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Newsletter #119 September November, 2017


Kelly, Diane Paw Enforcement (Megan Luz #1: After a blowup with a male colleague, Fort Worth cop Megan Luz finds herself teamed up with Brigit, a big furry police dog. When a bomb goes off at a mall food court, it's up to Megan and Brigit to start digging and sniffing for clues) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Paw and Order (Megan Luz #2: Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit are on the lookout for a purse snatcher in the historic Stockyards district, but wind up searching for a killer) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Laying Down the Paw (Megan Luz #3: After an F-5 tornado hits Fort Worth, looting breaks out, putting Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit on the trail of a gang leader) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Against the Paw (Megan Luz #4: PBO; Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit have their hands full when residents of an affluent Fort Worth neighborhood form a Peeping Tom patrol that grows into a vigilante mob) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Above the Paw (Megan Luz #5: College students are falling ill after taking ecstasy, and Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit are tasked with sniffing out the suppliers) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Enforcing the Paw (Megan Luz #6: PBO; A stalking case turns dangerous when hostilities escalate between the protagonists. If Megan and her K-9 partner Brigit can't crack the case, someone is going to wind up dead) $7.99
Kramer, Julie Delivering Death (Riley Spartz #6: When she receives a package of smelly human teeth in the mail at the TV station, investigative journalist Riley Spartz becomes embroiled in one of Minneapolis' odder homicide cases. The trail leads to an identity theft ring linking low-life crooks to white-collar opportunists) $16.00
Lahlum, Hans Olav The Catalyst Killing (K2 & Patricia #3: 1970: Inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen sees a young woman desperately trying to board a train only to have the doors close in her face. The next time he sees her, she is dead. K2 investigates with the help of his assistant Patricia) $14.95
Lahlum, Hans Ola Chameleon People (K2 & Patricia #4: 1972: A frantic young man rings K2's doorbell, the Oslo police in pursuit and a bloody knife in his pocket that might be a murder weapon) $14.95
Schweizer, Mark The Lyric Wore Lycra (Liturgical Mystery #14: PBO; St. Barnabas Church is offering a Lenten 'Paunches Pilates' class. Forty days of penitence and self-control, and now there's a killer in town, too; Signed copies) $13.95
Stabenow, Dana Less than a Treason (Kate Shugak #21: A geologist known for going walkabout with his rock hammer has disappeared from the Suulutaq mine in the Park. Deliberate? Accident? Foul play? Aleut PI Kate Shugak might be the only person who could find out - except she's missing too $26.95
Swinson, David The Second Girl (Frank Marr #1: Shamus finalist. Cop turned PI Frank Marr may be the best investigator Washington, DC, has ever known. He's also a long-time drug addict, adept at hiding his usage from others. When he accidentally finds a kidnapped teen, the resulting publicity may bring his own secrets to light) $15.99
Thomson, Lesley The House with No Rooms (Stella Darnell #4: Stella's latest case draws her into the obsessive world of botany and an unsolved 1976 murder) $14.95


Bain/Fletcher Hook, Line, and Murder (Murder, She Wrote #46: Federal and state authorities descend on Cabot Cove when a killer breaks out of prison vowing revenge) $7.99
Bellairs, George Death of a Busybody (Thomas Littlejohn #3: Reissue; Originally published in 1942. Inspector Littlejohn investigates the murder of a village busybody) $12.95
Blaedel, Sara The Killing Forest (Louise Rick #8: Following an extended leave, Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search Agency, and is assigned to find a teenager who vanished a week earlier) $7.99
Bryan, Mollie Cox Macrame Murder (Cora Crafts #3: PBO; Cora and her boyfriend Adrian are enchanted by their surroundings at the Sea Glass Island Craft Retreat - until a dead body washes up on the beach, and Adrian becomes a murder suspect) $7.99
Buckley, Julia Pudding Up with Murder (Undercover Dish #3: PBO; Lilah and her dog Mick investigate when a wealthy curmudgeon is found dead at his birthday party) $7.99
Burke, James Lee The Jealous Kind (Houston, 1950s: When high school student Aaron Broussard sees Valerie Epstein fighting with her boyfriend Grady Harrelson at the drive-in, he steps in. Aaron and Valerie begin dating, but Grady is a looming problem - as is his father, who has troubling criminal connections) $9.99
Chercover, Sean The Savior's Game (Daniel Byrne #3: Chased around the globe by mysterious assassins, Daniel struggles to decipher the visions plaguing him - of miracles and massacres, conspiracy and catastrophe, and, behind it all, a powerful adversary) $15.95
Coco, Nancy Oh, Fudge! (Candy-Coated #5: PBO; Allie is surprised when her cousin Tori returns to Mackinac Island without warning - and even more surprised when she finds Tori standing over a dead woman's body at the Mackinac Butterfly House) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Winter's Child (Wind River #20: Years ago, Myra and Eldon Little Shield found a white baby abandoned on their doorstep. No one has claimed her, and now they want to adopt her. When the lawyer they hire is run down and killed, Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley investigate) $7.99
Cole, Martina Betrayal (Aiden O'Hara has been head of his crime family since he was a kid, and he's going to keep it that way. Jade Dixon watches his back. But she's been in the game longer than Aiden, and knows no one is indestructible. When you're at the top, you've got to watch everyone - especially those closest to you) $9.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Tea Party (Simmons Sisters #12: Bernie and Libby are catering a elaborate tea party for an opening night gala fundraiser. It's quite the affair, especially when the billionaire behind the event drops dead) $7.99
Crosby, Ellen The Champagne Conspiracy (Wine Country #7: Winemaker Quinn Santori's uncle turns up to demand Lucie Montgomery's help in solving a family mystery dating back to Prohibition-era Washington, DC) $7.99
Cussler, C/Burcell, R Pirate (Fargo #8: The search for a centuries-old treasure pits Sam and Remi Fargo against a man who will stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his) $9.99
Driscoll, Sara Lone Wolf (FBI K-9 #1: Meg and Hawk are part of the FBI's elite K-9 unit. Hawk can sniff out bodies anywhere, living or dead. After a series of bombings, they're assigned to a task force assembled to stop the bomber) $9.99
Evanovich, Janet Turbo Twenty-three (Stephanie Plum #23: Speed is the name of the game in Stephanie Plum's latest adventure) $8.99
Finch, Charles A Beautiful Blue Death (Charles Lenox #1: Reissue; Agatha finalist. On a snowy day in Victorian London, all Charles Lenox wants to do is relax with a cup of tea and a book. But when his dear friend Lady Jane asks for his help, he cannot resist the chance to unravel a mystery) $9.99
Flower, Amanda Assaulted Caramel (Amish Candy Shop #1: PBO; When her grandfather's health worsens, Bailey King heads home to help out at her grandparents' Amish candy shop - and finds a local developer dead in the candy shop kitchen) $7.99
Flynn, V/Mills, K Enemy of the State (Mitch Rapp #14: When the Saudi king's nephew is found to be funding ISIS, the president decides to send a message to the Saudi royals. And Mitch Rapp is just the man to deliver it) $28.99
Ford, G.M. Family Values (Leo Waterman #10: Rebecca Duvall has been suspended from her job as medical examiner and is under investigation. Retired PI Leo Waterman is determined to clear his girlfriend's name) $15.95
Fox, Candice Fall (Bennett & Archer #3: To stop a serial killer in the making, homicide detective Frank Bennett will have to place his faith in his dangerous partner Eden Archer - a cop who moonlights as a killer $9.99
Gilliland, Rhonda (ed) Cooked to Death: Lying on a Plate (Anthology. More tales of crime and cookery) $17.95
Gordon, Alexia Death in D Minor (Gethsemane Brown #2: Gethsemane's brother-in-law is coming for a visit - on one day's notice. When he's accused of stealing a valuable antique, she makes a deal with the Garda: to help clear his name, she'll go undercover as a musician at a charity ball and look for evidence of a forgery/theft ring) $15.95
Grady/Graff (ed) Montana Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original noir crime stories set in Big Sky country) $15.95
Harris, Charlaine All the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden #9: When Aurora's teen brother and three other kids disappear from the school soccer field, Aurora and her true crime writer husband begin their own investigation) $7.99
Hartwell, Sadie A Knit Before Dying (Tangled Web #2: PBO; When the owner of an antique shop is murdered, the police pin it on his business partner, but Josie isn't so sure) $15.00
Hoch, Edward D. All But Impossible: The Impossible Files of Dr. Sam Hawthorne (Collection. Includes 15 of Dr. Sam's most extraordinary cases, solved between 1936 and 1940) $19.00
Johnson, Craig An Obvious Fact (Walt Longmire #13: In the midst of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a young biker is run off the road and ends up in critical condition. Sheriff Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear are called to Hulett, Wyoming, to investigate; the case quickly gets complicated) $16.00
Johnson, Craig The Western Star (Walt Longmire #14: As a new deputy, Walt accompanied Lucian to a Wyoming Sheriff's Association junket aboard an excursion train. Armed with his trusty colt and an Agatha Christie book, young Walt was ill-prepared for the machinations of two dozen veteran sheriffs, let alone the curious characters that accompanied them. A photo of the event, along with an upcoming parole hearing for a very dangerous man, hurtles Longmire into a collision of past and present, facing runaway revenge) $28.00
Jones, Terry Chaucer's Knight: The Portrait of a Medieval Mercenary (Fourth edition, featuring new material and research. Jones questions the accepted view of Geoffrey Chaucer's Knight as a paragon of Christian chivalry, and argues that he is in fact no more than a professional mercenary who has spent his life in the service of petty despots and tyrants around the world) $19.95
Kelly, Sofie A Tale of Two Kitties (Magical Cats #9: When a decades-old scandal leads to murder, Kathleen and her cats will have to dig deep into the town's history to clear a friend's name) $23.00
laFavor, Carole Along the Journey River (Renee LaRoche #1: Reissue; There's a lengthy list of suspects when sacred artifacts go missing from the Red Earth Reservation and then the Tribal Chairman is murdered. Renee LaRoche works to track down those responsible) $16.95
laFavor, Carole Evil Dead Center (Renee LaRoche #2: Reissue; An Ojibwa woman has been found dead on the outskirts of the Red Earth Reservation. The coroner rules it a suicide, but Renee LaRoche intends to prove otherwise) $16.95
Lansdale, Joe R. et al Savage Season graphic novel (Hap & Leonard GN #1: Full color graphic novel. When Hap's ex-flame Trudy returns, promising a huge score, he lets Leonard in on the scam. That's when things get interesting) $17.99
Larsson, Stieg et al The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel (Millennium GN #1: Full color graphic novel adaptation of the novel) $19.99
le Carre, John A Legacy of Spies (Retired spy Peter Guillam's retirement on the south coast of Brittany is interrupted by a letter summoning him to London, where he and his colleague are to be held to account by a generation with no personal knowledge of the Cold War and no patience with its justifications) $28.00
le Carre, John The Pigeon Tunnel (In these vignettes, the espionage writer speaks about his life experiences, including his years in British intelligence during the Cold War, and his writing career) $17.00
Lester, Meera The Murder of a Queen Bee (Henny Penny #2: A woman's body is found in a burning car, apparently a tragic accident, but the coroner discovers she was dead before being placed in the vehicle. Cop turned farmer Abby Mackenzie gets involved in the case) $7.99
Lin, Ed This Is a Bust (1976: Robert Chow is a Vietnam vet and an alcoholic. He's also the only Chinese-American cop on the Chinatown beat in NYC. When his superiors are indifferent to an old Chinese woman's suspicious death, Chow decides to work the case on his own) $11.99
Mayor, Archer Presumption of Guilt (Joe Gunther #27: A decades-old missing persons case is solved when a skeleton is found encased in a concrete slab at a decommissioned nuclear power plant. Gunther and his team are assigned to find out how the body got there) $16.99
Moore, Syd Strange Magic (Essex Witch Museum #1: Rosie Strange doesn't believe in ghosts or witches or magic, and inheriting the ramshackle Essex Witch Museum didn't change that - until she and curator Sam Stone become embroiled in a centuries-old mystery, and the secrets of the past bring present-day danger, with a strange magic threatening to envelop them) $14.99
Parker, R/Coleman, R Debt to Pay (Jesse Stone #15: When a Boston crime boss is murdered, Jesse suspects it's the work of Mr. Peepers, a psychotic assassin he's had trouble with in the past. And Peepers has long promised revenge against the mob, Jesse, and Suit for their roles in foiling one of his hits) $9.99
Penny, Louise Glass Houses (Armand Gamache #13: When a mysterious figure appears on the village green in Three Pines, Armand Gamache knows something is seriously wrong. Yet legally he can only watch, and wait, and hope his mounting fears are not realized) $28.99
Perry, Carol J. Grave Errors (Witch City #5: PBO; Not all of Salem's dead are resting in peace, and Lee and her cop boyfriend connect the crime to an unsolved missing persons case. Driven by chilling psychic visions, Lee and her cat O'Ryan go underground and dig up evidence to put a lid on a cold case) $7.99
Preston, Douglas The Lost City of the Monkey God (Nonfiction. For centuries, explorers searched for a cursed 'lost city' in the Honduran rainforest. Preston was aboard the flight that finally mapped out the terrain of an unexplored valley ringed by impenetrable mountains. This is his eyewitness account of the discovery of the century $15.99
Preus, Margi Enchantment Lake (Francie #1: Kids; A call from her great-aunts brings 17-year-old Francie to a lake in the Minnesota northwoods, where the neighbors are dropping like flies from strange accidents. As she investigates, the mysteries multiply: a poisoned hotdish, a puzzling confession, eerie noises in the bog, a legendary treasure. And at the center of everything is a sudden boom in cabin sales and a road not everyone wants built) $11.95
Rogneby, Jenny The Die Is Cast (Leona Lindberg #1: Naked and bloody, a girl walks into a bank in Stockholm and gets away with millions. Leona Lindberg of the Violent Crimes Division seems like the perfect choice for the case, but she is grappling with problems that could jeopardize the investigation) $16.95
Rollins, James The Seventh Plague (SIGMA Force #12: After two years, a missing archaeologist reappears in the Egyptian desert, but dies before he can explain what happened. But something had begun mummifying his body while he was still alive. It's up to SIGMA Force to figure out what's going on) $9.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Say No More (Jane Ryland #5: Agatha finalist. Reporter Jane Ryland has just convinced a date rape victim to go public with her story. But an anonymous threat has Jane scared. Meanwhile, Jake Brogan investigates a murder in a tight-lipped Boston community) $7.99
Simenon, George Maigret's Revolver (Maigret #40: The theft of the revolver he received as a gift from the FBI is just the beginning of Maigret's latest case) $13.00
Smith, Fiona Veitch The Kill Fee (Poppy Denby #2: 1920s London: While Poppy is covering an exhibition of Russian art hosted by White Russian refugees, a guard is shot and a Faberge egg is stolen. The egg is valuable - and the secrets hidden in it are priceless) $14.99
Starr/Bower (ed) The Further Crossovers (Sherlock Holmes: Anthology. The Great Detective teams up with other adventurers and investigators, including Gertrude Bell, Sergeant Cuff, Lady Molly, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and more) $15.95
Stewart, Amy Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions (Constance Kopp #3: 1916: Deputy sheriff Constance Kopp is outraged that young women are being jailed over dubious charges of waywardness, incorrigibility, and moral depravity, and is determined to use her authority to investigate and help these women) $26.00
Swanson, Denise Dead in the Water (Welcome Back to Scumble River #1: Skye wishes she could click her heels and go back to life pre-tornado. With her house destroyed and a baby on the way, the last thing she needs is a dead body among the rubble) $7.99
Thomas, Sherry A Conspiracy in Belgravia (Lady Sherlock #2: PBO; The wife of Charlotte Holmes' benefactor wants to hire 'Sherlock' Holmes to find her first love, who failed to show up at their annual rendezvous. Matters of loyalty and discretion aside, the case becomes even more personal for Charlotte when she learns the missing man is her illegitimate half-brother) $15.00
Thomas, Will Hell Bay (Barker & Llewelyn #8: Victorian England: Cyrus Barker has agreed to provide security for a secret conference with the French on a remote island. When the host is killed by a sniper and the French head of security is stabbed, Barker and Llewelyn must find the killer among them $15.99
Vaught, Susan Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood's Revenge (Kids; Max has always been a whiz with electronics; her turbo-charged wheelchair is just one example. When a hacker begins attacking her grandpa online, does Max have the skills to put a stop to it?) $16.99
Vaught, Susan Things Too Huge to Fix by Saying Sorry (Kids; Dani's grandma has Alzheimer's, and doesn't always make sense. But when she tells Dani to find a hidden key and envelope, Dani can't ignore her. The investigation takes her and her friends deep into the history of Oxford, Mississippi, and the riots surrounding desegregation at Ole Miss) $7.99
Weaver, Ashley A Most Novel Revenge (Amory Ames #3: An urgent summons to a country house party embroils Amory and Milo in an investigation when a notorious socialite's plan to publish a tell-all book pushes a desperate guest to murder) $15.99
Webb, Debra The Coldest Fear (Shades of Death #3: PBO; Bobbie Gentry and Nick Shade investigate when a string of killings bloodies Savannah's social elite and brings cold cases back to the forefront) $9.99
Westlake/Stark Breakout (Parker #21: Reissue; Locked up and about to be unmasked, Parker manages a Houdini-like escape with a team of convicts. But a new heist brings new dangers in the big city where they've fled) $16.00
Westlake/Stark Nobody Runs Forever (Parker #22: Reissue; After a job at a poker game sours into a necktie party, Parker goes in on a messy scam - stealing an armored car - with someone he barely knows) $16.00
Westlake/Stark Ask the Parrot (Parker #23: Reissue; On the run, Parker is forced to work with a small-town recluse and a group of fools at a gun club in rural Massachusetts) $16.00
Westlake/Stark Dirty Money (Parker #24: Reissue; Parker's got a new fence, and a new plan to get back the loot from a botched job, but a bounty hunter, the FBI, and the local cops are on his tail) $16.00
Winters, Cat The Steep and Thorny Way (YA; Oregon, 1923: 16-year-old Hanalee, daughter of a white woman and a black man, searches for the truth about her father's death $9.99
Wood, Tom The Final Hour (Victor #7: PBO; Doing black bag jobs for the CIA has put a target on Victor's head. With high-ranking US intelligence official Antonio Alvaraez determined to find him, the only person he can turn to for help is a lethal female assassin whose life he once saved) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Below the Belt (Stone Barrington #40: Stone gets a call from an old friend requesting a delicate favor: a situation has arisen that could escalate into an explosive quagmire, involving a man whose star is on the rise) $9.99


Ackroyd, Peter Alfred Hitchcock (A brief biography of the master of suspense) $16.95
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Scarred Woman (Department Q #7: The Department Q team faces their toughest challenge yet when Rose's troubled past collides with a sinister unsolved murder) $28.00
Benn, James R. The Devouring (Billy Boyle #12: 1944: Billy and Kaz are dispatched to Switzerland to work with the OSS, investigating Swiss banks that are laundering looted Nazi gold) $26.95
Blaedel, Sara The Lost Woman (Louise Rick #9: When a murder victim in England turns out to be a Danish citizen who's been on the Missing Persons list for years, Louise Rick is called into the case) $14.99
Brody, Frances Death of an Avid Reader (Kate Shackleton #6: 1920s: While searching for Lady Coulton's daughter, born out of wedlock and given up for adoption years ago, Kate becomes involved in solving a mathematician's murder) $16.99
Byron, Ellen Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country #2: Agatha finalist. When a bride-to-be's cousin is found dead on the bayou, there's a potful of suspects, and Vanessa reluctantly adds keeping the bride-to-be out of jail to her to-do list) $15.99
Clarke, M/Burke, A The Sleeping Beauty Killer (Under Suspicion #3: Convicted of murder, Casey Carter is determined to clear her name. She has served her time, but going on true crime show Under Suspicion might be her only hope of proving her innocence) $8.99
Cussler/Burcell The Romanov Ransom (Fargo #9: When a kidnapping captures Sam and Remi's attention, they learn that the long-lost riches of the Romanov ransom may be back in play, held by neo-Nazis intent on establishing the Fourth Reich) $29.00
Daneshvari, Gitty Get Smart-ish (Unexceptional Children #2: Kids; The Prime Minister calls in nondescript 12-year-olds Jonathan and Shelley to catch a criminal who has stolen a virus that makes people less intelligent) $6.99
Estevao, Jessica Whispers of Warning (Change of Fortune #2: PBO; 1890s: Ruby is starting to feel at home, and enjoys acting as a psychic medium for her aunt's metaphysically inclined guests. And she is happy to find a mentor when a renowned Spiritualist and suffragist comes to stay. When the woman is found dead, Ruby sets out to solve the murder) $15.00
Follett, Ken A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge #3: 1558: Kingsbridge Cathedral looks down a city torn apart by religious conflict as power in England shifts precariously between Catholics and Protestants, testing friendship, loyalty, and love) $36.00
Freisenbruch, Annelise Rivals of the Republic (Blood of Rome #1: 70 BCE: A Vestal Virgin's body has been found in the Tiber, and a senator has bled to death in his bath. When the authorities turn a blind eye, Hortensia begins investigating, despite her husband's and father's attempts to stop her) $16.95
Ide, Joe IQ (Isaiah Quintabe #1: Shamus and Anthony finalist. The LAPD doesn't keep up with East Long Beach's high crime rate. Murders go unsolved, missing children unfound. Local loner IQ has taken it upon himself to fill the gap, charging his clients whatever they can afford. To get by, he also needs clients who can pay - in this case, a rap mogul whose life is in danger) $15.99
James, Renee A Kind of Justice (Bobbi Logan #1: Trans woman Bobbi Logan owns one of Chicago's poshest hair salons. But a hate-filled police detective is determined to convict her of the five-year-old murder of a pillar of the community who was also a sexual predator) $16.00
Lackberg, Camilla The Lost Boy (Patrik Hedstrom #7: Detective Hedstrom investigates the murder of his home town's financial director, a man that everyone liked but no one really knew - a man with something to hide) $16.95
Larsson/Lagercrantz The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium #4: When Lisbeth Salander sees a chance to uncover the secrets of her traumatic childhood once and for all, she enlists the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist) $27.95
McCrumb, Sharyn The Unquiet Grave (1930: James Gardner is consigned to an asylum after attempting suicide. A new doctor there is eager to try the new 'talking cure' for insanity, and encourages his elderly patient to talk about his experiences as West Virginia's first Black attorney. Gardner tells of defending a man on trial for murdering his bride - a case the prosecution based on the testimony of a ghost) $26.00
Parker, R/Coleman, R The Hangman's Sonnet (Jesse Stone #16: An elderly Paradise woman dies while her house is being ransacked. What were the thieves looking for? And what's the connection to folk singer Terry Jester, who has spent the last four decades in seclusion after the mysterious disappearance of the master recording tape of his magnum opus?) $27.00
Perry, Anne An Echo of Murder (William Monk #23: Commander Monk is investigating ritualistic murders among London's Hungarian community, but finds his inquiries stymied by the language barrier and the immigrants' wariness) $28.00
Preus, Margi The Clue in the Trees (Francie #2: Kids; While finishing high school in northern Minnesota, Francie hopes to keep an eye on her great aunts, and maybe learn more about her mother. Then her long-lost brother turns up, and so does a dead body, drawing Francie into another mystery) $16.95
Raphael, Kate Jessica Murder Under the Fig Tree (Rania Bakara #2: Palestinian Rania Bakara and her Jewish-American friend Chloe team up to investigate a young man's death, a case that draws them into a Palestinian gay scene Rania never knew existed) $16.95
Raybourn, Deanna A Perilous Undertaking (Veronica Speedwell #2: The mysterious Lady Sundridge begs Veronica to save art patron Miles Ramsforth, who faces hanging for the murder of his artist mistress. But Lady Sundridge is not all she seems, and unmasking her true identity is only the first of many secrets Veronica must uncover with the help of her colleague Stoker) $15.00
Redondo, Delores The Invisible Guardian (International Dagger shortlist. Homicide inspector Amaia Salazar reluctantly returns to her Basque Country home town - a place engulfed in mythology and superstition - to solve a series of eerie murders) $17.00
Scott, Cavan Cry of the Innocents (Sherlock Holmes: After a priest drops dead at Baker Street, Holmes learns that someone is killing priests the Vatican has dispatched to England to investigate reports of a miracle: that the body of an 18th-century philanthropist, whose wealth came from the slave trade, has not decomposed) $14.95


Beaton, M.C. The Witches' Tree (Agatha Raisin #28: After a long run of missing cats and divorce cases, Agatha is almost relieved to have a murder to investigate: an elderly woman has been found hanging from a tree. When two more murders follow, Agatha fears for her reputation - and her life) $25.99
Becker, James The Templar Brotherhood (Knights Templar #3: Delving through the vast Templar archives, Jessop and Mallory come face to face with a secret that could shake Christendom to its core - and take their lives along the way) $9.99
Bellairs, George The Dead Shall Be Raised / The Murder of a Quack (Thomas Littlejohn #4 / #5: Reissue; Originally published in 1942 and 1943. Two classic cases featuring Inspector Littlejohn) $12.95
Blake, Bethany Dial Meow for Murder (Lucky Paws #2: PBO; When a pet-sitting client is murdered, Daphne and her basset hound Socrates get in on the investigation) $7.99
Bradley, Alan Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd (Flavia de Luce #8: In spite of having been ejected from her Canadian school, 12-year-old Flavia is excited to be headed home to England, where she is soon investigating the death of a reclusive woodcarver) $16.00
Brown, Dan Origin (Robert Langdon #5: Robert Langdon is in Bilbao, where futurist Edmond Kirsch, one of Langdon's first students, is hosting a gala to reveal an astonishing breakthrough that will answer two of the fundamental questions of human existence. But the evening suddenly erupts into chaos, with Kirsch's discovery on the brink of being lost forever. Langdon and museum director Ambra Vidal flee to Barcelona on a perilous quest to locate a cryptic password that will unlock Kirsch's secret) $29.95
Childs, L/Moran, T Crepe Factor (Scrapbooking #14: Carmela gets dragged into a murder investigation when an old flame becomes prime suspect in the stabbing death of a loathed restaurant critic) $7.99
Copperman/Cohen The Question of the Absentee Father (Samuel Hoenig #4: PBO; After Samuel reluctantly agrees to answer a question for his mother, he and his colleague Ms. Washburn head to Los Angeles to answer it: Where is Samuel's father living now?) $14.99
DiSilverio, Laura That Last Weekend (PBO; For years, five college friends spent a weekend at an atmospheric chateau. Then tragedy struck. A decade later, Laurel returns, hoping to reconnect with her friends and lay the past to rest. But a murder forces the women to admit there's a killer in their midst) $15.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Kilt at the Highland Games (Liss MacCrimmon #9: When a town official is murdered on the opening day of the Western Maine Highland Games, Liss is drawn into the investigation) $7.99
Ellis, Kate A High Mortality of Doves (1919: Inspector Albert Lincoln travels to a Derbyshire village to investigate the murders of three women. Suspicion falls on the family and staff at Tarnhey Court, where one of the victims worked as a volunteer nurse during the war) $13.99
Ellis, Kate The Mermaid's Scream (Wesley Peterson #21: When a young writer, who was working on a biography of a reclusive author, is murdered, DI Peterson finds links to the poisoning deaths of a middle-aged couple - and the recluse appears to be the connection. As he delves into the case, he suspects a sinister puppet show may provide the solution) $13.99
England, Breck The Tarleton Murders (Sherlock Holmes: In this case from the pre-Watson era, an old schoolmate, now a Jesuit priest, draws Holmes into a case that takes him to Rome, Paris, London, Liverpool, and Atlanta, Georgia) $18.95
Erickson, Alex Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Cafe #5: PBO; Krissy's been roped into replacing a sick actor in the holiday musical. When a murder puts a stop to the production, she is faced with a pageant of suspects) $7.99
Ernst, Kathleen Mining for Justice (Chloe Ellefson #8: PBO; On temporary assignment at Pendarvis, Chloe is excited to be learning about Wisconsin's Cornish immigrants and mining history. Her enthusiasm wanes when her boyfriend discovers long-buried human remains in the root cellar of an old Cornish cottage) $15.99
Eskens, Allen The Deep Dark Descending (PBO; When homicide detective Max Rupert learns that his wife's death was murder, rather than a hit-and-run, he must come to terms with the new information and decide what to do about it) $15.95
Fluke, Joanne Christmas Caramel Murder (Hannah Swensen #24: Lake Eden's Christmas play does not go according to plan when the woman playing Mrs. Claus is found dead in a snowbank wearing a costume that is definitely on the 'naughty' list) $7.99
Franklin, Ruth Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life (Edgar and Stoker winner. Franklin reveals the tumultuous life and inner darkness of the writer, based on a wealth of previously undiscovered correspondence and dozens of new interviews) $17.95
Grippando, James Most Dangerous Place (Jack Swyteck #13: When a high school buddy's wife is arrested for conspiring to kill the man who raped her in college, Jack Swyteck agrees to represent her) $9.99
Harris, Charlaine Sleep Like a Baby (Aurora Teagarden #10: Virginia Mitchell has been hired to help Roe with her new baby for a few weeks. Then she disappears on a stormy night, and another woman's dead body turns up in Roe's backyard) $25.99
Hart, Carolyn Ghost Times Two (Bailey Ruth #7: Bailey Ruth's latest mission is to guide Jimmy's spirit to the next life, but he is determined to watch over his girlfriend Megan. When her boss turns up dead, Megan at the crime scene, Bailey Ruth and Jimmy must uncover the real killer) $7.99
Hesse, Jennifer David Yuletide Homicide (Wiccan Wheel #3: PBO; To find out who's blackmailing mayoral candidate Edgar Harrison, Keli goes undercover at his real estate company. When Harrison turns up dead, the police rule it an accident, but Keli knows better) $7.99
Hillerman, Anne Song of the Lion (Manuelito & Chee #3: When a car bomb kills a young man at Shiprock High, Bernie discovers that the intended victim was a mediator for a huge development planned at the Grand Canyon. Bernie and Jim uncover a scheme to disrupt the negotiations; as the investigation unfolds, Joe Leaphorn suspects there might be a link to a cold case he handled years ago) $9.99
Huber, Anna Lee This Side of Murder (Verity Kent #1: PBO; England, 1919: Verity's grief over the loss of her husband pierces anew when she receives a letter suggesting he may have committed treason before his untimely death. Her search for the truth leads her down a path she never imagined) $15.00
James, Delia Familiar Motives (Witch's Cat #3: PBO; Anna takes her familiar Alastair to the vet, where they meet the spokes-feline for a national pet food brand. When the vet turns up dead and the spokes-cat goes missing, it's up to Anna and Alastair to catch a killer) $7.99
James, Miranda Fixing to Die (Southern Ladies #4: PBO; An'gel and Dickce head to Natchez, Mississippi, to visit an old friend's granddaughter at her haunted antebellum home. When a relative is found dead, they must sift through a haunted family history to catch a killer) $7.99
Kava, Alex Reckless Creed (Ryder Creed #3: Ryder Creed, his search-and-rescue dogs, and FBI agent Maggie O'Dell find themselves at the center of a case that could unleash a deadly contagion across the US) $9.99
Land, Jon Cold Strong Dead (Caitlin Strong #8: A deadly toxin could be a weapon of mass destruction as well as a cure for cancer. As the frantic race for it begins, Caitlin Strong attempts to assemble the pieces of a deadly puzzle) $8.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Paradise Sky (Willie flees his Texas home when his father is murdered, and finds shelter with a man named Loving, who teaches him shooting, riding, reading, astronomy, mythology, and gardening. When his mentor dies, he rechristens himself Nat Love in tribute, and heads west, becoming a Buffalo Soldier. He winds up in Deadwood, where he is befriended by Wild Bill Hickok) $15.99
Lawton, John Friends and Traitors (Frederick Troy: 1958: Chief Superintendent Frederick Troy's trip to Europe is derailed when he is approached in Vienna by a former friend - notorious Russian spy Guy Burgess) $26.00
Lescroart, John Fatal (Despite being happily married, Kate becomes obsessed with a man she met at a dinner party. She soon ends their brief affair - but he is not so willing to move on) $9.99
Limon, Martin The Nine-Tailed Fox (Sueno & Bascom #12: Army CID sergeants Sueno and Bascom investigate when three GIs go missing in three South Korean cities) $26.95
London, Colette Dead and Ganache (Chocolate Whisperer #4: PBO; Hayden investigates when her chocolate-making mentor is murdered) $7.99
Lourey, Jess March of Crime (Murder by Month #11: PBO; Ida Gilbertson has been crafting life-size dolls and displaying them around town. PI Mira James thinks they're creepy. Then she's forced to sit by one, and discovers a human corpse under the hat and wig) $14.99
Malliet, G.M. Weycombe (The murder of an estate agent mars the perfect surface of the wealthy gated village of Weycombe. Worried about killers on the loose, Jill White tries to piece together clues hidden in the many versions of the truth she hears from her suspicious neighbors) $24.99
May, Peter Cast Iron (Enzo Files #6: When forensic expert Enzo Macleod finds a flaw in the original evidence surrounding a murder, he opens a Pandora's box that raises old ghosts) $26.99
Meier, Leslie Turkey Trot Murder (Lucy Stone #24: When a young woman who was struggling with drug addiction is found dead in Blueberry Pond, the police call it an accidental overdose, but Lucy isn't so sure) $25.00
Milford, Kate Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass #2: Kids; 13-year-old Milo is once again spending his winter holidays in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem; there are fresh clues to uncover as friends old and new join his search for a mysterious map and a famous smuggler's lost haul) $17.99
Mugavero, Liz Purring Around the Christmas Tree (Pawsitively Organic #6: PBO; In Frog's Ledge, the Holiday Light Festival is a Christmas tradition. Killing Santa is not, but it has happened anyway And what has become of Jake's uncle Seamus, who arrived for his annual visit, then disappeared?) $7.99
Nagy, John A. George Washington's Secret Spy War (Nonfiction. Using Washington's diaries as a primary source, Nagy shows how Washington honed his espionage skills during the French and Indian War, and used those skills to outspy the British during the Revolutionary War) $16.99
O'Connell, Carol Blind Sight (Mallory #12: A blind child and a Roman Catholic nun disappeared from a sidewalk - vanished in seconds. Detective Kathy Mallory and the NYPD Special Crimes Unit get involved when the nun's body is found with three other corpses on the mayor's lawn) $9.99
Penzler/Sandford (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 (PBO; Anthology. Some of the best stories of 2016) $15.99
Postgate, Raymond Verdict of Twelve (Reissue; Originally published in 1940. A woman accused of murder is on trial for her life. The jury members each carry their own secret burden of guilt and prejudice, which could affect the outcome) $12.95
Price, Steven By Gaslight (Historical Dagger shortlist. William Pinkerton, son of the famous detective, descends into the underworld of Victorian London to pursue a new lead on fabled conman Edward Shade) $18.00
Sala, Sharon Life of Lies (After several attempts on her life, celebrity Sahara Travis agrees to hire Army ranger turned security specialist Brendan McQueen. The situation gets uglier when her mother is murdered and her father disappears) $7.99
Sandford, John Escape Clause (Virgil Flowers #9: Virgil investigates when two large Siberian tigers vanish from the Minnesota zoo) $9.99
Simenon, George Maigret and the Man on the Bench (alternate title: Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard) (Maigret #41: A man found stabbed to death in an alley turns out to have been living a double life. Can Maigret uncover his secrets and find the killer?) $13.00
Smith, Martin Cruz The Girl from Venice (1945: The war is waning, but Venice is still occupied, and the people fear the Third Reich. When a fisherman finds a young Jewish woman who is fleeing from the SS, he chooses to protect her rather than hand her over, a decision that leads them into a fraught world of Partisans, forgers, black marketeers, and more) $16.00
Sundstol, Vidar The Devil's Wedding Ring (Two folklore researchers disappeared, 30 years apart, on Midsummer Eve in the Norwegian village of Eidsborg. And now Knut Abrahamsen, a former cop from the area, has been found drowned in the nearby river, his pockets filled with stones. PI Max Fjellanger returns to Norway for the funeral, determined to find out if Knut committed suicide, or was murdered) $25.95
Thomas, Wendall Lost Luggage (Cyd Redondo #1: When Brooklyn travel agent Cyd Redondo wins a free safari, she heads to Africa, only to wind up entangled in the bizarre world of exotic-animal smuggling) $15.95
Thomas, Will Old Scores (Barker & Llewelyn #9: London, 1890: A Japanese diplomatic delegation has arrived to open an embassy, and Cyrus Barker has been enlisted to show them his Japanese garden. When the ambassador is murdered and Barker is framed for the crime, he and his assistant Thomas Llewelyn set out to find the real killer) $25.99
Todd, Charles A Casualty of War (Bess Crawford #9: When an officer Bess is acquainted with is brought in disoriented from a head wound, she's alarmed to hear he believes his cousin shot him. When he's brought in again, with an even more severe wound, and makes the same claim, Bess decides to look into it) $26.99
Tremel, Joyce A Room with a Brew (Brewing Trouble #3: PBO; To create the perfect Oktoberfest atmosphere at the Brew House, Max has hired an oompah band. When one of the musicians is found dead, Max has to catch a killer) $7.99
Watkins, Eileen The Persian Always Meows Twice (Cat Groomer #1: PBO; Working as a cat groomer requires a caring touch and nerves of steel, both of which come in handy when Cassie makes a house call and finds her best client's murdered body next to his Persian cat) $15.00
White, Randy Wayne Seduced (Hannah Smith #4: Hannah is traversing the Florida swamps and backcountry, searching for samples of orange trees grown from original root stock dating back to the conquistadors. But it seems there are people who will kill for those samples) $9.99
Winslow, Don The Cartel (Steel Dagger winner. Ex-DEA agent Art Keller has been living quietly at a monastery in New Mexico, but when the Mexican cartels start a vicious drug war, Keller plunges back into the game, playing as always by his own rules) $9.99


Collins, Max Allan Quarry's Climax (Quarry #12: Memphis, 1975: Max Climer publishes a raunchy magazine, runs an all-hours strip club, and has plans for a video empire. Lots of folks want him out of business - and someone wants him dead) $9.95
Francis, Felix Pulse (A smartly-dressed man is found unconscious at the racecourse and dies at the hospital. But who is he? When Dr. Chris Reynolds starts asking questions, it becomes clear that someone is willing to kill to keep them from being answered) $27.00
Hoffman, Patrick Every Man a Menace (San Francisco is about to receive the biggest delivery of ecstasy in years. And, in Bangkok, someone far up the supply chain is about to make a phone call that will put the lives of everyone involved at risk) $16.00
Holm, Chris Red Right Hand (Michael Hendricks #2: Anthony finalist. Video of an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge reveals that a federal witness long thought dead is still alive; an FBI agent calls in Michael Hendricks to locate and protect the man) $15.99
Kellerman, Faye Killing Season (Determined to find out who abducted and strangled his sister, teen math whiz Ben Vicksburg pores over the case files, seeing patterns and tiny details that the police have missed. But uncovering the truth may not be enough to keep Ben safe from a killer with nothing left to lose) $15.99
Kyme, Nick The Legacy of Deeds (Sherlock Holmes: A Covent Garden dancer killed on stage. A gallery full of murdered patrons in front of a painting of the Undying Man. A Russian prodigy. Their latest case takes Holmes and Watson from the stews of London to the glamour of Mayfair, to reveal the shadow that dark deeds can cast) $14.95
MacBird, Bonnie Unquiet Spirits (Sherlock Holmes: Mycroft dispatches Holmes and Watson to the French Riviera; what they discover there sends them to a haunted castle and a whisky distillery in the Scottish highlands) $25.99
Morrison, Arthur The Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories (Collection. 9 cases featuring one of England's most popular fictional detectives from the 1890s) $9.95
Morton, Mandy Cat Among the Pumpkins (Hettie Bagshot #2: As All Hallows' Eve approaches, tabby sleuths Hettie and Tilly set out to investigate an old crime and a spate of new murders. Where will the killer strike next? And will there be enough catnip to go around?) $24.99
Mundy, Liza Code Girls (During World War II, the US recruited thousands of young women to serve as codebreakers. Their efforts shortened the war and saved countless lives, but were erased from view by their oaths of secrecy. Through research and interviews with surviving codebreakers, Mundy brings their achievements to light) $28.00
Perry, Leigh The Skeleton Paints a Picture (Family Skeleton #4: PBO; Georgia and her buddy Sid the skeleton have a cozy semester planned in a borrowed bungalow, Georgia with a new teaching job, Sid doing homework for his online class. Things get complicated when Sid spots a car crash) $14.99
Phillips, Gary (ed) The Obama Inheritance (Anthology. Stories spinning outlandish and fantastic twists on the conspiracy theories floated about President Obama during his years in office) $19.95
Rosenfelt, David The Twelve Dogs of Christmas (Andy Carpenter #15: Andy's friend Pups, who takes in stray puppies and finds them good homes, has been reported to the city for having too many pets. Andy is happy to defend her, but the stakes get higher when the neighbor who reported her is murdered and Pups becomes a suspect) $15.99
Sandford, John Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers #10: His latest case takes him back to Trippton, where a woman's body has been found frozen in a block of ice; Signed copies expected) $29.00
Staub, Wendy Corsi Something Buried, Something Blue (Lily Dale #2: Bella and her son Max are hoping for a quiet off-season looking after the guesthouse and its feline residents - until Odelia, the medium next door, recruits Bella to host a destination wedding for her granddaughter's friend, and then receives messages from the spirits that the bride might be fated for death) $15.99
Suter, John F. Old Land, Dark Land, Strange Land (Collection. In these stories combining detection with small-town West Virginia life, the characters might look ordinary, but some of them harbor an appalling capacity for greed, lust, and revenge, leading to a fascinating variety of crimes) $12.95
Upson, Nicola Nine Lessons (Josephine Tey #7: Josephine Tey is in Cambridge, a town gripped by fear and suspicion as a serial rapist stalks the street. And in the shadow of King's College Chapel, DCI Archie Penrose grapples with some of the most audacious murders of his career) $26.99
Whishaw, Iona An Old, Cold Grave (Lane Winslow #3: PBO; 1947: When the Hughes ladies discover a skeletal hand in their root cellar, the police uncover the remains of a child buried almost forty years earlier, and turn to Lane Winslow for help unearthing the child's identity) $14.95


The Usual Santas (Anthology. Holiday crime capers by your favorite Soho Press authors) $19.95
Abbott, Kristi Assault and Buttery (Popcorn Shop #3: PBO; Nothing about a local busybody's death makes sense, until Rebecca discovers a startling connection between the dead man and the author of a diary she found hidden in the popcorn shop wall) $7.99
Adams, Ellery The Secret, Book & Scone Society (Nora Pennington #1: If strangers don't find the cure they're hoping for at the Miracle Springs spa, they often find their way to Nora's bookstore, where they tell her their stories. In exchange, she prescribes the perfect novel to lighten their burden. When a visitor reaches out to Nora for guidance, then turns up dead, Nora and her companions are determined to uncover the truth behind his demise) $25.00
Andrews, Donna How the Finch Stole Christmas! (Meg Langslow #22: A famous actor has come to town to star as Scrooge, bringing a lot of baggage and enemies with him) $25.99
Birkby, Michelle The House at Baker Street (Mrs. Hudson & Mary Watson #1: When Holmes turns away a woman in need, Mrs. Hudson and Mary Watson resolve to help her, uncovering a web of blackmail, extortion, libel, and murder that threatens more than one woman. With some help from the Baker Street Irregulars and the infamous Irene Adler, they follow a trail of clues to the darkest corners of Whitechapel) $15.99
Brookes, Adam The Spy's Daughter (Philip Mangan #3: PBO; Pearl Tao is an academic prodigy, her place at university sponsored by a secretive tech company. And she's beginning to understand what they have in mind for her. Her only hope of escape lies with disgraced spy Trish Patterson and rogue agent Philip Mangan) $9.99
Brown, Dale Price of Duty (Brad McLanahan and his Scion team are dispatched to combat a carefully plotted series of Russian attacks) $9.99
Brown, Rita Mae Crazy Like a Fox (Sister Jane Arnold #10: When a venerable hunting horn is stolen from a museum case, Sister Jane Arnold makes a discovery that may explain the unsolved disappearance of the horn's original owner. But as the clues mount, she's no longer sure if she's pursuing an artifact, a thief, a killer, or a ghost) $27.00
Bruen, Ken The Emerald Lie (Jack Taylor #12: Ex-cop Jack Taylor is approached by a grieving father with a pocketful of cash on offer if Jack will help exact revenge on those responsible for his daughter's rape and murder) $16.00
Cameron, Christian Rage of Ares (Long War #6: 479 BCE: The Persians have gathered a new army, returning to Greece with overwhelming force. Divided and outnumbered, the Greeks have only one possible strategy: attack) $13.99
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha (Chocoholic #16: When a dead body is discovered in the vacant store next door, Lee is determined to find the killer) $7.99
Carlisle, Kate Eaves of Destruction (Fixer-Upper #5: PBO; Shannon hires Amanda, an expert carpenter specializing in delicate decorative woodwork. But Amanda has ulterior motives for coming to town that could have deadly consequences) $7.99
Cates, Bailey Potions and Pastries (Magical Bakery #7: PBO; When a local tarot reader meets with what seems like a terrible accident, Katie's witchy intuition tells her it was something more sinister. She and her coven set out to discover the truth) $7.99
Chance, Maia Teetotaled (Discreet Retrieval Agency #2: Money is running out at the agency, so when a society matron offers Lola and Berta a job, they take it - even though it means sneaking into a health farm and consuming only water and health food until they can steal a diary from one of the residents) $16.99
Child, Lee The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher #20: In a pawn shop in Wisconsin, Reacher finds a West Point class ring for sale, a tiny woman cadet's ring. Reacher knows what she must have gone through to earn it, and is determined to find out what has become of its owner) $28.99
Clancy/Greaney True Faith and Allegiance (Jack Ryan #19: A massive data breach threatens US intelligence operatives around the world. When a small mistake by the Campus makes the breach worse, President Jack Ryan will have to make some tough choices) $9.99
Connelly, Michael The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Harry Bosch #21: Newly minted PI Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire mogul to find the Mexican girl he loved when he was young, who disappeared soon after becoming pregnant. Did she have the baby? And if so, what happened to it?) $9.99
Connelly, Michael Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch #22: Bosch helps the San Fernando PD's three-person detective squad investigate when a young pharmacist is murdered; Signed copies expected) $29.00
Connolly, Sheila A Late Frost (Orchard #11: PBO; When a popular new resident falls ill and dies, it looks like food poisoning, but tests point to a more sinister explanation for the woman's demise) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen The Art of War (Jake Grafton #12: Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini must stop a plot to destroy the US Navy) $9.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Flame Bearer (Saxon Tales #10: There is an uneasy state of peace in Britain, at last giving Uhtred a chance to take back the home his uncle stole from him. He is determined that nothing, neither new enemies nor old foes, will keep him from his birthright) $16.99
Cussler, C/Cussler, D Odessa Sea (Dirk Pitt #24: A desperate 1917 attempt to preserve the wealth and power of the Romanov Empire. A Cold War bomber lost with a deadly cargo. Modern-day deaths on the Black Sea linked to nuke smugglers. Dirk Pitt and his team from NUMA are out to avert catastrophe) $9.99
Cussler/Morrison Typhoon Fury (Oregon Files #12: Hired to search for a valuable collection of paintings, Juan Cabrillo and his crew learn that the leader of a Filipino insurgency is using them to finance his attacks - and has stumbled on an untested drug designed to turn soldiers into super-warriors) $29.00
Davis, Krista Not a Creature Was Purring (Paws & Claws #5: PBO; When the beloved owner of a pet clothing business is found dead at the Wagtail holiday festival, it's up to Holly and her pets Trixie and Twinkletoes to snoop for the killer) $7.99
Dickinson, David Death of an Elgin Marble (Lord Powerscourt #12: Powerscourt investigates when an ancient Greek statue is stolen from the British Museum) $13.99
Dickinson, David Death Comes to Lynchester Close (Lord Powerscourt #14: 1913: Powerscourt investigates deaths tied to a very desirable rental property in Lynchester Cathedral Close) $13.99
Farrow, Sharon Blackberry Burial (Berry Basket #2: PBO; While searching for a good starting point for a summer road rally, Marlee stumbles over a long-dead body) $7.99
Finch, Charles The Inheritance (Charles Lenox #10: 1877: Charles Lenox receives a cryptic plea for help from old friend Gerald Leigh, who then disappears. Could there be a connection to a mysterious bequest Leigh received? To save his friend's life, Lenox must confront both a dangerous East End gang and the denizens of the illustrious Royal Society) $15.99
Gaind, Arjun Death at the Durbar (Maharaja #2: 1911: From across India, all the Maharajas and Nawabs have gathered at the Viceroy's command to swear loyalty to King George V. Maharaja Sikander Singh is asked to investigate discreetly when a nautch-girl is found dead in the chambers being prepared for the King's visit) $15.95
Gregory, Susanna The Habit of Murder (Matthew Bartholomew #23: 1360 CE: On a trip to the Suffolk town of Clare in search of sponsors for the college, Matthew Bartholomew and his companions become enmeshed in the town's politics, and investigate a recent wave of untimely deaths) $26.99
Hallinan, Timothy Fields Where They Lay (Junior Bender #6: Shamus finalist. It's three days before Christmas, and Junior Bender, Hollywood's fast-talking fixer for the felonious, is up to his ears in shopping mall Santas, Russian mobsters, desperate holiday shoppers, and murder) $15.95
Havill, Steven F. Easy Errors (Posadas County Prequel: 1986: Rookie sheriff's deputy Robert Torrez helps Undersheriff Bill Gastner investigate a violent crash that killed the deputy's younger brother and sister) $15.95
Hurwitz, Gregg The Nowhere Man (Evan Smoak #2: Captured, drugged, and whisked off to a remote location, Evan finds himself heavily guarded. His captors think they have him trapped and helpless. They don't know what they're dealing with) $9.99
Indridason, Arnaldur The Shadow District (An elderly man has been found smothered with his own pillow. On his desk are newspaper cuttings about a WWII murder behind Reykjavik's National Theatre. Retired detective Konrad remembers the crime, and starts his own unofficial enquiry) $25.99
James, P.D. The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories (Collection. 4 previously uncollected Christmas stories, 2 featuring Adam Dalgliesh) $15.00
Jennings, Maureen Let Darkness Bury the Dead (Murdoch #8: 1917: The deaths of several men, all exempted from conscription, have senior detective William Murdoch wondering if his son Jack, who has been invalided home from France, knows more than he is letting on) $22.95
Jonasson, Ragnar Snowblind (In a quiet fishing village in northern Iceland, a pair of violent crimes drag newly arrived policeman Ari Arason straight into the heart of a community where he can trust no one) $9.99
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding (Tara Holloway #12: PBO; As she prepares for her wedding, Tara finds herself dodging attempts on her life and trying to figure out which of her past cases is responsible for the death threats) $7.99
Littlejohn, Emily Inherit the Bones (Gemma Monroe #1: A murder in a small Colorado town draws detective Gemma Monroe into a chain of secrets and lies that began almost forty years ago. Her investigation takes her from the seedy grounds of a traveling circus to the homes of the powerful) $16.99
Lloyd, Catherine Death Comes to the Fair (Kurland St. Mary #4: Lucy and Robert's wedding is delayed when the church verger is found crushed by a stone gargoyle, and evidence suggest it was no accident) $15.00
Mallo, Ernesto (ed) Buenos Aires Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original noir crime stories set in Argentina's cosmopolitan capital) $15.95
Mankell, Henning After the Fire (Fredrik Welin's quiet, solitary life on an isolated island is turned upside down when his house catches fire. Local journalist Lisa Modin wants to write a story about the fire, and awakens something in him he thought was long dead. Meanwhile, the police suspect Fredrik of arson) $16.95
May, Peter Coffin Road (Three mysterious crimes may be linked. A man has washed up on a beach in the Outer Hebrides, with no idea of who he is or how he got there. A brutal murder has occurred at a lighthouse in the north Atlantic. And in Edinburgh, a girl is seeks the truth about the death of her father, a pioneering scientist) $16.99
McFetridge/Filippi (ed) Montreal Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original noir crime stories set in the French-Canadian city) $15.95
McIntosh, Pat The Lanimer Bride (Gil Cunningham #11: Audrey Madur is missing and her husband is strangely reluctant to search for her, so her mother turns to Gil Cunningham for help) $13.99
McKinlay, Jenn Better Late Than Never (Library Lover's #7: The library's first-ever overdue book amnesty day turns up a volume that was checked out twenty years ago - by a school teacher, on the day she was murdered. The killer was never found. Could the book hold a clue?) $7.99
Meier/Hollis/Ross Eggnog Murder (Anthology. 3 holiday novellas, featuring Lucy Stone, Hayley Powell, and Julia Snowden) $7.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Big Book of Rogues and Villains (Massive reprint anthology featuring the most cunning, ruthless, and brilliant criminals in mystery fiction) $25.00
Perry, Anne A Christmas Return (Christmas #15: When a package left on Mariah Ellison's doorstep sparks memories of a decades-old murder that shattered her friendship with the victim's widow, she travels to Surrey in hopes of reconciling with her friend and solving the crime that drove them apart) $20.00
Perry, Marta Sound of Fear (Echo Falls #2: PBO; The search for her birth mother brings Amanda Curtis to Echo Falls, where her quest for answers could lead her into a deadly trap. Local lawyer Trey Addison is determined to protect her) $7.99
Plakcy, Neil S. Nobody Rides for Free (Angus Green #2: PBO; Assigned to a desk job while he recovers from a wound, FBI agent Angus Green tackles a local problem, gay teens being sexually abused by a pornographer) $14.99
Simenon, George Maigret Is Afraid (Maigret #42: On a visit to an old school friend, Maigret winds up investigating three murders) $13.00
Simon, Misty Cremains of the Day (Tallie Graver #1: PBO; When her marriage falls apart, Tallie turns to cleaning houses to make ends meet, only to find a wealthy client dead in a closet) $7.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The House of Unexpected Sisters (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #18: An unpleasant figure from Mma Ramotswe's past has been spotted in town. She does her best to avoid the man, but it seems he may have returned to Botswana specifically to seek her out. What does he want?) $25.95
Smith, Karen Rose Slay Bells Ring (Caprice De Luca #7: PBO; When a client is found murdered, leaving behind his loyal malamute and lots of unfinished business, Caprice is determined to catch the killer) $7.99
Stanley, Michael Dying to Live (Detective Kubu #6: A Bushman has been found dead near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and the police suspect foul play. Pathologist Ian MacGregor is puzzled - the victim is obviously very old, but his internal organs look remarkably young. When the corpse is stolen from the morgue, Assistant Superintendent Kubu's case takes on a new dimension) $27.99
Thompson, Victoria City of Lies (Counterfeit Lady #1: Living on the edge of society, Elizabeth Miles uses her guile to relieve apparently respectable men of their ill-gotten gains. With one of her marks hot on her trail, she manages to blend in with a group of privileged women, and unexpectedly finds common ground with them. She will need all her wits and courage to keep her new life from being cut short by a vicious shadow from her past) $26.00
Wait, Lea Thread the Halls (Mainely Needlepoint #6: PBO; When movie star Skye West brings some colleagues home to Maine for the holidays, it isn't long before an unscripted tragedy occurs. It's up to Angie and the needlepointers to trim down the suspect list and catch a killer) $7.99
Wallace, Auralee Ring in the New Year with Murder (Otter Lake #4: PBO; At a Gatsby-themed New Year's Eve party, Erica is determined to be unflappable, even though her ex Grady is there with a hot date. When the date drops dead, poisoned, and Grady becomes prime suspect, can Erica clear his name?) $7.99
Weiss, Kirsten The Quiche and the Dead (Pie Town #1: PBO; When a regular keels over while eating quiche, dead from poison, pie shop owner Val and her crust maker Charlene will have to do some sleuthing to clear their names) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Quick & Dirty (Stone Barrington #43: A beautiful new client pulls Stone into a serpentine mystery in the exclusive world of art) $28.00


Airth, Rennie The Death of Kings (John Madden #5: The 1938 murder of an actress, on the estate of a friend of the Prince of Wales, was closed quickly when a local troublemaker confessed. But in 1949, the reappearance of a jade necklace raises questions. Was the wrong man executed? Inspector Madden is summoned out of retirement to reopen the case) $16.00
Baldacci, David End Game (Will Robie #5: Robie returns from an overseas mission to discover that his boss has gone missing, last seen in a remote Colorado town where violence is brewing) $29.00
Bowen, Rhys The Ghost of Christmas Past (Molly #17: 1906: While spending the holidays at a mansion on the Hudson, Molly learns their hosts' young daughter Charlotte disappeared ten years earlier. On Christmas Eve, there is a knock at the door - a young girl claiming to be Charlotte) $24.99
Crombie, Deborah Garden of Lamentations (Kincaid & James #18: DI Kerry Boatman turns to Gemma James for help investigating a murder at a private garden in Notting Hill. Meanwhile, Duncan Kincaid is plagued by disturbing questions about several seemingly unrelated cases involving members of the police force) $14.99
Estleman, Loren D. The Ballad of Black Bart (From 1875 to 1883, Black Bart robbed Wells Fargo stagecoaches in California a record 28 times. Between robberies, he was Charles Bolton, a distinguished San Francisco socialite. Wells Fargo chief of detectives James Hume is dead set on Bart's apprehension) $24.99
Evanovich, Janet Hardcore Twenty-Four (Stephanie Plum #24: Diesel is back in town. Hot cop Joe Morelli isn't pleased, and neither is Ranger. And is Diesel's reappearance a coincidence, or is it somehow connected to the recent rash of headless corpses around town?; unabridged audiobook $32.00) $28.00
Freveletti, Jamie Blood Run (Emma Caldridge #5: On a trip to help deliver vaccines to African villages, chemist Emma Caldridge is horrified to learn that several insurgent groups are trying to get their hands on vials of live smallpox virus to use as biological weapons) $16.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley Turn on the Heat (Cool & Lam #2: Reissue; 1940s: Bertha Cool and Donald Lam investigate a missing woman, a desperate husband, a politician with a past, and a femme fatale with a future - assuming she doesn't go to jail for murder) $9.95
Glover, Allen TV Noir: The Dark Genre on the Small Screen (Nonfiction. An illustrated survey of noir on TV) $45.00
Gregory, Susanna A Grave Concern (Matthew Bartholomew #22: 1360 CE: The Chancellor of the University has been murdered. As physician Matthew Bartholomew searches for the killer, a number of contenders put themselves forward for the Chancellorship - and more suspicious deaths follow) $13.99
James, P.D. Sleep No More (Six previously uncollected murderous tales) $21.00
King/Klinger (ed) Echoes of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology. 17 original stories inspired by the Holmes canon. Some explore the spirit of Holmes himself; others tell of detectives who have been inspired by the great detective's adventures or methods) $14.95
Laurie, Victoria Forever, Again (YA; The story in town is that, in 1985, teenager Amber Greeley killed her boyfriend Ben and took her own life. Thirty years later, Ben's nephew Cole and his friend Lily investigate the deaths, and are pulled into a dark mystery that shakes the constraints of their world) $9.99
Lehane, Con Murder in the Manuscript Room (Ray Ambler #2: When a young staffer's murder desecrates the library, crime fiction curator Ray Ambler has a personal interest in solving the case) $25.99
Lyle, D.P. Deep Six (Jake Longly #1: Shamus finalist. Jake Longly reluctantly agrees to help his PI dad by staking out the home of a wealthy suspected adulteress. When she gets herself murdered right under Jake's nose, his investigation runs afoul of a Ukrainian mobster, and the murders start to pile up) $16.00
Moore, Syd Strange Sight (Essex Witch Museum #2: Experts from the museum have been asked to rid a restaurant of its paranormal phenomena. But first they're going to have to figure out who slaughtered the chef - and the only witness swears a ghost did it) $14.99
Street, Karen Lee Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster (Poe & Dupin #1: 1840: Poe sails to London to meet his friend C. Auguste Dupin, in the hope that the great detective will help him solve a family mystery involving a collection of incriminating letters) $15.95
Tursten, Helene Who Watcheth (Irene Huss #9: He watches women from the shadows. As long as they follow his rules, they are safe. But when they sin, he sentences them to death. With no clues or motive, DI Huss and her team's search for the killer becomes increasingly desperate) $15.95

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