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Newsletter #103 September November, 2013

How’s Business?
By Don Blyly

        As many of our older customers retire, they often move from a large old house with lots of space to store books to a smaller place with a lot less room for books, resulting in many bags or boxes of books being brought to the Uncles. This has been going on for many years, but we recently had the largest batch we’ve ever seen at Uncle Hugo’s. A customer who was a regular for decades decided, back when cover prices were going from $.75 up to $.95, that he wanted to collect all the science fiction and fantasy paperbacks every published. He picked up every new paperback from our new release shelf for a couple of decades, plus looking for used copies of older books. About the time the cover prices started hitting $3.95, he started being more selective in his buying. After Scott Imes died in 2001, the customer stopped coming in and stopped collecting. Around the middle of July he stopped in, told me that he was 72 and had decided it was time to get rid of his collection. Over the next few weeks I bought almost 6000 used science fiction, fantasy, and horror paperbacks from him, along with a few hardcovers and trade paperbacks. There were a lot of rare books in there that I remember selling to him back in the 1970s, but there were a few that I don’t remember ever having seen before. Several hundred of the books have already been snatched up by other customers, but we still have huge amounts of hard-to-find paperbacks clogging our aisles. Please stop by and buy some.
        Over a year ago the KFC franchisee for the Twin Cities went bankrupt, and almost a year ago Popeye’s bought 14 former KFC locations to turn into Popeye’s Fried Chicken outlets. We’ve been hearing for many months that all of the former KFC
locations would be remodeled and reopened by the end of July, but there’s been little activity around the KFC location near Uncle Hugo’s. Finally, around the middle of July a locked storage container about the size of a semi trailer was dropped in the parking lot near the back door of the building. The dentist located between the Uncles and the former KFC has been watching the site very carefully. He said that the only action he’s seen on the site in the last couple of months was somebody with a weed whip. He asked the guy when the Popeye’s would be open, and the guy claimed it would be open with 5 weeks. That was 4 weeks ago, and still nothing is happening on the site. Our long fried chicken famine continues.
        As usual lots of stuff had to be cut from the paper newsletter, but the full version is available on the website.

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