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Uncle Hugo's Newsletter 102
Recently Received & Forthcoming Books
Alphabetical by Author

Williams, Tad  
Bobby Dollar #1: The Dirty Streets of Heaven
Bobby is a rough-and-tumble angel who's always done his part in the long cold war between Heaven and Hell. But now he's stepped into the middle of something that's got both sides nervous - an unprecedented number of missing souls. Plus someone has summoned a Babylonian demon that's doing its best to track him down and rip him to pieces. And his opposite number on the case is a sexy she-devil, and Bobby has feelings for her that Heaven definitely does not allow.  
Novel, 441 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2012 HC  
DAW - 2013 - ISBN: 0756407907 / 9780756407902  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New023155 $7.99
Williamson, Michael Z.  
Freehold: When Diplomacy Fails . . .
World Bureau Minister Joy Highland is a highly-placed bureaucrat with political aspirations. And her assistant wants to publicize every movement and action for the pending campaign. It's a colossal pain for her security team, Alex Marlow and Ripple Creek's finest. Given Highland's status, it's a matter of figuring out how many people want her dead, and what they're bringing to the fight. Her enemies have resources, funding and political cover, but they're going to be getting in each others' way. And Ripple Creek has no qualms about explosions on galactic news.  
Novel, 471 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2012 HC  
Baen - 2013 - ISBN: 1451639112 / 9781451639117  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New023275 $7.99
Winters, Ben H.  
Hank Palace #2: Countdown City
There are just 74 days to go before a deadly asteroid collides with Earth. With the Concord police force operating under the auspices of the US Justice Department, detective Hank Palace's days of solving crimes are over, until a woman from his past begs for help finding her missing husband. With society falling to shambles, Hank pieces together what few clues he can, on a search that leads him from a college campus turned anarchist encampment to a crumbling coastal landscape where anti-immigrant militia fend off impact zone refugees.

♦  Winner of the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award
Novel, 316 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Quirk - 2013 - ISBN: 1594746265 / 9781594746260  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New023514 $14.99

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