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Uncle Edgar's Newsletter 129
Recently Received & Forthcoming Books
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This Is My Bookstore
100 postcards of beautiful bookstores from around the world.  
Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1452177937 / 9781452177939  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045279 $22.95
Adams, Ellery  
Book Retreat #6: Murder in the Storybook Cottage
A murderer stalks a children's literature conference, leaving rare books next to the victims.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 1496715675 / 9781496715678  
Expected Early May   ID: #New045548 $7.99
Adler-Olsen, Jussi  
Department Q #8: Victim 2117
A woman's death sparks a chain of events bringing a troubled teen, a terrorist, and Department Q's own Assad, on a collision course that could cost thousands of lives.  
ISBN: 1524742554 / 9781524742553  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045377 $28.00
Allan, Barbara  
Trash 'N' Treasures #14: Antiques Ravin'
A series of creepy crimes at an Edgar Allen Poe festival contain clues pointing to a heartless killer.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 1496711416 / 9781496711410  
Expected Early April   ID: #New045521 $7.99
Alvey, J.M.  
Philocles #1: Shadow of Athens
443 BC. Aspiring playwrite Philocles arrives home to find a dead man in his doorway and must find out why he was killed.  
Novel, Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1409180638 / 9781409180630  
Expected Mid May   ID: #New045031 $15.99
Armstrong, Charlotte  
The Chocolate Cobweb
Suspecting she may have been switched at birth Amanda Garth investigates the prestigious Garrison family to determine if they are her true family, but what she finds is not the shining picture she expected.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint (originally published in 1948)  
ISBN: 1613161670 / 9781613161678  
Expected Early May   ID: #New045339 $15.95
Askew, Claire  
Helen Birch #1: All the Hidden Truths
In the aftermath of a bombing, the mothers of the killer and a victim team up with a DI Helen Birch to search for answers.  
Novel, Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1473673046 / 9781473673045  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045024 $15.99
Bailey, Martine  
The Almanack
Tabitha Hart is urgently summoned home, only to find her mother dead when she arrives. As a killer draws near, Tabitha must unravel the cryptic clues in her mother's almanack in order to survive.  
Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 183885035X / 9781838850357  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045172 $14.00
Baldacci, David  
Amos Decker #6: Walk the Wire
The corpse of a murdered and seemingly autopsied woman leads Decker and Jamison to a wealthy oil town in North Dakota that sits next to an Air Force Station guarding secrets that could be the key to this case.  
Novel, Hardcover  
ISBN: 1538761467 / 9781538761465  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045016 $29.00
Barclay, Linwood  
Elevator Pitch
A pair of seasoned detectives team up with a journalist to find out who is sabotaging elevators in high-rises across Manhattan.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 0062946684 / 9780062946683  
Expected Early May   ID: #New044955 $9.99
Barron, Laird  
Isaiah Coleridge #2: Black Mountain
When the mob asks Coleridge to look into an unsanctioned killing, his investigation leads him to a serial killer who has been honing his skills since the Vietnam War.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 0735217467 / 9780735217461  
Expected Early May   ID: #New045536 $9.99
Bell Jr., Albert A.  
Pliny the Younger #8: Hiding from the Past
Pliny and his friend Tacitus are stranded in a remote Alpine village, where they had tried to solve a murder ten years before.  
Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1564746100 / 9781564746108  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045348 $15.95
Belle, Kimberly  
Dear Wife
A detective searches for a missing woman, even as the investigation hints she is fleeing an abusive husband and does not want to be found.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 0778305082 / 9780778305088  
Expected Early May   ID: #New044953 $8.99
Bengtsdotter, Lina  
Charlie Lager #1: For the Missing
In order to save a missing girl, DI Charlie Lager must return to her hometown to find her and get out before her own secrets come to light.  
Novel, Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1409179354 / 9781409179351  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045029 $15.99
Bengtsdotter, Lina  
Charlie Lager #2: For the Dead
Drawn back to her hometown of Gullspang, DI Charlie Lager is haunted by a girl who went missing decades ago and is convinced that the original investigation was flawed.  
Novel, Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1409179389 / 9781409179382  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045030 $15.99
Bickford, Susan Alice  
Dread of Winter
Returning to her hometown at her dying mother's request, Sydney Lucerno must face the predators she thought she'd escape and discover the truth about what happened when she left.  
Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1496705963 / 9781496705969  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045589 $15.95
Black, Cara  
Three Hours in Paris
Paris, 1940. A young American markswoman has been recruited by British Intelligence to assassinate Hitler, but the operation is rushed and she suspects a set-up.  
ISBN: 1641290412 / 9781641290418  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045383 $27.95
Blaedel, Sara  
Family Secrets #2: Her Father's Secret
A woman's murder is only the beginning as Ilka Jensen, newly arrived in rural Wisconsin from Denmark, races to unravel the maze of secrets her father left behind there.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2019 HC  
ISBN: 1538763249 / 9781538763247  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045053 $8.99
Blaedel, Sara  
Family Secrets #3: The Third Sister
Ilka sets out for her father's last known location to confront him about the secrets that have torn apart her life.  
Novel, Hardcover  
ISBN: 153876329X / 9781538763292  
Expected Mid April   ID: #New045015 $27.00
Bourland, Barbara  
Fake Like Me
After a fire destroys her entire exhibition, a young artist is given three months to recreate the paintings. She takes up residence at a retreat where a brilliant artist drowned herself, but her work is haunted by the question - what really happened to Carey Logan?  
Novel, Hardcover  
ISBN: 1538759519 / 9781538759516  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045580 $28.00
Box, C.J.  
Cassie Dewell #4: The Bitterroots
When Cassie agrees to help a friend exonerate a man accused of assaulting a girl from an influential family, she finds that twisted family loyalty runs deep.  
Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2019 HC  
ISBN: 125005107X / 9781250051073  
Expected Early May   ID: #New044761 $9.99
Box, C.J.  
Joe Pickett #20: Long Range
A woman is dead from a seemingly impossible shot, and Joe's best friend is suspected of being the killer.  
ISBN: 0525538232 / 9780525538233  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045375 $28.00
Brecher, Christin  
Stella Wright #2: Murder Makes Scents
Stella receives an anonymous note claiming her mother smuggled a secret formula out of France - and threatens her life if it isn't returned.  
Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 1496721411 / 9781496721419  
Expected Early March   ID: #New045515 $7.99
Brennan, Allison  
Lucy Kincaid #16: Cut and Run
When storm unearths the remains of a family from a years-old cold case, Lucy is dead-set on solving it, despite opposition from the original investigators.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
ISBN: 1250216990 / 9781250216991  
Expected Early April   ID: #New044209 $8.99
Brown, Dale  
McLanahan #23: The Kremlin Strike
The McLanahans and their team must destroy a Russian space station armed with superweapons.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2019 HC  
ISBN: 0062843036 / 9780062843036  
Expected Early March   ID: #New044226 $9.99

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