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Newsletter #111 September November, 2015


Mystery Scene #140 (Articles about Ingrid Thoft; Raymond Chandler in the comics; more) $7.50
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Flambe in Armagnac (Winemaker Detective #7: When a fire ravages the warehouse of one of Armagnac's top estates, killing the master distiller, wine expert Benjamin Cooker is called in to estimate the losses. But Cooker and his assistant Virgile have questions.Was it really an accident? How legal are the estate owner's dealings?) $12.95
Audry, Richard King Harald's Heist (King Harald #2: King Harald has a kennel full of trouble in store for Andy Skyberg, beginning with a pilfered thousand-dollar bill and a naughty garden gnome. Before long, New Bergen, Minnesota's favorite crime-sniffing pooch finds even more deep doo-doo to drag his human into; Signed copies) $12.99
Aykol, Esmahan Baksheesh (Kati Hirschel #2: When her landlady announces an outrageous rent increase, Istanbul mystery bookstore owner Kati Hirschel decides to grease a few palms to find a new home. A large apartment at a bargain price is a dream come true - until a man is found murdered there and Kati becomes the prime suspect) $14.95
Belcamino, Kit Blessed Are the Dead (Gabriella Giovanni #1: Anthony Award finalist. When a little girl disappears on the way to the bus stop, crime reporter Gabriella Giovanni's quest for justice and a front-page story leads her to a convicted kidnapper who reels her in with promises to reveal his exploits as a serial killer) $11.99
Belcamino, Kit Blessed Are the Meek (Gabriella Giovanni #2: PBO; The only link between a series of high-profile murders is Annalisa Cruz. As it becomes clear that any man involved with her soon ends up dead, police arrest the only man to have dated her and survived: detective Sean Donovan, Gabriella's boyfriend) $11.99
Belcamino, Kit Blessed Are Those Who Weep (Gabriella Giovanni #3: PBO; After stumbling onto a crime scene with only one survivor, a baby girl crawling between the bodies of her family members, crime reporter Gabriella Giovanni is determined to hunt down the killer) $11.99
Cain, James M. The Complete Crime Stories (Collection. 17 hardboiled stories) $14.99
Clare, Alys Blood of the South (Aelf Fen #6: When a devastating flood hits, a body is washed up at Aelf Fen; Lassair, in the company of a sheriff's officer, wonders if she is dealing with murder) $17.95
Clare, Baxter Hold of the Bone (Detective Franco #6: PBO; When her LAPD squad is called to investigate a decades-old homicide, Franco follows the clues north into the rugged Big Sur wilderness) $14.95
Dams, Jeanne M. Day of Vengeance (Dorothy Martin #15: Alan Nesbitt is involved in choosing a new bishop for Sherebury Cathedral. The day that the short list is announced, one of the candidates is found murdered. Dorothy and Alan start to delve into the victim's history, hoping to find some clue to a motive. Then a second candidate is found dead) $17.95
Ellison, J.T. When Shadows Fall (Samantha Owens #3: Forensic pathologist Dr. Samantha Owens receives a disturbing letter from a dead man, imploring her to solve his murder. His death was so obviously the suicide of a demented individual that the case has been closed, but her postmortem reveals clear evidence of foul play) $5.99
Fox, Candice Hades (Bennett & Archer #1: Ned Kelly Award winner. Two children were kidnapped and left for dead. Raised by a master criminal, they grew up to become cops. When toolboxes full of human body parts are found at the bottom of Sydney Harbour, for homicide detective Frank Bennett, the clues are a tantalizing puzzle, but for his enigmatic new partner Eden Archer and her brother Eric, the case holds chilling links to their childhood and a murderous mentor) $15.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Velvet Claws (Perry Mason #1: Reissue; When a married woman gets caught with a prominent politician, she's ready to pay hush money to a sleazy tabloid. Perry Mason tracks down the blackmailing publisher, learns a shocking secret, and finds himself accused of murder) $9.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Sulky Girl (Perry Mason #2: Reissue; An heiress hires Perry Mason to break her father's will. Her uncle stands to inherit everything if she doesn't succeed; when he ends up dead, Mason must figure out if his client had a hand in the murder) $9.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Lucky Legs (Perry Mason #3: Reissue; When the scam artist who defrauded a young woman turns up dead with her lover's knife in his chest, Perry Mason must exonerate the young woman and find the real killer) $9.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Howling Dog (Perry Mason #4: Reissue; When a man comes to him for help with a neighbor's dog, then draws up a will leaving everything to the neighbor's wife, Perry Mason decides a visit to his client's home is in order; he finds one missing wife, one poisoned dog, and one corpse) $9.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Curious Bride (Perry Mason #5: Reissue; A con man married a woman, took her money, then disappeared in a plane crash. Years later, she's married to a wealthy man when her first husband turns up, looking to pocket a fortune or make her bigamy public. Desperate to protect her good name, she turns to Perry Mason for help) $9.99
Goldberg, Tod Gangsterland (Hammett Prize finalist. Mafia hitman Sal Cupertine makes his first-ever mistake, killing three FBI agents in the process. Surgery and some intensive training later, Sal becomes Las Vegas rabbi David Cohen. But it turns out the Chicago Mafia isn't quite done with him and neither is a rogue FBI agent) $15.95
Hambly, Barbara Crimson Angel (Benjamin January #13: 1838: Jefferson Vitrack, the white half-brother of January's wife, believes that the family's lost treasure is in Haiti. But the world's only Black Republic looks with murderous mistrust upon strangers, and January is reluctant to go. After Vitrack is murdered, and attempts are made on January and his wife, he realizes that he has no choice) $17.95
Hawken, Sam Missing (PBO; Gold Dagger shortlist. Jack Searle often takes his two stepdaughters, Lidia and Marina, to visit their Mexican relatives across the border in Nuevo Laredo. When Marina and her cousin Patricia head to a concert there and don't come back, Jack teams up with Mexican cop Gonzalo Soler in a frantic hunt) $14.95
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek (New Blood Dagger shortlist. After trying to help Benjamin, a nearly feral boy living in the Montana wilderness, social worker Pete Snow comes face to face with the boy's profoundly disturbed father Jeremiah Pearl. Pete slowly earns a measure of trust from the paranoid survivalist, but Pearl's activities spark the interest of the FBI, putting Pete at the center of a manhunt from which no one will emerge unscathed) $15.99
Jakubowski, Maxim (ed) The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 11 (PBO; Anthology. 41 stories, originally published in 2012 and 2013, by British authors) $14.95
James, Bill Snatched (New museum and gallery director George Lepage hopes that his tenure in the post will be short and profitable. But first a deranged former staff member causes a riot in the Folk Department, and then three recently purchased, ruinously expensive paintings of dubious authenticity are stolen) $17.95
Kepnes, Caroline You (New Blood Dagger shortlist. When beautiful Guinevere Beck comes to the bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he Googles the name on her credit card, learns what he needs to know about her, and orchestrates a series of events to transform himself from stalker to boyfriend, removing the obstacles that stand in his way - even if it means murder) $16.00
King, C. Daly Obelists Fly High (Reissue; Originally published in 1935. Capt. Michael Lord of the NYPD is the target of shots fired on board a plane, where a murder has already taken place. Will the detective survive? Will anyone emerge alive from the now-plummeting aircraft? And who killed the surgeon the captain was guarding?) $10.95
Lackberg, Camilla The Drowning (Patrik Hedstrom #6: A reclusive Fjallbacka resident's new novel has been published to rave reviews, but now he's receiving anonymous threats. When one of the writer's closest friends disappears, detective Patrick Hedstrom investigates) $25.95
Leather, Stephen The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang (PBO; Collection. 8 short stories. When there's a crime that baffles the Singapore police, they turn to Inspector Zhang, a top detective and a fan of detective fiction) $16.95
Locke, Attica Pleasantville (Jay Porter #2: Gold Dagger shortlist. 1996: When a volunteer for a mayoral candidate goes missing on Election Night, in a neighborhood for upwardly mobile blacks in Houston, a local - a candidate's nephew - is arrested. Jay Porter reluctantly finds himself serving as a defense attorney in a case that will also put an electoral process on trial, exposing the dark side of power and those determined to keep it) $26.99
Lopez Jr., Arnaldo Chickenhawk (Old-fashioned cop Eddie Ramos and his young tech-savvy partner Tommy Cucitti investigate when young male prostitutes start turning up dead all over Manhattan North) $18.95
MacInerney, Karen Killer Jam (Dewberry Farm #1: When Houston reporter Lucy Resnick buys her grandmother's farm, she expects a simple life as a homesteader. Then an oil exploration truck arrives, announcing plans to replace her broccoli patch with an oil derrick. When the woman who ordered the drilling turns up dead, Lucy is the sheriff's top suspect) $15.95
Marsh, Ngaio False Scent (Roderick Alleyn #21: Reissue; Inspector Alleyn investigates when Mary Bellamy, sweetheart of the London stage, somehow sprays herself with deadly insecticide instead of her favorite perfume) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Hand in Glove (Roderick Alleyn #22: Reissue; No one could doubt that Mr. Pyke was genuinely distraught to hear that his neighbor Harry Cartell had turned up dead. But how did Mr. Pyke come to write the letter of condolence before the body was found? And how did boring, stuffy Mr. Cartell inspire such violence?) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Dead Water (Roderick Alleyn #23: Reissue; Emily Pride is pleased to have inherited an island, but appalled by the Pixie Falls spring and its 'miraculous' healing properties. She's determined to put an end to the locals' efforts to make a bit of money off the spring. Could the locals' frustration have bubbled up into murderous rage? Inspector Alleyn will have to sort it out) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Killer Dolphin (alternate title: Death at the Dolphin) (Roderick Alleyn #24: Reissue; Edgar Award finalist. Impresario Peregrine Jay now owns the Dolphin Theatre, and has restored it to its former glory, planning to celebrate the reopening with a new play about the discovery of a true Shakespearean accessory. Inspector Alleyn investigates when murder takes center stage) $14.95
Masello, Robert The Einstein Prophecy (1944: Army Lt. Lucas Athan accompanies an Egyptian sarcophagus to Princeton University, where he and archaeologist Simone Rashid unwittingly release forces for both good and evil while struggling to decipher the strange contents. The fate of the world now hangs on Albert Einstein's research, and on Lucas's ability to defeat a powerful unholy adversary) $14.95
Mayor, Archer Borderlines (Joe Gunther #2: Reissue; The quiet town of Gannet, VT, where Lt. Joe Gunther spent boyhood summers, is rocked by violence and murder after members of a back-to-nature sect die in a suspicious fire) $14.95
Mayor, Archer Scent of Evil (Joe Gunther #3: Reissue; When the body of a fast-living young stockbroker is found in a shallow grave, suspicion first falls on a cuckolded policeman. Lt. Joe Gunther investigates the increasingly bizarre details of the crime) $14.95
Mayor, Archer The Skeleton's Knee (Joe Gunther #4: Reissue; A reclusive market gardener's death, the result of a decades-old bullet wound, presents Lt. Joe Gunther with a cold case to solve; his team discovers a duffle of unmarked bills and a body buried in the garden patch) $14.95
Mayor, Archer Fruits of the Poisonous Tree (Joe Gunther #5: Reissue; Selectwoman Gail Zigman, Joe's longtime friend and lover, has been raped in the bed he had left only hours before. The detective finds himself caught between the media, local politicians, and a network of well-meaning victims' rights advocates as he tries to put his feelings aside and follow the evidence) $14.95
Mayor, Archer The Dark Root (Joe Gunther #6: Reissue; A brutal home invasion shocks Brattleboro's small Asian community, but no one's talking. The investigation leads Vermont cop Joe Gunther to a smuggling route carrying drugs, contraband, and illegal aliens into and out of Canada) $14.95
McIntosh, Pat The King's Corrodian (Gil Cunningham #10: 1485: A widely disliked pensioner at the Dominican's house in Perth has vanished. A local knight and his mistress claim to have seen the Devil abroad that very same night. When Gil investigates, he uncovers theft, ancient murder, and more recent secrets) $14.95
Meikle, William The London Terrors (Sherlock Holmes: Collection. 3 horror tales featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson battling supernatural forces; Signed copies) $19.95
Mort, Terry The Monet Murders (1930s PI-to-the-stars Riley Fitzhugh finds himself caught up in the case of a missing Hollywood beauty and a stolen Monet) $25.95
Muir, T. Frank Life for a Life (Andy Gilchrist #4: When a woman's half-frozen body is found, DCI Gilchrist investigates. The trail leads to a turf war between human trafficking rings, with links to Scotland's foremost criminal family and the Home Office) $14.95
Neville, Stuart The Final Silence (Belfast #4: Edgar Award finalist. When Rhea Carlisle discovers a serial killer's journal of victims in the house she has inherited from her uncle, she turns to disgraced Belfast police detective Jack Lennon for help) $15.95
Ng, Celeste Everything I Never Told You (New Blood Dagger shortlist. 1970s Ohio: The Lees are determined that their middle daughter Lydia will fulfill the dreams they couldn't pursue: become a doctor, and be popular at school. When Lydia's body is found in the lake, they are forced to confront the secrets that have been slowly pulling their Chinese-American family apart) $16.00
Pearce, Michael The Mouth of the Crocodile (Mamur Zapt #18: The Sudan, 1913: A dead man is fished out of the River Nile. Was it an accident? A visiting Pasha from the Royal Household believes it was murder, and that he himself was the intended target. Now it's up to Captain Owen, the Mamur Zapt, to uncover the truth) $17.95
Peters, Ellis A Morbid Taste for Bones (Brother Cadfael #1: Reissue; 1137: An expedition to Wales to acquire a saint's remains for Shrewsbury Abbey turns into a murder investigation for Brother Cadfael when a local man who opposed moving the remains is shot dead with a mysterious arrow) $14.99
Peters, Ellis One Corpse Too Many (Brother Cadfael #2: Reissue; 1138: When Shrewsbury Castle falls to King Stephen's army, its defenders are hanged as traitors. Brother Cadfael agrees to deal with the corpses, only to find an extra victim who was strangled, not hanged) $14.99
Peters, Ellis Monk's Hood (Brother Cadfael #3: Reissue; 1138: Summoned to the bedside of an ailing abbey guest, Brother Cadfael is surprised to find that the man's wife is Richildis, whom Cadfael loved long ago, and that the man has been poisoned with monkshood oil from Cadfael's own stores) $14.99
Reichs, Kathy Speaking in Bones (Temperance Brennan #18: Amateur detective Hazel Strike, who mines the internet for cold cases, comes to Tempe with a recording of a girl being held prisoner and terrorized. Strike is convinced the voice belongs to Cora Teague - and that the girl's unidentified bones are stored in Tempe's lab) $28.00
Reichs, Kathy Exposure (Virals #4: Kids; When twin classmates are abducted, Tory and the Virals decide there's no one better equipped than them to investigate. But the gang has other problems to face. Their powers are growing wilder, and becoming harder to control) $8.99
Robotham, Michael Life or Death (Gold Dagger shortlist. Audie was convicted of a Texas robbery in which four people died, and $7,000,000 was never recovered. The day before he is due to be released, Audie vanishes. Now the hunt for Audie, and the money, is on. But Audie isn't running to save his life - he's trying to save someone else) $26.00
Rowe, Rosemary The Fateful Day (Libertus #15: Outside his absent patron's villa, Libertus has an unpleasant encounter with the driver of an elaborate traveling carriage. The next day, he finds his patron's gatekeeper dead and the other house slaves missing. Worse things are to follow as news arrives from Rome that will turn the Empire upside down) $17.95
Ryan, Hank Phillippi (ed) Writes of Passage (Nonfiction. Agatha winner; Anthony finalist. 58 members of Sisters in Crime share their experiences and tips about navigating a writing career) $15.95
Schweizer, Mark The Maestro Wore Mohair (Liturgical Mystery #13: PBO; When a skeleton turns up in the autumn woods of St. Germaine, NC, it's all anyone can talk about - until the Maestro and her minions come to town. Now there's another dead body, a decades-old murder mystery, and all the usual suspects. Can Hayden, Nancy, and Dave figure it all out? Signed copies) $13.95
Sedley, Kate The Christmas Wassail (Roger the Chapman #22: Christmas, 1483: Roger is looking forward to twelve days of peace and celebration with his wife and children in Bristol. But the murders of two of the town's prominent citizens, both veterans of the French wars, dash Roger's hopes as he is drawn into the hunt for the killer) $17.95
Serge, Victor The Case of Comrade Tulayev (Reissue; Late 1930s: One cold Moscow night, a high government official is shot dead on the street, and the search for the killer begins. The investigation leads all over the world, netting suspects whose only connection is their innocence - at least of the crime of which they stand accused) $15.95
Stout, Rex The Last Drive and Other Stories (Collection. 11 tales of murder and mayhem) $14.99
Swanson, William Stolen from the Garden: The Kidnapping of Virginia Piper (Drawing on government documents and exclusive interviews with family members, investigators, suspects, and lawyers, Swanson provides a comprehensive account of the 1972 Virginia Piper kidnapping in Orono, Minnesota, and its long, eventful aftermath) $16.95
Thomson, Lesley The Detective's Daughter (Stella Darnell #1: 1981: Kate Rokesmith's body is found by the Thames, her young son nearby, traumatized and mute. DI Darnell cancels a family trip and heads for the crime scene. 2011: When her father dies of a heart attack, Stella Darnell finds the unsolved case file in his attic, and sets out to find Kate’s killer) $13.95
Tyler, L.C. The Crooked Herring (Ethelred & Elsie #5: When a man says that he may have killed someone, hapless mystery writer Ethelred Tressider is inclined to ignore it. After all, the man doesn't look the part, and there isn't a body. But since the possible killer is a successful mystery writer, agent Elsie thinks Ethelred should put some effort into examining the possibility) $14.95
Wishart, David Finished Business (Marcus Corvinus #16: 40 CE: When a consul's wife asks Corvinus to investigate her uncle's death, Corvinus is inclined to agree with the general verdict of accidental death, but his investigation finds signs of foul play - and unearths several skeletons in the wealthy family's closets) $17.95


Abbott, Victoria The Marsh Madness (Book Collector #4: PBO; Vera is delighted when her meeting with Chadwick Kauffman, heir to the Kauffman fortune, gives her a good price on a set of Ngaio Marsh first editions. So Jordan and Vera are shocked to read that Chadwick has fallen to his death - especially since the picture in the paper is not the man they met with. They've been scammed, and someone is trying to frame them for the murder) $7.99
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Montmartre Mysteries (Winemaker Detective #8: While wine expert Benjamin Cooker is visiting an old friend in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, an attempted murder brings the past into the present) $12.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (Darling Dahlias #5: 1933: When the bank closes unexpectedly, people are short of cash. To avert a panic, the town leaders decide to print 'Darling Dollars' to use as temporary currency. When the first printing disappears, the Darling Dahlias set out to discover who made the unauthorized withdrawal) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Eleven O'Clock Lady (Darling Dahlias #6: 1930s Alabama: When the town's telephone switchboard operator is murdered, there's as much speculation about her wild reputation as about who might have killed her. The garden club ladies are determined to unearth the truth) $25.95 Armstrong/Highsmith/Millar/Hitchens Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1950s: Mischief / The Blunderer / Beast in View / Fool's Gold (Omnibus reprint. Classic suspense novels) $35.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Death of a Blue Blood (Murder, She Wrote #42: Jessica and her friend DI George Sutherland head to a Cotswolds estate for a New Year's Ball. The festivities are cut short when their host is found dead, clutching a napkin to his mouth) $7.99
Baldacci, David The Escape (John Puller #3: John Puller investigates the toughest crimes facing the US. But nothing has prepared him for his newest case: hunting the most formidable prey he has ever tracked - his own brother) $9.99
Belle, Josie All Sales Final (Good Buy Girls #5: PBO; At Maggie and Sam's new home, the lights flicker, the doors blow shut, and their cat hisses at empty space. Then Maggie discovers a skeleton in the root cellar. She's convinced the house is haunted by the murdered man's ghost, so the Good Buy Girls set out to find the killer) $7.99
Benn, James R. The White Ghost (Billy Boyle #10: 1943: In the middle of the hard-fought Solomon Islands campaign, the Kennedy family sends Lt. Billy Boyle to investigate a murder in which PT skipper Jack Kennedy has been implicated) $26.95
Blackwell, Juliet The Paris Key (PBO; When her marriage crumbles, Genevieve Martin leaves the US for Paris, where she spent the happiest summer of her life, to take over her uncle's shop. She comes to realize that the city holds secrets about her family that could change her forever) $15.00
Camilleri, Andrea A Beam of Light (Montalbano #19: 3 crimes demand Inspector Montalbano's attention: the robbery and assault of a wealthy merchant's young wife; the theft of art work; and the search for arms dealers, which takes him deep into the Sicilian countryside) $16.00
Carcaterra, Lorenzo The Wolf (Vincent Marelli runs the biggest criminal operation in the world. But he let his guard down, and now his wife and daughters are gone, murdered by terrorists with an ax to grind. So a war is what they'll get - the full strength of international organized crime against every known terrorist group) $7.99 Caspary/Eustis/Hughes/Holding Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s: Laura / The Horizontal Man / In a Lonely Place / The Blank Wall (Omnibus reprint. Classic suspense novels) $35.00
Castle, Richard Raging Heat (Nikki Heat #6: When an illegal immigrant falls from the sky, NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat investigates with some help from her journalist boyfriend Jameson Rook) $9.99
Chance, Maia Cinderella Six Feet Under (Fairy Tale Fatal #2: PBO; A trip to Paris to reunite Prue with her estranged mother produces unexpected results: Henrietta's mansion is a ruin, its owner vanished, leaving behind an evasive husband, two sinister stepsisters, and a bullet-riddled corpse in the pumpkin patch, decked out in a ball gown and one glass slipper. The investigation takes Ophelia and Prue down the trail of a legendary fairy tale relic) $7.99
Chase, Erika Law and Author (Ashton Corners #5: PBO; Retired police chief Bob Miller is estranged from his daughter, so he's stunned by the arrival of Darla, a granddaughter he's never met. When Darla is seen arguing with a stranger who then turns up dead, it's up to the book club to uncover the real story) $7.99
Clark, MH/Burke, A The Cinderella Murder (Under Suspicion #1: Producer Laurie Moran's reality show, a cold case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected, is off to a great start when it helps solve a murder in the first episode. Now she has the ideal case for the next episode: the murder of a UCLA student with suspects including Hollywood elite and tech billionaires. But is the killer ready for a close-up?) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Night of the White Buffalo (Wind River #18: After rancher Dennis Carey is murdered, news that a white buffalo calf has been born on his ranch draws a flood of pilgrims. With the reservation in turmoil, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley try to unravel the strange events surrounding the murder and the recent disappearance of three of the ranch cowboys) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Wind River #19: Rumors fly when Robert Walking Bear dies while hunting for Butch Cassidy's buried loot. When one of his cousins is murdered as well, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley set out to find the killer) $26.95
Coulter, C/Ellison, J.T. The Lost Key (Nicholas Drummond #2: After working with special agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, Nicholas Drummond has joined the FBI. Now he and partner Mike Caine are in a race to stop a madman from finding a WWI cache of lost gold - and a weapon unlike anything the world has seen) $9.99
Coyle, Cleo Once Upon a Grind (Coffeehouse #14: When Clare roasts 'magical' beans for Central Park's Fairy Tale Week, she brews up a vision that helps her find a young model's body in the woods, and uncovers a roster of suspects, including a wolf from Wall Street, a New York Giant, and a wicked witch of the West Side) $7.99
Cussler, C/Blake, R The Eye of Heaven (Fargo #6: Sam and Remi discover a Viking ship in the Arctic ice, perfectly preserved and filled with pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico. Their research hints at a link between the Vikings and the Toltec god Quetzalcoatl, and sends them on a search for a fabled object) $9.99
Cussler, C/Blake, R The Solomon Curse (Fargo #7: There are many rumors about the bay off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands: sunken treasure; cannibal giants; a curse. How can treasure-hunters Sam and Remi Fargo resist?) $28.95
Cutts, Lisa Never Forget (Nina Foster #1: Drafted into her first murder investigation, DC Nina Foster is determined to find the killer. But when the story of her traumatic childhood comes to light, her job, her peace of mind, and her safety are endangered) $13.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Coffin Dancer (Lincoln Rhyme #2: Reissue; A hitman's victim lived long enough to offer a clue to the killer's identity: a tattoo of the Grim Reaper waltzing in front of a casket. Will criminologist Lincoln Rhyme's brainpower and detective Amelia Sachs' legwork be enough to track down the killer before he strikes again?) $9.99
Dobyns, Stephen Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? (Connor Raposo has just witnessed a gruesome motorcycle accident. At least he thinks it was an accident, until he sees a familiar man lurking around the crime scene. Where does Connor know him from? And why does everyone he knows keep turning up dead?) $26.95
Edwards, Martin The Dungeon House (Lake District #7: A cold case investigation of a girl's disappearance coincides with another girl's disappearance. Both girls had connections to Dungeon House, a local estate with a tragic history. As the team digs deeper, questions arise about a murder-suicide at the house twenty years ago. What really happened that night?) $15.95
Farjeon, J. Jefferson Thirteen Guests (Reissue; Originally published in 1936. During a hunting party at a country house, events take a sinister turn: a painting is mutilated, a dog is stabbed, and a man is strangled. DI Kendall's skills are tested to the utmost as he tries to uncover the hidden past of all the guests) $12.95
Farjeon, J. Jefferson The Z Murders (Reissue; Originally published in 1932. A fellow traveler is shot dead at a hotel near Euston station, sending Richard Temperley on a cross-country chase on the trail of a killer) $12.95
Finch, Kay Black Cat Crossing (Bad Luck Cat #1: PBO; After relocating to a small Texas town, Sabrina can't avoid the rumors that a local black cat is a jinx - especially after it leads her to the scene of a murder. With her Aunt Rowe topping the suspect list, can Sabrina and her new feline sidekick Hitchcock track down the killer?) $7.99
Fossum, Karin The Drowned Boy (Inspector Sejer #11: Inspector Skarre and Inspector Sejer investigate the suspicious death of a toddler with Down syndrome) $24.00
Fox, Candice Eden (Bennett & Archer #2: Ned Kelly Award finalist. Homicide detective Frank Bennett's partner Eden Archer has a talent for catching killers, but her idea of justice has little to do with courtrooms. 3 girls are missing, and Eden is going undercover at a remote farm. Frank's job is to keep an eye on his partner while she's there - but is it for her protection, or to protect others from her?) $15.00
Freydont, Shelley Trick or Deceit (Celebration Bay #4: PBO; Celebration Bay's festivities bring more tricks than treats when a real dead body is found in the Halloween haunted house) $7.99
Gates, Eva Booked for Trouble (Lighthouse Library #2: PBO; Lucy's mom Connie causes a stir when she comes home to the Outer Banks. When she has an argument with an angry former classmate and the woman turns up dead, can Lucy and her friends get Connie off the suspect list?) $7.99
Gleason, Ray The Gabinian Affair (Gaius Marius Insubrecus recounts his life in the Roman army during Caesar's conquest of Gaul and in the subsequent civil wars, and again when Octavianus goes to war against Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra) $16.95
Grafton, Sue X (Kinsey Milhone #24: Kinsey is up against a serial killer who leaves no trace of his crimes. She can identify him, but can she prove her case against him before she becomes his next victim? Signed copies expected) $28.95
Haddock, Nancy Basket Case (Silver Six #1: PBO; Nixy heads to Lilyvale, AR, to check on her Aunt Sherry's household, aka the Silver Six. The retirees are hosting a folk art festival at the farmhouse when a developer shows up, trying to bully Sherry into selling. When the developer turns up dead, and Sherry is a suspect, can Nixy and the Silver Six sort out the case?) $7.99
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Star Fall (Bill Slider #17: Antiques expert Rowland Egerton, the darling of daytime TV, has been stabbed to death in his luxurious West London home. Egerton's partner found the body; did he also do the deed? Or was it a burglary gone wrong? A missing Faberge box and Impressionist painting point that way. But as Slider and his team investigate, none of the facts seem to fit) $17.95
Hart, Elsa Jade Dragon Mountain (1708: When a Jesuit astronomer is found murdered in a magistrate's home near the Tibetan border, bandits are blamed, but exiled librarian Li Du suspects otherwise and sets out to discover the truth) $25.99
Horowitz, Anthony Moriarty (Moriarty's death has left a vacuum in the criminal underworld, and there is no shortage of candidates to take his place, including one particularly fiendish mastermind. Pinkerton detective Frederick Chase and Scotland Yard Inspector Athelney Jones must forge a path through the darkest corners of London in pursuit of the man determined to stake his claim as Moriarty's successor) $15.99
Howell, Dorothy Beach Bags and Burglaries (Haley Randolph #7: On a vacation at an island resort, fashionista Haley Randolph finds a missing maid's body on the beach. Everyone says it's an accident, but Haley thinks there's a lot going unsaid) $7.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Strange Shores (Reykjavik #11: Shortlisted for the International Dagger. Decades ago, a young woman disappeared from the frozen fjords of Iceland, leaving in her wake a tempest of lies, betrayal and revenge. Now Inspector Erlendur is on the hunt in that wilderness, looking for the missing woman, and for his long-lost brother) $16.00
Kappes, Tonya A Ghostly Demise (Emma Lee Raines #3: PBO; After 5 years, Mary Anna Hardy's deadbeat dad is back in town - or at least his ghost is. Turns out he didn't run off. He was murdered, and he wants Emma Lee to find out who did the deed) $7.99
Keller, Julia Last Ragged Breath (Bell Elkins #4: Royce Dillard doesn't remember much about the 1972 Buffalo Creek disaster - he was only 2 when negligent strip mining and heavy rain produced a flood that killed his parents, and nearly killed him. Now he's on trial for murder. Prosecutor Bell Elkins faces her toughest challenge yet in a case involving vengeance, greed, and the fierce struggle for social justice) $25.99
Larsson/Lagercrantz The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium #4: A continuation of Larsson's series, written by David Lagercrantz. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist gets a call from a trusted source who claims to have information vital to the US. The source has been in contact with a young woman hacker - who resembles someone Blomkvist knows only too well. In desperate need of a scoop, he turns to Lisbeth Salander for help) $27.95
Leonard, Elmore Four Novels of the 1980s: City Primeval / LaBrava / Glitz / Freaky Deaky (Omnibus reprint. Classic crime novels) $37.50
Ludlum, R/Freveletti, J The Geneva Strategy (Covert-One #11: When several high-ranking members of the US government are taken in a mass kidnapping, Jon Smith and the Covert-One team begin a worldwide search to recover them. After being rescued they show signs of brainwashing) $9.99
Lutz, John Slaughter (Frank Quinn #10: PBO; A jogger's death, subway derailments, plummeting elevators, collapsing construction cranes, apartment explosions - all creating a bloody, senseless puzzle. Detective Frank Quinn will have to risk everything he holds precious to bring in this killer) $9.99
MacRae, Molly Knot the Usual Suspects (Haunted Yarn Shop #5: PBO; A former resident comes to town for the annual arts and crafts fair, and winds up dead. Can Kath and her friends unravel the mystery?) $7.99
Margolin, Phillip Woman with a Gun (A famous photo, of a woman in a wedding dress holding a gun behind her back, captures novelist Stacey Kim's imagination. Stacey discovers the woman was suspected of killing her husband, but the murder was never solved. Stacey finds everyone involved has a different opinion on the case. But the photographer, who may know the whole story, isn't talking) $15.99
McHugh, Mary Cancans, Croissants, and Caskets (Happy Hoofers #3: PBO; On the heels of the Hoofers' French debut, dancing the cancan on a sightseeing cruise down the Seine, murder takes center stage when a very important patron is found dead on the top deck) $7.99
Meier, Leslie Candy Corn Murder (Lucy Stone #22: As Tinker's Cove gets ready for their Giant Pumpkin Fest, Lucy's husband Bill and his friend Evan work nonstop on their pumpkin catapult. But Evan is a no-show the day of the contest, until his dead body turns up. With Bill on the hook for the homicide, Lucy has some serious sleuthing to do) $25.00
Meno, Joe (ed) Chicago Noir: The Classics (Anthology. Classic crime fiction) $15.95
Oak, B.B. Thoreau in Phantom Bog (Thoreau #3: PBO; 1848: When a fellow conductor on the Underground Railroad goes missing along with the slave he was transporting, Henry David Thoreau and his friend Dr. Adam Walker go looking for them) $15.00
Parker, R/Coleman, R Blind Spot (Jesse Stone #13: Jesse's time at his old baseball team's reunion in LA is cut short. A young woman has been murdered, and her boyfriend, from a prominent Paradise family, is missing and presumed kidnapped. And one of Jesse's former teammates may in fact be his main suspect) $9.99
Penny, Louise The Nature of the Beast (Armand Gamache #11: Young Laurent tells tales, from alien invasions, to walking trees, to winged beast in the woods, to dinosaurs in Three Pines. But when the boy disappears, the villagers are faced with the possibility that one of his tall tales was true. And what they uncover deep in the forest sets off a dark chain of events; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Phelps, M. William To Love and to Kill (PBO; Nonfiction. The investigation into the death of young suburban mother Heather Strong reveals a sordid triangle of sex, jealousy, and rage) $7.99
Raybourn, Deanna A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell #1: 1887: After her cottage is ransacked, explorer and naturalist Veronica Speedwell accepts sanctuary in London. When her benefactor is murdered, she and his associate, a cranky naturalist named Stoker, must evade unknown assailants while unraveling the threat against Veronica) $25.95
Reichs, Kathy Deja Dead (Temperance Brennan #1: Reissue; Arthur Ellis Award winner. Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan has planned a weekend off to explore Montreal, but an unidentified corpse, meticulously dismembered and stashed in garbage bags, turns her plans upside down) $9.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Truth Be Told (Jane Ryland #3: Agatha winner; Anthony finalist. While working on a story about residential evictions and foreclosures, Jane Ryland uncovers a big-bucks scheme - the players behind it will stop at nothing, including murder) $7.99
Sanderson, Douglas Hot Freeze (Reissue; Originally published in 1954. Kicked out of the RCMP, Mike Garfin reinvents himself as an inquiry agent. He takes what looks like an easy job, shadowing a wealthy bisexual teen who is throwing around a lot more money than his allowance. Then the boy disappears, and more disappearances follow) $13.95
Sands, Kevin The Blackthorn Key (Kids; When a mysterious cult begins to prey on London's apothecaries, apprentice Christopher Rowe must use every skill he's learned to uncover the key to a terrible secret) $17.99
Simenon, Georges The Misty Harbour (alternate title: Death of a Harbor-Master) (Maigret #15: A distressed man is found wandering the streets of Paris, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The answers lead Maigret to a small harbor town, whose quiet citizens conceal a poisonous malice) $11.00
Simmons, Dan Hard as Nails (Joe Kurtz #3: Reissue; Ex-PI Joe Kurtz's survival is on the line when an ambush leaves him badly wounded and his parole officer clinging to life. They each have plenty of enemies, so narrowing down the suspects won't be easy) $15.99
Slaughter, Karin A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County #3: Reissue; Medical examiner Sara Linton is called to an apparent suicide at the local college. The body provides few clues, and the administration is eager to avoid a scandal. But two more suspicious suicides and an attack on a student suggest a sadistic killer is preying on the town) $9.99
Slaughter, Karin Indelible (Grant County #4: Reissue; Two armed men enter the police station and open fire. Now an officer is dead, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver is seriously wounded, and the survivors - including school children and medical examiner Sara Linton - are taken hostage) $9.99
Stewart, Amy Girl Waits with Gun (1914: Constance Kopp towers over most men, and has no interest in marriage or domesticity. When a belligerent factory owner smashes into the Kopp sisters' buggy, her demand that he pay for the damages turns into a war of bricks, bullets, and threats. The sheriff enlists Constance's help in convicting the men) $27.00
Summers, Julie Home Fires (original title: Jambusters: The Story of the Women's Institute in the Second World War) (A history of the Women's Institute, a network of community-based organizations in which over a third of a million women participated during WWII, playing a vital role in the British war effort) $17.00
Swanson, Denise Murder of an Open Book (Scumble River #18: PBO; Skye is peeved when teacher Blaire Hucksford kicks her out of the pool. When he turns up dead in the water, can she find the killer?) $7.99
Thompson, Tade Making Wolf (London security guard Weston Kogi returns to his West African home for his aunt's funeral. Telling people he's a homicide detective seems like harmless hyperbole, until he finds himself kidnapped and forced by rebel factions to investigate the murder of a local hero) $15.95
Tracy, K.A. Deadline (Sam Perry #1: When a drifter is found murdered in the desert outside Palm Springs, crime reporter Sam Perry works her way backward to piece together the victim's life. Everyone suspects actress turned mayoral candidate Ellen Konrad. As Sam and Ellen's mutual attraction grow, the clues begin to add up, and the list of people with motives multiplies) $16.99
Truman, M/Bain, D Internship in Murder (Capital Crimes #28: When a congressional intern goes missing, her family hires PI Robert Brixton to investigate) $25.99
Wait, Lea Threads of Evidence (Mainely Needlepoint #2: PBO; Some say a local mansion is haunted by the ghost of young Jasmine Gardener, who died there under mysterious circumstances. Angie is hired by the mansion's new owner to appraise the estate's needlepoint pictures, but the more she examines them, the more they seem to point toward Jasmine's murder - and the killer) $7.99
Wood, Tom (Hinshelwood) The Darkest Day (Victor #5: PBO; While finalizing a hit on a terrorist financier, Victor finds himself targeted by a woman assassin who proves to be as deadly as he is) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Insatiable Appetites (Stone Barrington #32: When Stone finds himself responsible for distributing the estate of a respected mentor, the process reveals secrets that range from surprising to outright alarming) $9.99


Ackroyd, Peter Rebellion: The History of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution (Nonfiction. 2nd of 6 volumes) $18.99
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Hanging Girl (Department Q #6: The team's latest cold case, the hanging death of a teen girl, takes them to the remote Danish island of Bornholm and a sun-worshipping cult. Carl, Assad, Rose, and Gordon must stop a string of murders and a skilled manipulator who refuses to let anything get in his way) $28.00
Beaton, M.C. Dishing the Dirt (Agatha Raisin #26: When therapist Jill Davent is murdered two days after Agatha threatened her, Agatha becomes prime suspect. Can she and her team find the real culprit?) $25.99
Castle, Richard Driving Heat (Nikki Heat #7: Reporter Jameson Rook's latest investigation causes trouble both professionally and personally for newly promoted NYPD Captain Nikki Heat) $26.99
Chance, Maia Come Hell or Highball (1923: When her husband Alfie dies suddenly, 31-year-old society matron Lola Woodby and her cook Berta are left with no means of support. Which is why they accept an offer from one of Alfie's chorus girls, who is willing to pay a handsome sum if they retrieve a reel of film for her. Sounds easy - until the man who has the film is murdered and the reel disappears) $24.99
Child, Lee Make Me (Jack Reacher #19: In the tiny town of Mother's Rest, a worried woman named Michelle Chang mistakes Reacher for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation that she thinks must have turned lethal. Reacher teams up with Chang and starts to ask around; Signed copies expected) $28.99
Christie, A/Harkup, K A Is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie (Research chemist Harkup looks at the fourteen poisons Christie used to kill characters in her novels, each carefully chosen to provide vital clues in the discovery of the murderer) $27.00
Coben, Harlan Found (Mickey Bolitar #3: Agatha Award finalist. While dealing with the problems of his sophomore year of high school, Mickey investigates when Ema's online boyfriend disappears. And as Mickey and his friends are pulled deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Abeona Shelter, he finally discovers the truth about his father) $9.99
Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust (When a friend from Ray Campbell's stint as an aid worker in Africa is found murdered in a New York alley, Ray suspects the tragedy is rooted in the past, in the cruel death of Martine Aubert, the woman Ray loved in Africa) $15.00
Daly, Paul Keep Your Friends Close (Shortlisted for the Gold Dagger. When her younger daughter falls ill on a school trip, Natty rushes to her side, leaving her college friend Eve to lend her husband Sean a hand at home. Natty returns home to find that Sean has fallen for Eve. A mysterious note, saying that Eve has done this before, more than once, and that the consequences were fatal, starts Natty on a mission to reveal Eve as a vindictive serial mistress) $14.00
Downie, Ruth Tabula Rasa (Ruso #6: Amid strife with the Britons, the Romans are building Hadrian's Great Wall, and Ruso and Tilla are helping care for the builders. First Ruso's clerk goes missing. Then the youngest son of a Briton family Tilla has befriended disappears. The search for answers leads Ruso and Tilla to an intricate scheme of slavery and changed identities) $17.00
Evanovich, J/Goldberg, L The Scam (Kate O'Hare #4: FBI agent Kate O'Hare and con artist Nick Fox go undercover to take down a casino magnate who is running a money laundering operation for mobsters, dictators, and terrorists) $28.00
Evanovich/Goldberg The Job (Kate O'Hare #3: FBI Special Agent Kate O'Hare and charming conman Nick Fox team up to track down the brutal leader of a global drug-smuggling empire) $8.99
Fleming, I/Horowitz, A Trigger Mortis (James Bond: A new novel authorized by the Fleming estate, set in the 1950s and featuring recently discovered original material by Ian Fleming) $27.99
Fraser, George MacDonald Captain in Calico (Never before published. A swashbuckling tale about 18th-century pirate Calico Jack Rackham) $26.00
Goodman, Ruth How to Be a Victorian (Drawing on her firsthand experiences living in recreated Victorian conditions, Goodman serves as our bustling guide to 19th-century British life, from daybreak to bedtime) $17.95
Gregory, Susanna A Poisonous Plot (Matthew Bartholomew #21: 1358 CE: Tensions between scholars and townsfolk threaten to break into violence when a well-known tradesman is found dead in one of the colleges. Torn between loyalties to his kin and his college, Matthew Bartholomew must identify the poison and find the killer) $29.95
Griffiths, Elly The Zig Zag Girl (Stephens & Mephisto #1: Brighton, 1950: When a murder mimics a famous magic trick, DI Edgar Stephens turns to stage magician Max Mephisto for help. During WWII, they served in a special ops team that used stage tricks to confound the enemy. When a second murder mimics another trick, they're sure the answer to the killer's identity lies in their army days) $25.00
Guinn, Matthew The Scribe (Atlanta, GA, 1881: On the eve of the International Cotton Exposition, former detective Thomas Canby is paired with Cyrus Underwood, the city's first black police officer, to track a murderer targeting wealthy black entrepreneurs) $25.95
Hallinan, Timothy For the Dead (Poke Rafferty #6: Poke's adopted daughter Miaow and her boyfriend bought a stolen cell phone, which turns out to hold photos of two murdered cops. The discovery endangers the entire family, because the murder investigation is surrounded by a conspiracy that reaches to the top of Bangkok law enforcement) $15.95
Hammett, D/Ward, N The Lost Detective: Becoming Dashiell Hammett (A look at how Hammett transformed himself from Pinkerton detective to author of iconic detective novels, linking Hammett's life experiences to his stories) $26.00
Hargla, Indrek Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St. Olaf's Church (15th century CE: Tallinn, at the edge of the Christian world, is a town of foreign merchants and engineers. When a murder occurs at the castle, Melchior, respected for his arcane knowledge and scientific curiosity, is called in to help find the killer) $16.95
Higashino, Keigo Malice (Kyochiro Kaga #4: A bestselling novelist has been murdered in a locked room inside his locked house. His body was found by his wife and his best friend, both of whom have solid alibis. Or so it seems. Police detective Kyochiro Kaga investigates) $15.99
Hoffman, Patrick The White Van (Shortlisted for the Steel Dagger. At a dive bar in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, Emily Rosario is approached by a Russian businessman. A week later - drugged, disoriented, and wanted for robbery - she finds herself on the run for her life. Cop Leo Elias, broke and desperate, takes the case into his own hands, hoping to find Emily and the money before anyone else does) $14.00
Hunt, Andrew A Killing in Zion (Art Oveson #2: 1930s: Chosen to head Salt Lake City's anti-polygamy squad, Mormon deputy Art Oveson investigates when a polygamist patriarch is murdered and a traumatized young woman is found at the scene) $25.99
James, Marlon A Brief History of Seven Killings (Man Booker Prize nominee; Minnesota Book Award winner. A fictional exploration of a dangerous and unstable time in Jamaica's history and beyond, peopled with a wide range of characters - assassins, drug dealers, journalists, ghosts, and more - and ranging from 1970s Kingston to the crack houses of 1980s New York to a radically altered 1990s Jamaica) $17.00
Jance, J.A. Dance of the Bones (J.P. Beaumont #22: Years ago, sheriff Brandon Walker arrested John Lassiter for the murder of prospector Amos Warren. Now Lassiter wants Brandon to find the real killer and clear his name. When Brandon finds links to an unsolved case in Seattle, he comes to J.P. Beaumont for help) $26.99
Keenan, Tom O. The Father (Sean Rooney #1: Mental illness, alcohol abuse, and the tedium of pursuing typical killers have left Sean Rooney a failed forensic profiler, a bit of a loser, and definitely retired. Faced with a multiple murder and some headless corpses, DCI Jacqueline Kaminski needs Rooney back on the case) $14.95
Khan, Vaseem The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (Baby Ganesh Agency #1: On his last day before retirement, Mumbai police inspector Ashwin Chopra inherits two unexpected things: a boy's suspicious drowning death that no one seems to want solved; and a baby elephant) $15.99
King, Stephen Joyland illustrated edition (20+ black & white illustrations by Pat Kinsella, Robert McGinnis, and Mark Summers. 1973: College student Devin Jones comes to a North Carolina amusement park to work as a carny for the summer. There he must confront the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and the ways both will change his life forever) $23.99
Longworth, M.L. The Mystery of the Lost Cezanne (Verlaque & Bonnet #5: PBO; Antoine and Marine investigate both a murder and the provenance of a painting. Could it be a genuine Cezanne?) $15.00
MacLeod, Torquil Murder in Malmo (Anita Sundstrom #2: Sidelined after a deadly mixup in a high-profile case, Inspector Sundstrom is assigned to find a stolen painting. But when two prominent businessmen are murdered, she finds herself back in the action) $14.95
Malliet, G.M. A Demon Summer (Max Tudor #4: Agatha Award finalist. The Earl of Lislelivet has a gift for making enemies, so it's not too surprising that someone has tried to poison him. But how did the poison end up in a fruitcake from Monkbury Abbey? The local bishop asks Father Max Tudor, a former MI5 agent, to investigate) $15.99
Manfredi, Valerio M. The Oath (Odysseus #1: King Eurystheus tells Odysseus the terrible tale of Hercules, who slaughtered his family and was punished by the King to undertake impossible tasks to earn absolution. But a child comes to Odysseus with another, very disturbing version of what happened that fateful night, setting Odysseus on the first of his extraordinary quests) $16.95
May, Peter Entry Island (Homicide detective Sime Mackenzie heads to an isolated community in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to investigate the murder of the island's wealthiest inhabitant. The man's wife is the likeliest suspect, but Sime is certain he's met her before, and finds his insomnia punctuated by vivid dreams of a distant past far away, in which he and the woman play leading roles. Mounting evidence of her guilt leads to a conflict between Sime's duty and the personal destiny he is increasingly sure awaits him) $26.99
Mayor, Archer Proof Positive (Joe Gunther #25: Joe Gunther and his Vermont Bureau of Investigation team look into the suspicious death of a traumatized Vietnam veteran. The man brought combat photos and negatives back from the war, and someone wants desperately to keep them out of the public eye) $15.99
Parker, R/Coleman, R The Devil Wins (Jesse Stone #14: After a huge storm hits Paradise, a dead body is found in the rubble of an abandoned factory - along with the skeletal remains of two teenage girls who disappeared decades earlier) $27.00
Perry, Anne Blood on the Water (William Monk #20: Although Monk witnessed a terrible bombing, it isn't his case. An Egyptian man is quickly tried, and then murdered in prison. When evidence surfaces that proves the dead man innocent, Monk is tasked with finding out what really happened) $16.00
Perry, Anne Corridors of the Night (William Monk #21: When his wife Hester is kidnapped from the hospital where she volunteers, Monk's investigation leads to a wealthy man's remote home - and several bodies buried on the grounds. What did Hester learn that put her in danger? What are the doctors she worked with hiding?) $27.00
Petty, Heather W. Lock & Mori (YA; Modern-day London: Mori and Lock should be hitting the books on a school night. Instead, they're crashing a crime scene in Regent's Park. When Lock challenges Mori to solve the case before he does, she accepts. The one rule? They must share every clue with each other) $17.99
Robb, J.D. Devoted in Death (Eve Dallas #41: A body found in a downtown Manhattan alley puts Lt. Eve Dallas and her team on the trail of a thrill-killing couple) $27.95
Scottoline, Lisa Betrayed (Rosato & Associates #13: Judy Carrier investigates the sudden death of a woman - an undocumented farm worker - who was taking care of Judy's aunt while she went through chemo) $15.99
Silvestre, Edney Happiness Is Easy (1990s Brazil: PR man Olavo Bettencourt is rich, important, and mired in political corruption, which makes him an obvious target for extortion. And what better leverage than kidnapping his son? Except the child coming home from school in Olavo's car is not Olavo's son) $14.95
Stafford, Nikki Investigating Sherlock: An Unofficial Guide (A look at the BBC/ Masterpiece series Sherlock , examining each episode in detail and cataloguing references to the original stories) $18.95
Stroud, Jonathan The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co. #2: Kids; The Lockwood team is hired to be present at the exhumation of a Victorian doctor who reportedly tried to communicate with the dead. Then the team is summoned to DEPRAC headquarters - the doctor's coffin has been raided, and a strange object buried with the corpse has vanished. Inspector Barnes wants the relic found) $7.99
Todd, Charles Tales (Collection. 4 stories featuring Ian Rutledge or Bess Crawford) $11.99
van de Wetering, Janwillem The Sergeant's Cat (Grijpstra & de Gier: Collection. Short stories featuring the Amsterdam cops) $15.95
Voigt, Cynthia The Book of Secrets (Mister Max #2: Kids; Someone is breaking windows and setting fires in the old city, but the shopkeepers won't say a word about the culprits. The mayor turns to Max for help) $6.99
Webb, Holly The Case of the Stolen Sixpence (Maisie Hitchens #1: Kids; Victorian London: 12-year-old Maisie notices things, and believes she would make an excellent detective. When George, the butcher's boy, is fired for stealing coins from the till, Maisie and her dog Eddie search for clues to crack the case) $5.99
Xiaolong, Qiu Shanghai Redemption (Chen Cao #9: After too many controversial cases that embarrassed the Communist Party elite, Chen Cao has been stripped of his duties and isolated. But it becomes increasingly clear that someone is trying to set him up for public disgrace, or worse) $25.99
Zupan, Kim The Ploughmen (An aging killer awaiting trial and a troubled young Montana deputy sit in the dark, talking through the bars of a jail cell. Their uneasy friendship takes a startling turn with a brazen act of violence that yokes them together by the secrets they share) $16.00


Abdul-Jabbar/Waterhouse Mycroft Holmes (1870: Word reaches London of strange occurrences in Trinidad, leading Georgiana Sutton to set sail for her home there. Her fiance Mycroft Holmes decides to follow her, and persuades his best friend Cyrus Douglas, a man of African descent who was born on Trinidad, to accompany him. The two men find a web of dark secrets that grows more treacherous with each step they take) $25.99
Alan, Isabella Murder, Plainly Read (Amish Quilt Shop #4: PBO; Librarian Austina Shaker isn't afraid to make waves to get books to her patrons, including the Amish ones. A cranky Old Order Bishop has vowed to ruin her - which just might happen when he's found dead in her bookmobile. Can Angie and the quilters find the real killer?) $7.99
Allen, Beverly Floral Depravity (Bridal Bouquet #3: PBO; A local historian's daughter is having a medieval-themed wedding, and Audrey is responsible for providing period-accurate blooms. When the groom's father drops dead, poisoned with monkshood, Audrey needs to root out the killer) $7.99
Andrews, Donna The Nightingale Before Christmas (Meg Langslow #18: An untenanted house is being decorated for the holidays, each room by a different decorator, including Mother. Meg gets talked into helping out, but when rooms start being sabotaged and a designer turns up dead, can Meg catch the real killer in time to save Mother from the indignity of arrest?) $7.99
Arlidge, M.J. Pop Goes the Weasel (Helen Grace #2: DI Helen Grace investigates when a man's eviscerated body is found in Southampton's red light district, his heart sent to his wife. Then another victim is found - the killer is targeting family men who break their vows) $15.00
Ballantyne, Lisa Everything She Forgot (UK title: Redemption Road) (Trapped in the wreckage of the worst pileup in London history, Margaret is pulled from her car by a stranger who then disappears. She has only minor injuries, but flashbacks to the crash dredge up events from her childhood that she has chosen to forget - and it has something to do with the man who saved her life) $14.99
Blaedel, Sara The Forgotten Girls (Louise Rick #7: The search for the identity of a dead woman found in a Danish forest takes Louise Rick, new commander of the Missing Persons Department, ever closer to her own childhood home, where she uncovers more crimes that were committed and hidden in the forest) $14.99
Blake, Heather Ghost of a Potion (Magic Potion #3: PBO; When her boyfriend's mother is found standing over Haywood Dodd's dead body, holding the murder weapon, Carly would love to find the real killer. But with Halloween approaching, Carly is beset by ghosts flocking to her for help - including a very persistent Haywood Dodd) $7.99
Block, Lawrence The Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes (Ex-cop Doak Miller works as a PI in a small Florida town, doing jobs for the local police. Like posing as a hitman and wearing a wire to incriminate a woman who's looking to get rid of her husband. But when he sees the woman, he falls hard, and winds up working with her on a devious plan to get free of her husband and put millions in her bank account; Signed copies expected) $22.99
Bryan, Mollie Cox Scrapbook of the Dead (Cumberland Creek #5: PBO; As Halloween approaches, two women are found dead, each clutching scrapbook pages. Reporter Annie Chamovitz learns the victims were sisters, and is sure their deaths are linked, and the Saturday night crop quickly becomes an opportunity to puzzle out the murders) $7.99
Buckley, Julia The Big Chili (Undercover Dish #1: PBO; Lilah Drake's business discreetly provides clients with delicious, fresh-cooked meals they can claim they cooked themselves. When one of her dishes is used to poison a woman, Lilah will have to find the culprit fast to keep her business undercover) $7.99
Celestin, Ray The Axeman (UK title: The Axeman's Jazz) (Thriller Award finalist. 1919: As a serial killer stalks New Orleans, 3 individuals set out to unmask him: Michael Talbot, head of the official police investigation; Luca d'Andrea, an ex-cop just out of prison and back to working for the Mafia; and Ida Davis, a secretary at the Pinkerton Detective Agency who has a fondness for Sherlock Holmes stories) $14.99
Childs, L/Moran, T Parchment and Old Lace (Scrapbooking #13: A scream leads Carmela and her detective beau into New Orleans' Lafayette Cemetery, where they find a bride-to-be strangled with a piece of vintage lace) $25.95
Childs, Laura Gossamer Ghost (Scrapbooking #12: When the antique dealer in the shop next door is murdered, and a priceless death mask is stolen, Carmela can't resist the urge to investigate) $7.99
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express facsimile edition (alternate title: Murder on the Calais Coach) (Hercule Poirot #9: Reissue; Reproduces the typesetting, format, and cover art of the first edition from the Christie family's archives. The famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. By morning, a millionaire lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated by the storm, detective Hercule Poirot must find the killer among a dozen of the dead man's enemies) $19.99
Connolly, John A Song of Shadows (Charlie Parker #13: PI Charlie Parker investigates a case that has its origins in a Nazi concentration camp. Old atrocities are about to be unearthed, and old sinners will kill to hide their sins) $26.00
Connolly, John Night Music: Nocturnes Volume 2 (PBO; Collection. Tales of the supernatural, from stories of the monstrous to fables of fantastic libraries and haunted books, and more) $16.00
Connolly, Sheila A Gala Event (Orchard #9: PBO; When Aaron Eastman returns to town, determined to find answers about the tragic fire that put him behind bars 25 years ago, orchard owner Meg Corey vows to help him solve the case) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Last Kingdom (TV tie-in edition) (Saxon Tales #1: Reissue; 9th century CE: The Danes storm onto English soil, hungry for spoils, taking kingdom after kingdom until only one remains unconquered. Now the fate of England, and the course of history, rests on one man, one king) $15.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Pale Horseman (TV tie-in edition) (Saxon Tales #2: Reissue; 9th century CE: Uhtred, a dispossessed young nobleman, was raised by Danish invaders, but is tied to imperiled Wessex by birth and marriage. Where should his allegiance lie? When the Danes attack, he chooses to stand beside the fugitive King Alfred) $15.99
Cronin, Doreen The First Misadventure (Chicken Squad #1: Kids; Meet the Chicken Squad: Dirt, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie. Not your typical barnyard puffs of fluff, they are not about to spend their days just pecking chicken feed and chasing bugs - they're too busy solving mysteries) $5.99
Cutts, Lisa Remember, Remember (Nina Foster #2: DC Foster finds herself at the center of a complex case when she uncovers evidence linking the cold case she's working, a 1964 train crash, to a recent spate of heroin-related deaths) $13.95
Davison, Anita Murder on the Minneapolis (Flora Maguire #1: 1900: While escorting her charge home to London aboard the luxury liner S.S. Minneapolis , young governess Flora Maguire finds the body of a man at the bottom of a companionway. His death is pronounced an accident, but she is unconvinced, and starts asking questions) $13.95
Dorsey, Tim Shark Skin Suite (Serge Storms #18: Ruthless at taking down the banks kicking people out of their homes, young lawyer Brook Campanella wins big in a major class-action lawsuit. Her opponents are willing to go to extreme lengths to shut her down. Luckily, freelance fixer Serge Storms is on hand, ready to save a damsel in distress and kick a bunch of shyster butt) $13.99
Dunlap, Jan The Kiskadee of Death (Bob White Birder Murder #6: PBO; Illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and the advent of space tourism create a deadly backdrop for a murder investigation after Bob finds a dead body on a Texas birding trip) $14.95
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Ho-Ho-Homicide (Liss MacCrimmon #8: Liss and Dan expect a relaxing getaway when an old friend from high school asks them to spend a week at her family's Christmas tree farm. But a series of 'accidents' puts Liss on the trail of a killer who's been lurking among the pines) $7.99
Eskens, Allen The Guise of Another (PBO; Minnesota police detective Alexander Rupert is under subpoena on suspicion of corruption, and has been reassigned to the Fraud Unit. When he happens across a complex case of identity theft, he sees a chance to rehabilitate his reputation; the case proves far more dangerous than he expected) $15.95
Flake, Sharon G. Unstoppable Octobia May (Kids; 1953: In a southern African-American community, 10-year-old Octobia May lives in Auntie's boarding house. When Octobia May starts to question the folks in her world, an adventure and a mystery bring troubling questions. Who is black and who is 'passing' for white? And is Mr. Davenport in room 204 really a vampire, or something else entirely?) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Plum Pudding Murder (TV tie-in edition) (Hannah Swensen #13: Reissue; When the owner of a kitschy holiday carnival is found dead in his office, it turns out that quite a few people had reason to wish him ill) $7.99
Flynn, V/Mills, K The Survivor (Mitch Rapp #12: CIA director Irene Kennedy sends Mitch Rapp after an operative who has perpetrated a massive theft of classified documents. Rapp dispatches the man, but can the US beat the Pakistanis to the traitor's accomplices, and find where he cached the documents?) $28.00
Forsyth, Frederick The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue (A memoir by the thriller writer, including his adventures as the RAF's youngest pilot, and as a reporter and war correspondent) $28.00
Gerritsen, Tess Die Again (Rizzoli & Isles #11: Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli is investigating the death of a big game hunter; medical examiner Maura Isles connects the case to a number of seemingly unrelated deaths: the victims have all been found hanging upside down, the hallmark of a leopard's kill) $9.99
Gies, J/Gies, F Life in a Medieval Castle (Reissue; Nonfiction. A look at day to day life in a medieval castle throughout the year. The authors let medieval people speak for themselves through selections from journals, songs, and account books) $15.99
Gilbert, Paul D. Sherlock Holmes and the Unholy Trinity (Holmes and Watson head to the Vatican to investigate the murder of Cardinal Tosca, who was involved in work of a controversial nature, and killed while working on the translation of an ancient scroll) $29.95
Greene, Douglas (ed) I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (Anthology. When Doyle killed off his fictional sleuth in 1893, distraught fans resorted to writing their own Holmes adventures. Here are some of the best early Sherlockian pastiches and parodies, by Mark Twain, O. Henry, Bret Harte, and others) $12.95
Griffin, Laura Shadow Fall (Tracers #9: PBO; A grisly murder is the work of a serial killer, and the local sheriff has a suspect all picked out: ex-Marine security expert Liam Wolfe. Special agent Tara Rushing has her doubts; as she tracks the killer, she finds herself relying on Liam's skills. But when another body turns up, she must decide: can she trust him?) $7.99
Hallinan, Timothy The Hot Countries (Poke Rafferty #7: Bangkok, Thailand: The old-timers in the Expat Bar accept talkative stranger Arthur Varney without suspicion, failing to see that he's using them to get to Poke. Varney wants two things - money Poke doesn't have, and a person Poke is unwilling to hand over - and there's nothing he won't do to achieve his goals) $26.95
Hardisty, Paul E. The Abrupt Physics of Dying (Shortlisted for the New Blood Dagger. Oil company engineer Clay Straker is abducted by terrorists, who demand that he help uncover the cause of a sickness at a village close to the company's processing facility. As the country descends into civil war and village children start dying, Clay is caught between opposing armies, controllers of the country's oil wealth, Yemen's shadowy secret service, and rival factions) $14.95
Harrison, Mette Ivie The Bishop's Wife (When young wife and mother Carrie Helms disappears, leaving behind everything she owns, her husband Jared claims abandonment. But Mormon bishop's wife Linda Wallheim becomes convinced that Jared murdered his wife) $15.95
Hart, Carolyn Ghost Wanted (Bailey Ruth #5: Ghostly gumshoe Bailey Ruth investigates when a security guard is shot by an intruder in a haunted campus library. Can she find the real culprit before the police arrest the wrong person?) $7.99
Hart, Ellen The Grave Soul (Jane Lawless #23: All her life, Kira Adler has dreamed about witnessing her mother's murder, but her dream doesn't match the facts of her mother's death. Guthrie Hewitt plans to marry Kira, and he's starting to wonder if the dream holds more truth than Kira knows. He asks PI Jane Lawless to investigate) $25.99
Hayes, Frank Death on the High Lonesome (Virgil Dalton #2: PBO; First the body of a woman, who was fleeing for her life, falls from a highway overpass onto the deputy's car. Then a longtime resident is found dead on her porch, her husband missing. Sheriff Dalton's search for the missing man turns up clues to a killer who is just getting started) $15.00
Heywood, Joseph Mountains of the Misbegotten (Lute Bapcat #2: When he learns that the deputy warden from Ontonagon County has gone missing, Rough Rider turned Michigan game warden Lute Bapcat must navigate one of the Upper Peninsula's most lawless places) $18.95
Hoag, Tami Cold Cold Heart (Struggling with PTSD after surviving an encounter with a serial killer, Dana Nolan heads back to her hometown. Drawn into the unsolved disappearance of her childhood best friend, she reluctantly looks back at her past) $9.99
Hollon, Cheryl Pane and Suffering (Webb's Glass Shop #1: PBO; When her father dies of a heart attack, Savannah heads to St. Petersburg to settle the fate of the family glass shop. Then her father's assistant dies, also of an apparent heart attack. Can she follow the clues her father left behind to crack the case and find the killer?) $7.99
Holmes, Julianne Just Killing Time (Clock Shop #1: PBO; When her beloved grandfather is found dead after a break-in, expert clockmaker Ruth Clagan inherits his shop. Can she find the killer before someone else winds up dead?) $7.99
James, Miranda Dead with the Wind (Southern Ladies #2: PBO; A wedding takes An'gel and Dickce to Louisiana. When the unpleasant bride-to-be falls from a balcony to her death, the sisters discover that many of the guests had motives for murder) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Your Next Breath (Catherine Ling #4: Someone from CIA operative Catherine Ling's past is picking off the people she cares about. Can she figure out which of her enemies is targeting her, and put a stop to it?) $7.99
Kappes, Tonya A Ghostly Murder (Emma Lee Raines #4: PBO; Mamie Sue Preston was the richest woman in town, and the biggest hypochondriac. Ironically, someone killed her and covered up the crime perfectly. Now her ghost is offering Emma Lee big bucks to find the perp) $7.99
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli (Tara Holloway #9: PBO; To take down local Mafia boss Tino Fabrizio, who is running an extortion racket, IRS agent Tara Holloway goes undercover as a waitress at the bistro run by Tino's wife) $7.99
Kelly, Sofie Faux Paw (Magical Cats #7: PBO; Librarian Kathleen Paulson, her detective boyfriend Marcus Gordon, and her uncanny sleuthing cats Owen and Hercules investigate when the curator of a visiting art exhibition is found dead on the library floor, and the most valuable sketch goes missing) $7.99
King, Laurie R. Dreaming Spies (Mary Russell #13: En route from India to California, Russell and Holmes plan to spend some time in Japan. Aboard ship, a young Japanese woman agrees to tutor the couple in Japanese language and customs. But Russell can't shake the feeling that Haruki Sato is not who she claims to be. In Japan, Russell's suspicions are confirmed in a most surprising way. From the glorious city of Tokyo to the cavernous library at Oxford, Russell and Holmes race to solve a mystery involving international extortion, espionage, and shocking secrets that, if revealed, could spark revolution and topple an empire) $16.00
Laurence, Janet A Fatal Freedom (Ursula Grandison #2: London, 1903: American Ursula Grandison and police detective turned private investigator Thomas Jackman team up to try to save an innocent woman from the noose) $17.95
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Looking for Mr. Good Witch (Retired Witches #2: PBO; A sea witch has been leaving bodies in her wake up and down the Carolina coast, baffling authorities, who are finding drowning victims with no water in their lungs. Can retired witches Molly and Elsie put a stop to the killings?) $7.99
Limon, Martin The Ville Rat (Sueno & Bascom #10: South Korea, 1970s: US Army CID sergeants George Sueno and Ernie Bascom investigate the strangling death of a young Korean woman and a shooting incident between a young black private and his white superior) $26.95
Lippman, Laura Hush Hush (Tess Monaghan #11: On a hot day, Melisandre Dawes sat by a river, leaving her infant daughter locked in the car. Found not guilty by reason of criminal insanity, she left the country. Now she's back in Baltimore to meet with her estranged teen daughters and film the reunion for a documentary. Hired to assess security needs, Tess plans to keep her distance from this client - a strategy that gets tricky when the woman becomes prime suspect in a murder) $14.99
Liss, David The Day of Atonement (Lisbon, 1755: Sebastian Foxx (born Sebastiao Raposa) returns to the city of his birth to repay old debts and find the man who killed his father. He'll need money and power. And he'll need to find his allies and identify his enemies among the Inquisition's spies) $16.00
London, Colette Dangerously Dark (Chocolate Whisperer #2: PBO; Hayden heads to Portland for an engagement party. When the groom-to-be turns up dead, Hayden’s friends insist it was a freak accident, but she is sure it was homicide) $7.99
Lovett, Charlie First Impressions (When two different customers request a copy of the same obscure book, bookseller and Jane Austen enthusiast Sophie Collingwood is drawn into a mystery that will cast doubt on the authorship of Pride and Prejudice ) $16.00
MacBird, Bonnie Art in the Blood (Sherlock Holmes: 1888: A letter from a French singer, whose illegitimate son by a British earl has disappeared, takes Holmes and Watson to Paris to investigate) $25.99
Malliet, G.M. The Haunted Season (Max Tudor #5: The usually-absent Lord and Lady of Totleigh Hall have been in residence for weeks now; the locals hope for a return to the days when their presence sprinkled benefits across the village like fairy dust. A dinner party will be Father Max Tudor's first meeting with the family. When a suspicious death intervenes, the vicar's talent for sorting through clues once again comes into play) $25.99
May, Peter/Wilson, David Hebrides (A full-color photographic tour of the islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, setting for his Lewis trilogy of mysteries) $26.99
McGilloway, Brian The Forgotten Ones (UK title: Preserve the Dead) (Lucy Black #3: When an old man's body, hauled out of the River Foyle, turns out to be embalmed, DS Lucy Black is called in to investigate) $11.99
Mofina, Rick Every Second (Kate Page #3: PBO; Armed men strap remote-detonation bombs to a bank manager and his family, and force him to steal a quarter million dollars from his branch. Questions emerge as reporter Kate Page digs into the story) $9.99
Myers, Ann Bread of the Dead (Santa Fe Cafe #1: PBO; When her kindly landlord is found dead, an apparent suicide, cook Rita Lafitte finds evidence of murder, but the police aren't convinced. Rita teams up with her boss Flori, the town's most celebrated snoop, to investigate) $7.99
Neville, Stuart Those We Left Behind (7 years ago, 12-year-old Ciaran confessed to the brutal murder of his foster father, mitigating his older brother's sentence. But DCI Flanagan has always harbored doubts about the confession. Ciaran's release means several things: a reunion with Thomas, who still wields dangerous influence over his brother; a call to action for a man bent on avenging his father's death; and major trouble for Ciaran's probation officer) $27.95
Parsons, Tony The Slaughter Man (Max Wolfe #2: When a wealthy family is found slaughtered, their youngest child missing, the weapon is the same one used by the Slaughter Man decades ago - but he has done his time, and is dying of cancer. Is he back in the game, or was it a copycat, or was it a contract hit designed to frame a dying man?) $25.99
Patterson, James Hope to Die (Alex Cross #22: Detective Alex Cross is being stalked by a psychotic genius. To save the most important people in his life, he must give the madman what he wants) $9.99
Perrin, Kayla What's Done in Darkness (PBO; At first, Jade likes Key West, and Katrina, her friendly boss at the coffeeshop. But why is a crime writer asking so many questions? Why does Katrina explode into fits of rage? And why is a killer lurking in the shadows, ready to kill again?) $7.99
Perry, Leigh The Skeleton Haunts a House (Family Skeleton #3: PBO; Sid the skeleton (in a Scooby Doo costume) is at a Halloween haunted house when a real dead body is found. Trapped inside when the police seal the crime scene, he decides to case the joint to figure out who committed the crime) $7.99
Plame, V/Lovett, S Burned (Vanessa Pierson #2: CIA covert operative Vanessa Pierson staked her career on capturing Bhoot, a notorious nuclear arms dealer. When a new militant group takes responsibility for a bombing, Bhoot contacts Vanessa to confirm that a nuke may have fallen into dangerous hands) $9.99
Ricci, M/Bahmanyar, M Investigating Murdoch Mysteries (An official companion to the first eight seasons of the detective show set in 1890s Toronto) $29.95
Robb, J.D. et al Down the Rabbit Hole (PBO; Anthology. 5 original novellas, 1 featuring Eve Dallas, inspired by Lewis Carroll's whimsical work) $7.99
Rowling, JK/Galbraith, R The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike #1: PI Strike is hired to investigate the death of a supermodel that the police have ruled a suicide) $9.99
Russell, S. Thomas Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead (Charles Hayden #4: Master and Commander Hayden's orders send him to the Caribbean to meddle with French shipping to the colonies. En route, when they rescue two Spanish castaways, it soon becomes clear the guests aren't exactly what they seem) $17.00
Sandford, John Deadline (Virgil Flowers #8: While looking into a dognapping as a favor to a friend, Virgil discovers that thieves are supplying dogs to medical labs. Then a local reporter is found murdered) $9.99
Saylor, Steven Raiders of the Nile (Roma Sub Rosa Prequel #2: Alexandria, 88 BCE: Needing a way to ransom his kidnapped slave Bethesda, 22-year-old Gordianus finds himself involved in a raid to steal the golden sarcophagus of Alexander the Great) $15.99
Scott, A.D. A Kind of Grief (Highland Gazette #6: PBO; 1950s Scotland: When Alice Ramsay, artist and alleged witch, is found dead in her home, the verdict is suicide. But Joanne Ross refuses to believe it. As she investigates, uncovering layers of intrigue, she becomes convinced that someone from Alice's past was involved in her death) $16.00
Sheehan, James The Alligator Man (Legendary lawyer Tom Wylie and his son Kevin reunite to defend Billy Fuller, accused of killing one of the most hated corporate criminals in the US) $7.99
Simenon, Georges Liberty Bar (alternate title: Maigret on the Riviera) (Maigret #17: Maigret finds himself immersed in the less salubrious side of the Riviera as he tracks the steps of a former spy who likes pretty women and dive bars) $11.00
Slaughter, Karin Pretty Girls (Years ago, Claire and Lydia's young sister Julia vanished. The two have not spoken since. Now Claire's husband has been murdered. What could connect the two tragedies? Claire and Lydia look to the past, unearthing the secrets that destroyed their family; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Snicket, Lemony Shouldn't You Be in School? (All the Wrong Questions #3: Kids; While investigating a case of arson, young apprentice Lemony Snicket soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger? Is it all the work of the notorious villain Hangfire?) $7.00
Staub, Wendy Corsi Blood Red (Mundy's Landing #1: PBO; Mundy's Landing is famous for its picturesque Hudson Valley setting - and for a century-old string of gruesome unsolved murders. Rowan returned to her hometown years ago, fleeing a mistake that could have destroyed her family. Now an anonymous gift brings her fears to life again) $7.99
Stockwin, Julian Pasha (Thomas Kydd #15: Fears about French influence over the Turks send Kydd to Constantinople to rescue the British ambassador. Nicolas Renzi engineers a coup in the Topkapi Palace that turns the tables on the French, but winds up in a Turkish prison. Kydd will need superb seamanship and sheer bravado to free his friend) $17.95
Stockwin, Julian Tyger (Thomas Kydd #16: Summoned to bear witness at the trial of Sir Home Popham for his actions at Cape Town and Buenos Aires, Kydd finds himself in hot water with the Admiralty when his opinions about how his old commander was treated become public. As punishment for his indiscretion, he is put in command of a mutiny ship) $23.95
Sundstol, Vidar Only the Dead (Minnesota #2: After four months, the official investigation into a Norwegian tourist's murder near Lake Superior still unresolved - and US Forest Service officer Lance Hansen is uncovering clues disturbingly close to home. His former father-in-law may hold the key to the long-ago murder of Swamper Caribou. And Lance's brother Andy might know more than he should about the recent homicide) $14.95
Taylor, Andrew The Scent of Death (Edward Savill #1: Historical Dagger winner. 1778: London clerk Edward Savill is in New York, investigating the claims of dispossessed loyalists caught on the wrong side of the war. The discovery of a body in the slums thrusts him into a murder inquiry - and the secret this killing hides could be the key to power for whoever uncovers it) $15.99
Thomas, David Ostland (Berlin, 1941: A murderer is on a killing spree. Georg Heuser is the idealistic young Murder Squad detective set to crack the case. West Germany, 1959: Max Kraus and Paula Siebert are investigating horrendous war crimes committed near the Russian Front. The man accused is Georg Heuser. Assured of his guilt, they have one question: what turned a good man into a monster?) $14.99
Todd, Charles A Fine Summer's Day (Ian Rutledge Prequel: June, 1914: The death of a widow sets off a series of murders across England, seemingly unconnected, that Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge will race to solve as the clouds of war gather on the horizon) $14.99
Turnage, Sheila The Odds of Getting Even (Mo & Dale #3: Kids; Mo and Dale head to court as star witnesses against Macon Johnson. Mo looks forward to a slam-dunk conviction, but nothing goes as expected. Now Macon's on the run, Tupelo Landing's in lockdown, and Lavender's life hangs in the balance) $16.99
Tyre, Lisa Lewis Last in a Long Line of Rebels (Kids; The county is planning to take young Lou's home. To save it, she plans a late-night book heist to solve the century-old mystery of a cache of Civil War gold, stolen by her own notorious great-great-grandfather) $16.99
Washburn, Livia J. Trick or Deadly Treat (Fresh-Baked #9: Arriving at the vet's clinic with a batch of homemade doggie treats, only to discover the vet being arrested for the murder of his wife, Phyllis and her friends engage in a dogged pursuit of the real killer) $7.99
Weaver, Ashley Murder at the Brightwell (Amory Ames #1: Edgar Award finalist. 1930: Amory Ames accompanies her former fiance Gil Trent to a seaside resort, to help him prevent his sister's marriage to disreputable Rupert Howe. When Rupert is murdered and Gil is arrested, Amory is determined to prove Gil's innocence) $15.99
Wilson, F. Paul Fear City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #3: NYC, 1993: As an obscure group of malcontents plots to create a terrible explosion, the man who will be Repairman Jack tries to stop them) $9.99


Ace, Cathy The Corpse with the Diamond Hand (Cait Morgan #6: PBO; When a man drops dead in the games room of their cruise ship, honeymooners Cait and Bud can't help but lend their expertise to the investigation) $14.95
Alexander, Tasha The Adventuress (Lady Emily #10: The Duke of Bainbridge's engagement party on the French Riviera is cut short when one of his oldest friends is found poisoned in the Duke's hotel suite, raising the question of who the intended victim was. While Lady Emily puts the pieces of this puzzle together, odd incidents begin to plague both her and the Duke) $25.99
Aykol, Esmahan Divorce Turkish Style (Kati Hirschel #3: When the young wife of a wealthy Istanbul industrialist is found dead, the police think it's an accident, but mystery bookstore owner Kati Hirschel suspects something more sinister) $14.95
Boneham, Sheila Webster Shepherd's Crook (Animals in Focus #4: PBO; Sheep have vanished from a sheep-herding competition. The police think they've wandered off, but animal photographer Janet MacPhail is convinced they've been stolen. When their owner disappears and a handler is murdered, Janet looks for answers) $14.99
Bridges, Victor Trouble on the Thames (Reissue; Originally published in 1945. When a former acquaintance is trapped into betraying British secrets to a Nazi agent, naval officer Owen Bradwell is sent to spy on the spy, traveling down the Thames on a surveillance trip disguised as a fishing weekend) $12.95
Brons, Janet Not a Clue (Hay & Forsyth #2: PBO; As DCI Stephen Hay investigates the London murder of a young Canadian woman, RCMP inspector Liz Forsyth works on the murder of a young Chechen woman who was killed at the gates of the Russian embassy in Ottawa) $14.95
Brown, Rita Mae Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Sister Jane Arnold #9: When a tree limb falls in an equine graveyard, it reveals remains that are definitely not equine. It falls to Sister Jane Arnold and her trusty hounds to investigate an old murder with modern-day repercussions) $15.00
Brown, Teri Velvet Undercover (YA; 1915: 17-year-old Samantha Donaldson is invited to join a group of women spies, and sent undercover to the court of Kaiser Wilhelm II to extract a British spy) $17.99
Collins, Max Allan Quarry (original title: The Broker) (Quarry #1: Reissue; The assignment was simple for a pro like Quarry: stake out the man's home and kill him. When things go horribly wrong, Quarry has a new mission: learn who hired him, and make the bastard pay) $9.95
Copperman, E.J. The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband (Samuel Hoenig #2: PBO; Samuel puts his Asperger's traits to good use, successfully answering questions for clients. But when his newest client asks about the true identity of her so-called husband, Samuel turns to Janet Washburn for insight into a subject that's beyond his grasp - marriage) $14.99
DiSilverio, Laura The Reckoning Stones (PBO; After accusing the pastor of her close-knit religious community of molesting her, young Mercy Asher is branded a liar, and runs away on the night someone beats the pastor into a coma and kills his wife. 20 years later, when he wakes up, she returns home to reconnect with her mother, her best friend, and her boyfriend, who harbor secrets she must unearth to find a killer) $14.99
Ernst, Kathleen Death on the Prairie (Chloe Ellefson #6: PBO; Chloe and her sister Kari set out on a tour of historic sites dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder, but death strikes as the journey begins, and trouble stalks their fellow travelers. Chloe races to discover the truth before a killer strikes again) $14.99
Fortunato, John Dark Reservations (Hillerman Prize winner. 20 years after he disappeared during a corruption probe, a congressman's bullet-riddled car turns up on the Navajo Reservation. BIA special agent Joe Evers partners with Navajo tribal officer Randall Bluehorse to investigate) $25.99
Francis, D/Francis, F Front Runner (Jeff Hinkley #2: Undercover investigator Jeff Hinkley is approached by a champion jockey to discuss the delicate matter of losing races on purpose. Then the jockey is murdered, and there's an attempt on Jeff's life - someone doesn't want the truth about those races revealed) $26.95
Garnier, Pascal Boxes (Brice and Emma bought a new home together, then Emma disappeared. As Brice awaits her return, he gradually comes to know his new neighbors, including the enigmatic Blanche. She has lived alone since the death of her father - to whom Brice bears a curious resemblance) $12.95
Griffiths, Elly The Ghost Fields (Galloway & Nelson #7: The discovery of a downed WWII plane with a body inside leads forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson to the secrets of the wealthy Blackstock family) $14.95
Hall, Parnell A Fool for a Client (Stanley Hastings #20: When hotshot lawyer Richard Rosenberg's girlfriend is killed, and Richard is charged with the crime, a sensational trial ensues. Can Stanley dig up some evidence to help clear his boss?) $25.95
Hay, Mavis Doriel The Santa Klaus Murder (Originally published in 1936. When a guest dressed as Santa Klaus discovers the Melbury family patriarch with a bullet in his head, nearly everyone at the holiday gathering stands to benefit from the death. But who had opportunity?) $12.95
Johnston, Linda O. Knock on Wood (Superstition #2: PBO; Now manager of the Lucky Dog Boutique, Rory is delighted when her librarian friend Gemma comes for a visit, and is hired to manage the Broken Mirror Bookstore. When one of the men Gemma is dating turns up dead, can Rory clear her friend's name?) $14.99
Katzenbach, John The Dead Student (When his Uncle Ed doesn't show up at an AA meeting, PhD student Timothy Warner finds him shot to death in his office - and doesn't believe the police verdict of suicide. The search for the truth will take him ever closer to a devious mind intent on revenge) $26.00
Leon, Donna Fatal Remedies (Guido Brunetti #8: Reissue; An act of vandalism shatters the quiet of the Venetian dawn; the culprit is a member of Brunetti's family. Meanwhile, his superiors pressure him to solve a daring robbery with connections to a suspicious death) $14.00
MacLeod, Torquil Missing in Malmo (Anita Sundstrom #3: Inspector Sundstrom isn't interested in missing persons cases, but when a pair of them take a sinister turn, she finds herself inextricably involved) $14.95
Meyer, Deon Cobra (Benny Griessel #4: Shortlisted for the International Dagger. Can Cape Town detective Benny Griessel and his team unravel the kidnapping of a famous mathematician and track down a professional killer know as the Cobra?) $15.00
Patterson, James (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 (Anthology. Some of the best stories published in 2014) $14.95
Price, Charlie Dead Girl Moon (YA; Runaway Grace, her foster sister JJ, and thief's son Nick discover a dead body. They suspect the murderer is one of the corrupt officials and businessmen who run the small Montana town. When they find themselves suspects, they set out to catch the killer) $9.99
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Murder in Megara (John the Lord Chamberlain #11: Exiled to his estate in Greece, John finds no lack of mystery and mayhem. Accused of blasphemy and murder, can he find his way out of a labyrinth of lies before exile becomes execution?) $15.95
Rowling, JK/Galbraith, R Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike #3: PI Strike investigates when a package containing a woman's severed leg is delivered to his assistant Robin Ellacott) $28.00
Ryan, Hank Phillippi What You See (Jane Ryland #4: Nine-year-old Gracie has been abducted by her stepdad. Where are they? Is the girl in danger? Reporter Jane Ryland learns to her peril what happens when loved ones are pushed too far) $25.99
Sandlin, Lisa The Do-Right (1973: After years in prison for killing one of the men who raped her, Delpha Ward is out, but no one wants to hire her - until persistence and smarts land her a job with neophyte PI Tom Phelan. Together they pry into the dark corners of Beaumont, TX) $16.95
Saylor, Steven Wrath of the Furies (Roma Sub Rosa Prequel #3: 88 BCE: When he receives a cryptic message from his friend and former tutor Antipater, Gordianus concocts a scheme to rescue him. But with the entire region at war, he must go behind enemy lines to do it) $26.99
Siger, Jeffrey Devil of Delphi (Andreas Kaldis #7: A famous assassin shoots a member of one of Greece's richest, most feared families, drawing chief inspector Andreas Kaldis into the eye of a political and media firestorm that threatens to bring down the government; $26.95 hc also available) $15.95
Stevenson, Steve The Hollywood Intrigue (Agatha Mistery #9: PBO; Kids; Suspicious events on a movie set take Agatha, her cousin Dash, and redoubtable butler Chandler to Hollywood to help her stuntman uncle find the saboteur) $5.99
Summer, Mary Elizabeth Trust Me, I'm Lying (Julep Dupree #1: YA; Julep is a liar and con artist, whose grifter dad sends her to a swanky Chicago high school so she can learn to mingle with the upper crust. When she finds their apartment ransacked and her dad gone, she struggles to trace her dad's trail of clues through a maze of stalkers, hit attempts, and family secrets) $9.99
Taylor, Andrew The Silent Boy (Edward Savill #2: 1792: Edward Savill is working in London as agent for a wealthy American. Word arrives that his employer's estranged wife was killed in France, and his 10-year-old son Charles is in England with a group of French refugees. Sent to retrieve the boy, Savill discovers Charles is mute. The boy has witnessed horrors beyond his years, but what haunts him so deeply that he is unable to utter a word?) $26.99
Woods, Stuart Foreign Affairs (Stone Barrington #35: Stone heads to Rome to take care of some business, but trouble is brewing, and he may be facing more than he bargained for) $27.95


Adams, Ellery Writing All Wrongs (Books by the Bay #7: PBO; As the Coastal Caroline Crime Festival gets under way, a trickster seems to be bringing local ghost stories to life. And when a woman's corpse is found on the beach, the Bayside Book Writers must deduce who on Palmetto Island could resort to murder) $7.99
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Killer Instinct (Naturals #2: YA; When victims of a new serial killer start turning up, the Naturals are pulled into a case that strikes too close to home: the killer is a perfect copycat of Dean's incarcerated father. Will the Naturals be able to outsmart the killer's mind games?) $9.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Jane Austen #12: Christmas Eve, 1814: Invited to spend the holidays with family and friends at the ancestral home of the prominent Chute family, Jane investigates when a guest dies under suspicious circumstances) $16.95
Brandon, Ali Plot Boiler (Black Cat Bookshop #5: PBO; When bookseller Darla Pettistone decides to organize a block party, the local shop owners are thrilled, except the coffee shop owner. And when bookstore cat Hamlet finds a dead body, it's clear a killer has crashed the party) $7.99
Brennan, Allison No Good Deed (Lucy Kincaid #10: PBO; When FBI agent Lucy Kincaid set her sights on a major player in the drug trade, his entire world collapsed. Now he wants payback against Lucy and her PI boyfriend Sean Rogan) $7.99
Burton, Mary I'll Never Let You Go (PBO; Four years ago, Leah's husband stabbed her 23 times before fleeing. She survived, and the police are sure he's dead, but fear won't let Leah believe it. Now, when another woman is stabbed 23 times, Leah knows her past has found her. Can she and cop Alex Morgan untangle the truth?) $7.99
Butler, Dori Hillestad The Ghost at the Fire Station (Haunted Library #6: Kids; When Claire hears about a ghost at the fire station, she and her ghostly companion Kaz investigate) $4.99
Cantwell, L/Gill, L (ed) Memphis Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Memphis, TN) $15.95
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Clown Corpse (Chocoholic #14: It's been a month since a complete stranger was arrested for killing Clowning Around shop owner Moe Davidson. But when Lee finds Moe's widow unconscious in the shuttered shop, she wonders if the real killer is still at large) $7.99
Carlisle, Kate Crowned and Moldering (Fixer-Upper #3: PBO; Shannon is happy to get her handywoman hands on her boyfriend's Victorian lighthouse mansion, but during demolition, a grisly discovery is made: the bones of a girl who disappeared 15 years ago) $7.99
Casey, Donis All Men Fear Me (Alafair Tucker #8: The US has finally entered the Great War, and Charlie Tucker has taken a part-time war job at the brick company. When machine breakdowns delay production and a couple of shift supervisors are murdered, everyone suspects sabotage, some blaming German spies, others blaming union organizers and socialists. But Charlie is sure he knows who the culprit is, and comes up with a plan to catch him) $15.95
Clancy, T/Greaney, M Full Force and Effect (Jack Ryan: President Jack Ryan faces an old challenge with a new twist: North Korea's new young dictator is determined to prove his strength by making a move) $9.99
Cleverly, Barbara Enter Pale Death (Joe Sandilands #12: 1933: When Lady Truelove is crushed to death by a horse at her country estate, the verdict is death by misadventure, but Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands suspects foul play) $15.95
Collins, Kate Florist Grump (Flower Shop #17: PBO; When a beloved window washer becomes the prime suspect in a murder, the New Chapel shop owners rally to prove the man's innocence) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Burning Room (Harry Bosch #19: When a man succumbs to complications from being shot by a stray bullet nine years earlier, Harry Bosch and rookie detective Lucia Soto catch the case. As they pull new leads from old information, they discover the shooting may have been anything but random) $9.99
Connelly, Michael The Crossing (Harry Bosch #20 / Mickey Haller #6: The murder rap against his client seems ironclad, but defense attorney Mickey Haller is sure it's a setup, and turns to Harry Bosch for help. With secret help from his former LAPD partner Lucia Soto, Bosch turns the investigation inside the police department; Signed copies expected) $28.00
Cornwell, Patricia Depraved Heart (Scarpetta #23: A text message that seems to be from her niece Lucy contains a link that shows Kay Scarpetta a surveillance film of Lucy from almost 20 years ago, revealing frightening secrets. That clip and others sent soon after raise dangerous legal implications - but who can Scarpetta safely tell?) $28.99
Curtis, Waverly The Silence of the Chihuahuas (Barking Detective #5: PBO; Sleuthing Chihuahua Pepe has stopped talking. Why now, with Geri's best friend Brad missing and her ditzy sister in danger? Luckily, Pepe turns out to be an excellent blogger, and his nose for clues soon has the detective duo chasing down leads) $7.99
Cussler, C/Cussler, D Havana Storm (Dirk Pitt #23: While investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean Sea, Dirk Pitt unwittingly becomes involved in a post-Castro power struggle in Cuba. Meanwhile, Pitt's children are hunting for a clue to the location of an Aztec treasure; the trail leads to Cuba, putting them squarely in harm's way) $9.99
Day, Maddie Flipped for Murder (Country Store #1: PBO; Robbie decides to buy a rundown country store in southern Indiana. Everyone in town shows up for the grand reopening, but when the mayor's disagreeable assistant is found dead, Robbie will need her puzzle-solving skills to clear her name) $7.99
de Giovanni, Maurizio The Bottom of Your Heart (Ricciardi #7: 1930s Naples: Commissario Ricciardi and Brigadier Maione investigate when a renowned surgeon falls to his death from the window of his office) $18.00
Dearman, Jill The Great Bravura (NYC, 1947: Bravura and Susie have been friends and partners in stage magic for years, as well as occasional bedmates, but when they hire Lena to jazz up the act, Bravura falls madly in love. Then Susie disappears for real during a classic illusion, and Bravura becomes prime suspect in the presumed death. Can she prove her innocence and find her pal?) $16.95
Delany, Vicki Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (Year-Round Christmas #1: PBO; In Rudolph, New York, where it's Christmas all year long, a reporter is in town doing a story. When Merry Wilkinson finds him dead, police suspect he was poisoned by her friend Vicky's gingerbread. Merry sets out to find the real killer) $7.99
Dodd, Joanna A Cure for All Evils (London, 1792: Josiah Crayley, a successful patent medicine maker, is persuaded to run for Parliament. When customers die after using his tonic, many are convinced it's the work of French spies, but could there be a political motive closer to home?) $14.95
Donnelly, Jennifer These Shallow Graves (YA; New York City, 1890: After finishing school, Jo Montfort is expected to marry an eligible bachelor, but she dreams of being a reporter. When her fathers dies, an apparent accident or possible suicide, Jo doesn't believe either story, and is determined to search for the truth) $19.99
Downing, David One Man's Flag (Jack McColl #2: 1915: As Europe erupts into war, Jack McColl is stationed in India to defend the Empire against Bengali terrorists and their German allies) $27.95
Eco, Umberto Numero Zero (A novel about the murky world of media, politics, conspiracy, and murder, set in 1992 Milan and foreshadowing the mysteries and follies of the following decades) $24.00
Edwards, Martin (ed) Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries (Anthology. Classic tales of crime and detection) $12.95
Ekback, Cecilia Wolf Winter (Swedish Lapland, 1717: Maija and her family arrive from their native Finland, hoping to forget past traumas and put down new roots. When a neighbor's mutilated body is found on the nearby mountain, the death is dismissed as a wolf attack, but Maija feels certain the wounds could only have been inflicted by a human) $16.00
Fielder, Donna Let's Kill Mom (PBO; Nonfiction. 4 Roanoke, Texas, teens make a pact to kill their parents, steal their cars and credit cards, and flee to Canada) $9.99
Flowers, Jean Death Takes Priority (Postmistress #1: PBO; Cassie Miller is happy to take over the post office in her Berkshires hometown. Then an unidentified man's body is found in the woods. When the handsome antiques dealer she just had lunch with is taken into custody, Cassie is drawn into the case) $7.99
Fossum, Karin The Murder of Harriet Krohn (Inspector Sejer #7: A former gambler, intent on paying off his debts to win his daughter's forgiveness, planned to steal an old woman's antique silver collection. He didn't expect her to put up a fight. The only clue Inspector Sejer and his team find in the apartment is an abandoned bouquet) $14.95
Frederick, Heather Absolutely Truly (Pumpkin Falls #1: Kids; Edgar Award finalist. Truly's family has moved to Pumpkin Falls, NH, to run a struggling bookstore that's been in the family for 100 years. After Truly finds an undelivered letter inside a first edition of Charlotte's Web , and the book goes missing, what's inside the envelope leads Truly and her friends on a madcap treasure hunt, chasing clues that could spell danger) $7.99
Freemantle, Brian The Cloud Collector (To hunt down the mastermind behind a global jihadist attack, brilliant MI5 agent Sally Hanning teams up with NSA code-cracker Jack Irvine) $26.99
Gardner, Lisa Crash & Burn (After a near-fatal accident, Nicole Frank insists she must save a missing child. Her husband says she's delusional, there is no child. Sergeant Wyatt Foster and investigator Tessa Leoni search for the truth) $9.99
George, Elizabeth A Banquet of Consequences (Thomas Lynley #19: What was the cause of William Goldacre's suicide, and how far might the consequences reach? Is there a link between the man's leap from a Dorset cliff and a poisoning in Cambridge? As DI Lynley investigates the London angle, DS Havers looks behind the peaceful facade of country life) $28.95
Grady, James Last Days of the Condor (Condor #3: Look in the mirror. You're nobody anybody knows. You know pursuing the truth will get you killed. But you refuse to just fade away. You run your life branded with the code name you made iconic: Condor) $9.99
Grippando, James Cane and Abe (When a woman's body is found in the Everglades, the FBI calls in respected prosecuting attorney Abe Beckham to consult. When they find out Abe dated the woman years ago, and then Abe's wife disappears, Abe is suddenly prime suspect) $9.99
Hamilton, Victoria White Colander Crime (Vintage Kitchen #5: PBO; After a long day of fun at the Dickens Days festival, food columnist Jaymie Leighton discovers a local woman's battered body. All the clues point to Cody Wainwright, troubled son of Jaymie's editor, but Jaymie's not convinced) $7.99
Hardy, Susannah Olive and Let Die (Greek to Me #2: PBO; A surprise visit from Georgie's estranged mother takes a chilling turn when another long-lost relative is found dead outside Spiro's new restaurant, putting Spiro's partner Inky on the suspect list) $7.99
Haynes, Natalie The Furies (A drama therapy teacher at a last-chance school for teens discovers her toughest students unexpectedly responding to the Greek tragedies. But are these tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge teaching lessons she hadn't intended?) $15.99
Hechtman, Betty Knot Guilty (Crochet #9: When the organizer of a style show is found dead in her hotel suite, suspicion falls on a member of Molly's crochet group. Can Molly and the Hookers find the real killer?) $7.99
Horler, Sydney The Traitor (Reissue; Originally published in 1936. In 1918, Alan Clinton was seduced into revealing British military secrets. In 1935, his son Bobby seems close to doing the same - unless his girlfriend can prove his innocence in a race against time) $12.95
Hughes, B/Park, E (ed) Buffalo Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Buffalo, NY) $15.95
Johnson, Craig Wait for Signs (Walt Longmire: Collection. 12 short stories featuring the Wyoming sheriff) $14.00
Kellerman, Faye The Theory of Death (Decker & Lazarus #23: The body of a nude man is found deep in the woods, apparently a suicide. The search for the dead man's identity takes Peter Decker and Tyler McAdams to the rarified world of mathematical prodigies at Kneed Loft College) $26.99
Kellerman, Jonathan & Jesse The Golem of Paris (Jacob Lev #2: After a year, detective Jacob Lev is still not coping well with the remarkable truth about his family. Then he comes across the file for a gruesome unsolved murder. Finding the killer will take him to Paris, in a dangerous search for the truth that plunges him into the past) $27.95
Kingston, Jeremy Sherlock Holmes and a Scandal in Batavia (Prince Alexander of the Netherlands brings Holmes and Watson into a case involving a plot to steal the throne, a rejected marriage proposal, and an attempted poisoning) $18.95
Kirk, David Sword of Honor (Samurai #2: During the battle of Sekigahara, Musashi insulted an adept of the powerful Yoshioka School, and a price has been put on his head. He travels to Kyoto, domain of the Yoshioka, for a reckoning) $26.95
Koontz, Dean Saint Odd (Odd Thomas #7: Odd has returned to Pico Mundo and the people he loves, come to save them - and perhaps humanity - from the evil it is his destiny to face. Stronger and wiser, and with the help of the friends he has made along the way, Odd prepares to confront the terrible forces arrayed against him) $9.99
Koryta, Michael The Ridge (After reporter Roy Darmus discovers that a deadly supernatural force has plagued his Kentucky hometown for over a century, can he convince people that an old legend is fact?) $7.99
Lawson, M.A. (Mike) Viking Bay (Kay Hamilton #2: Still in training, Kay is sent to a hostile province in Afghanistan, where the mission turns unexpectedly violent. Following a trail of deception and murder, she finds herself at the center of an international plot that makes her question everything she knows) $9.99
le Carre, J/Sisman, A John le Carre: The Biography (A definitive authorized biography, revealing the man behind the bestselling thrillers) $28.99
Lee, Amanda The Stitching Hour (Embroidery #9: PBO; An eccentric couple has opened a haunted house next door to Marcy's embroidery shop, and there's even more to be frightened of when a local waitress is found dead on the sidewalk with mysterious marks on her neck) $7.99
Lee, Elizabeth Nuts and Buried (Nut House #3: PBO; Lindy's wealthy friend Eugene is throwing a party to introduce his new wife Jeannie. The celebration is in full swing when Eugene is found dead. Jeannie and her unscrupulous kin are prime suspects, but Lindy and Miss Amelia are not convinced) $7.99
Lemaitre, Pierre Irene (Camille Verhoeven #1: Shortlisted for the International Dagger. Happily married and expecting his first child, Verhoeven's bliss is punctured by a murder of unprecedented savagery. And it's not the killer's first - each a homage to a classic crime novel) $14.99
Lindsay, Jeff Red Tide (Billy Knight #2: When ex-cop Billy Knight discovers a dead body floating in the Gulf of Mexico, he is drawn into a deadly plot of dark magic and profound evil, and sets out to right the wrongs the police won't) $15.95
LoTempio, T.C. Claws for Alarm (Nick & Nora #2: PBO; When her sister Lacey's bullying professor is stabbed to death, Nora and her sleuthing feline Nick must find the killer to clear Lacey's name) $7.99
MacNeal, Susan Elia Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante (Maggie Hope #5: PBO; December 1941: Posing as Churchill's typist, special agent Maggie Hope accompanies him to Washington, DC. When one of Eleanor Roosevelt's aides is murdered and the First Lady is implicated in the crime, Maggie investigates discreetly) $15.00
Martin, Nancy Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything (Miss Ruffles #1: Sunny McKillip's job as personal assistant to a small-town Texas matriarch gets stranger when the woman dies, leaving her entire fortune to her incorrigible dog Miss Ruffles, and leaving Miss Ruffles in Sunny's care. Sunny is rightfully concerned for Miss Ruffles' safety - and soon suspects that there was more to her employer's death than meets the eye) $25.99
McCarry, Charles The Mulberry Bush (Unbeknownst to his handlers, an off-the-books lone wolf spy is loyal to a hidden agenda: avenging his father, who was laughed out of the department years ago) $26.00
McKinlay, Jenn A Likely Story (Library Lover's #6: Library director Lindsey Norris has delivered books to nearby Star Island, and befriended two elderly brothers there. When one of them is killed and the other goes missing, she's determined to get to the bottom of things) $24.95
Murphy, Shirley & Pat The Cat, the Devil, the Last Escape (Misto the Ghost Cat #2: Set up to take the fall for a deadly robbery, Morgan Blake faces life in prison. In need of a friend, his young daughter Sammie turns to Misto the ghost cat. Morgan makes friends with an old con named Lee Fontana, and they plan a wily escape to bring the real killer to justice and clear Morgan's name for good) $7.99
Norman, Andreas Into a Raging Blaze (Shortlisted for the International Dagger. When a stranger gives a rising star of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs a USB device containing a ticking time bomb of intelligence information, SAPO agent Bente Jensen investigates. The stakes rise when British MI6 agents show up, intent on a quick resolution by any means necessary) $14.99
Oliver, L.J. The Humbug Murders (PBO; Victorian London: A visit from his old boss Fezziwig's ghost warns Ebenezer Scrooge of deaths to come. The next day, Scrooge finds himself under arrest: Fezziwig has been murdered, and all the evidence points to Scrooge. Can he clear his name and find his friend's killer?) $7.99
Orgain, Diana Yappy Hour (When her sister Rachel leaves town unexpectedly, Maggie is left in charge of Rachel's pet-friendly bar, only to find a corpse sprawled on the floor. To clear Rachel's name, Maggie investigates with some help from a group of dog-loving bar regulars) $24.99
Oust, Gail Kill 'em with Cayenne (Piper Prescott #2: When a top competitor at the annual Brandywine Creek Barbecue Festival is murdered and Maybelle becomes a suspect, Piper and Reba Mae are determined to help clear her name) $7.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (Alex Cross #20: Cross is ripped away from his family on Christmas Eve by a hostage situation that's about to explode) $15.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Massive anthology) $25.00
Perry, Anne A Christmas Escape (Christmas #13: Hester Monk's brother James, grief-stricken by his wife's recent death, travels to a remote island near Sicily. When things take a turn for the deadly at the isolated hotel, James finds himself trying to unmask a killer and save the small band of guests before tragedy strikes again) $18.00
Perry, Carol J. Look Both Ways (Witch City #3: PBO; At an antique shop, Lee purchases a bureau from a home where a famous murder took place. When the antique shop owner is murdered, the police suspect the business partner, but Lee wonders if there's a connection to the bureau. The answer may be revealed by a mirror in the bureau that allows her to tap into her psychic visions) $7.99
Perry, Marta When Secrets Strike (House of Secrets #2: PBO; When a string of arsons threatens the Amish community in Laurel Ridge, Pennsylvania, firefighter Aaron King is the only suspect. Quilter Sarah Bitler must follow her instincts to find the truth) $7.99
Peterson, Linda Lee The Spy on the Tennessee Walker (Maggie Fiori #3: Magazine editor Maggie Fiori investigates a Civil War-era family scandal. Why was her great-great-grandmother imprisoned for bigamy and espionage? Was she a criminal or a hero? Confederate or Union?) $15.00
Pressey, Rose Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore (Haunted Vintage #3: PBO; A charity fashion show is the perfect chance for Cookie to show off her savvy for a good cause. When a famous fashionista is killed and a PI's ghost asks for Cookie's help, she must untangle a deadly design) $7.99
Raphael, Kate Murder Under the Bridge (When Palestinian police detective Rania discovers the body of a foreign woman near her village, no one seems to want her to investigate, but she finds an ally in Chloe, a Jewish-American peace worker. With the help of an annoying Israeli policeman, they work to solve the murder) $16.95
Rother, Caitlin Then No One Can Have Her (PBO; Nonfiction. Unable to tolerate her husband's womanizing and out-of-control spending, Carol Kennedy divorced him. Weeks later, she was found bludgeoned to death, her ex the prime suspect) $7.99
Sandford, John Easy Prey (Lucas Davenport #11: Reissue; The death of a famous fashion model sets off a media firestorm that puts pressure on Lucas Davenport; a series of seemingly unrelated slayings suggests a connection to an ingenious and ruthless killer) $9.99
Scottoline, Lisa Corrupted (Rosato & Associates #14: Years ago, Jason was sent to juvie after fighting a class bully, and Bennie Rosato couldn't free him. Now, when Jason is indicted for killing the same bully he fought as a kid, she decides to represent him) $27.99
Simenon, Georges Lock No. 1 (alternate title: The Lock at Charenton) (Maigret #18: Maigret investigates when a mysterious entrepreneur's past catches up with him in a claustrophobic provincial town) $11.00
Simenon, Georges Mr. Hire's Engagement (Hire is a convicted pornographer and a voyeur. And now he's the suspect in a brutal murder . . . that he did not commit) $11.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #16: Business is slow, so Mma Ramotswe plans to take her first-ever holiday. When a new client arrives just as she's ready to depart, Mma Makutsi insists that she and Charlie can handle the case) $24.95
Smith, Craig The Horse Changer (46 BCE: Young Tuscan knight Quintus Dellius distinguishes himself in the Spanish war against Pompey, and looks forward to a glittering career. But when his hero Julius Caesar is assassinated, the Republic is plunged into chaos. In the civil wars that follow, Dellius is caught up in a maelstrom of shifting allegiances) $14.95
Srsen, Ivan (ed) Zagreb Noir (Anthology. Original crime stories set in Zagreb) $15.95
Stanley, Michael A Death in the Family (Detective Kubu #5: When his father is murdered, Kubu is ordered away from the case, but has trouble following orders. Meanwhile, a Chinese-owned mine wants to take over part of the town of Shoshong. When an official in the Department of Mines is found dead, Kubu becomes convinced it was murder) $26.99
Steinhauer, Olen All the Old Knives (Years ago in Vienna, terrorists took hostages. When the rescue attempt went terribly wrong, the CIA's Vienna station had questions. Had their agent been compromised, and if so, how? Case officers Henry Pelham and Celia Harrison were ending their love affair at the time. Now they're getting together for dinner - but neither can forget those questions) $16.00
Steinhauer, Olen The Cairo Affair (At the American embassy in Hungary, minutes after Sophie Kohl confesses to her husband that she had an affair while they were in Cairo, he is shot in the head and killed. Stan Bertolli, a Cairo-based CIA agent, feels his heart skips a beat when he hears the voice of the only woman he ever truly loved, calling to ask why her husband has been assassinated. When the murder of a US diplomat in Hungary sends ripples all the way to Cairo, Egyptian intelligence operative Omar Halawi must follow the fallout wherever it leads. US analyst Jibril Aziz knows more than anyone about a covert operation the CIA rejected. So when it appears someone else has obtained a copy of the blueprints, Jibril alone knows the danger it represents) $9.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (Gaslight #18: Wealthy Randolph Pollock's servants have found him bludgeoned to death, with his new wife Una cradling his body. Rendered mute by horror, Una winds up locked away to await trial. With Frank and Sarah away on their honeymoon, Mrs. O'Neill turns to the other members of their household to clear her daughter Una's name) $25.95
Thomson, Lesley Ghost Girl (Stella Darnell #2: A stack of old photos in her father's darkroom draws Stella Darnell into an unsolved case from 1966, when young Mary Thornton became the only witness to her brother's murder) $13.95
Trent, Christine Death at the Abbey (Lady of Ashes #5: PBO; Undertaker Violet Harper is summoned to Welbeck Abbey, where she is asked to prepare the body of the duke's favorite raven for an elaborate funeral. When a young worker on the estate is murdered, the duke implores Violet to conduct a discreet investigation) $15.00
Tribe, Steve Sherlock Chronicles (Full color throughout. A look behind the scenes of the hit BBC/Masterpiece series Sherlock ) $29.99
Washburn, Livia J. The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer (Fresh-Baked #10: PBO; When a local rancher drops dead after eating one of Phyllis Newsome's treats, it turns out he was shot, not poisoned, casting suspicion on the dead man's daughter and her husband) $15.00
Webb, Betty The Puffin of Death (Gunn Zoo #4: On a trip to Iceland to pick up an orphaned polar bear cub, zookeeper Theodora Bentley finds a dead body lying atop a puffin burrow, and gets tangled in the murder investigation) $15.95


Alaux, JP/Balen, N Backstabbing in Beaujolais (Winemaker Detective #9: Wine expert Benjamin Cooker is called in to help a newcomer in the midst of a bitter rivalry with an established Beaujolais estate) $12.95
Baldacci, David The Guilty (Will Robie #4: On an overseas assignment, US government assassin Will Robie finds himself unable to pull the trigger. To recover what he has lost, he must confront what he has tried to forget for decades: his own past) $28.00
Barca, Antonio Jimenez Unpaid Debts (Returning from his poorly paid job in a shabby Madrid office, Pablo Esteban runs into a friend from his teen years. When the friend is murdered soon after, Pablo will be forced to collaborate with the police investigation, and revisit his past) $17.00
Beard, Mary S.P.Q.R.: A History of Ancient Rome (By exploring how the Romans - including those traditionally overlooked: women, slaves and ex-slaves, conspirators, and losers - challenged the idea of imperial rule, responded to terrorism and revolution, and invented a new idea of citizenship and nation, Cambridge professor Beard changes our perspective on them) $35.00
Bonfiglioli, Kyril The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery (Charlie Mortdecai #4: Charlie Mortdecai is invited to Oxford to investigate the death of a don who collided with an omnibus. It looks like an accident, but what about the two pairs of thugs who had been following her just before her death?) $24.95
Bowen, Rhys Away in a Manger (Molly #15: NYC, 1905: Molly learns that a girl and her brother came over from England, but their mother has disappeared, and they are living with an aunt who treats them terribly. Molly is determined to find out who these children are, and what has happened to their mother) $24.99
Collins, M/Clemens, M Fate of the Union (Reeder & Rogers #2: Former Secret Service agent Joe Reeder is looking into a retired colleague's suspicious death. FBI special agent Patti Rogers is investigating a series of similar but seemingly unconnected murders in the DC area. Could they be tracking down different facets of the same conspiracy?) $15.95
Crais, Robert The Promise (Cole & Pike #16: PI Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike team up with LA cop Scott James and his patrol dog Maggie on an investigation that leads from inner-city drug traffickers to Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell) $27.95
Cumming, Charles The Hidden Man (Reissue; When their father, once a master spy for MI6, is murdered, Mark and Benjamin are drawn into the legacy of his life as a spy as they set out to discover the truth and avenge his death) $15.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G The Pharaoh's Secret (NUMA Files #13: Kurt and Joe tangle with the most determined enemy they've ever encountered when a ruthless powerbroker schemes to build a new Egyptian empire as glorious as those of the Pharaohs) $28.95
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Untimely Death (Shakespeare in the Catskills #1: When the leading lady in a Catskills resort's production of Romeo and Juliet is first poisoned and then stabbed, costume designer Charlotte Fairfax investigates) $24.99
Easton, Don Art and Murder (Jack Taggart #9: Taggart goes undercover as a pimp to hunt down the murderer of a cop) $11.99
Estleman, Loren D. The Sundown Speech (Amos Walker #25: Walker is hired by Helen and Dante Gunner to find a film director who has disappeared with their investment money. When Walker finds the man murdered and Dante is arrested, can Walker prove he didn't do it?) $24.99
Evanovich, Janet Tricky Twenty-Two (Stephanie Plum #22: Stephanie faces her toughest case yet) $28.00
Finch, Charles Home by Nightfall (Charles Lenox #9: London, 1876: Lenox is investigating the disappearance of a famous foreign pianist when his grieving brother asks him to come to Sussex. There, as they look into a series of small thefts, he realizes that something strange and serious may be afoot. Soon he is racing to solve both cases before either turns deadly) $25.99
Hart, Ellen The Old Deep and Dark (Jane Lawless #22: Lambda Award winner. Theater director Cordelia Thorn is restoring a historic theater she and her sister bought. When a corpse turns up in a basement wall, she calls in her best friend Jane Lawless to investigate) $12.95
Juul, Pia The Murder of Halland (When Halland is murdered right outside his door, his widow Bess is prime suspect. But she is worried about the daughter she abandoned years ago. As the police investigate the murder, Bess instead follows a trail of her regrets and misapprehensions) $17.95
Maitland, Barry Crucifixion Creek (Ned Kelly Award finalist. A meth-head shoots a woman during a police siege. An elderly couple commit suicide. A man is stabbed to death in the streets. For Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree, it's just another day at the office, until he identifies the stabbing victim as his brother-in-law, and a journalist suggests the incidents are linked) $25.99
Melander, Jakob The Scream of the Butterfly (Lars Winkler #2: When Copenhagen's mayor is found murdered in his home, detective Lars Winkler is assigned the sensitive case, which is further complicated by the victim's family connections) $15.95
Morrow, Bradford The Forgers (When collector Adam Diehl is found dead, hands severed, surrounded by destroyed books and manuscripts, his sister Meghan and her lover Will - a convicted but unrepentant literary forger - struggle to come to terms with the murder. When Will begins receiving threatening letters, seemingly penned by long-dead authors, he realizes his own life is on the line) $14.00
Muller, M/Pronzini, B The Body Snatchers Affair (Carpenter & Quincannon #3: Two missing bodies and two separate cases take Sabina Carpenter and John Quincannon from the heights above San Francisco Bay to the depths of Chinatown's opium dens) $15.99
Murphy, Warren Bloodline (NYC, 1920: Tony Falcone is a respected cop. His sons Tommy and Mario are a cop and a priest. But when their cousin Nilo arrives in the US, he falls in with a Mafia boss. As the city begins to erupt into a violent gangland war, Tommy and Mario struggle to stay out of Nilo's dark world, but when things take a turn for the worse, the Mafia may be the only place for them to go) $27.99
Ohlsson, Kristina Hostage (Fredrika Bergman #4: When an airliner is hijacked and demands are directed at both the Swedish and the US governments, police superintendent Alex Recht, counterterrorism operative Eden Lundell, and investigative analyst Fredrika Bergman team up. Can they save the plane and its passengers?) $16.00
Perry, Anne Merry Mysteries: A Christmas Hope / A New York Christmas (Christmas #11 / #12: Omnibus reprint of 2 short novels) $16.00
Preston, D/Child, L Crimson Shore (Pendergast #15: Pendergast and his ward Constance travel to a Massachusetts village to investigate the theft of a priceless wine collection, and discover a bricked-up niche holding a crumbling skeleton. Then a corpse turns up in the marshes. Is there a connection to a legendary 17th-century witches' colony? Signed copies expected) $27.00
Ray, Delia Finding Fortune (Kids; Angry with her mother, 12-year-old Ren runs away to a nearby boarding house. Can she and her new friend Hugh help their landlady find a lost treasure hidden in the building?) $16.99
Sanders, Ben American Blood (A former undercover cop, now in witness protection, gets involved in the search for a missing woman) $24.99
Sebestyen, Victor 1946: The Making of the Modern World (Drawing on new archival material and interviews, journalist Sebestyen reviews major postwar decisions, discussing the economic collapse, starvation, ethnic cleansing, and displacement that followed WWII) $30.00
Tursten, Helene The Beige Man (Irene Huss #7: A speeding car leaves a dead pedestrian in its wake, leading DI Huss and her team to a young girl's corpse in a cellar - and to the chilling world of sex trafficking) $15.95
Zettel, Sarah Dangerous Deceptions (Peggy Fitzroy #2: YA; An unwelcome engagement, a mysterious plot that hints at treason - if she's not careful, Peggy's adventures as a spy in King George's London court could end in murder) $8.99

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