a priceless diadem from the newly discovered tomb of an Egyptian princess. Unfortunate events have plagued the expedition, and rumors of a curse abound. As Veronica investigates, sordid details and malevolent enemies emerge from Stoker's past) $15.00
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa The Reckoning (Huldar & Freyja #2: Detective Huldar and child psychologist Freyja investigate when a girl disappears after school) $26.99
Wassmer, Julie Disappearance at Oare (Whitstable Pearl #5: Seven years ago, Christina Scott's husband vanished, taking nothing with him but his car, which was later found abandoned in the Oare Marshes. With the legal presumption of his death about to be made, Christina wants Pearl to investigate the disappearance) $13.99

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