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Uncle Hugo's February 2019 Arrivals

Sweterlitsch, Tom  
The Gone World
Clandestine operative Shannon Moss investigates the murder of a Navy SEAL's family and tries to locate the man's missing daughter. The SEAL was an astronaut aboard a spaceship assumed lost to the currents of Deep Time, and Moss suspects the mental trauma of time travel may have triggered the violence.  
Novel, 388 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2018 HC  
Putnam - 2019 - ISBN: 0425278905 / 9780425278901  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041708 $16.00
Taylor, Travis S.  
Tau Ceti #6: Bringers of Hell
As the war with the alien Chiata Horde drags on, hope comes from an unlikely source: a map in the crumbled ruins of the Thgreet homeworld may lead to victory for General Moore's army.  
Novel, 440 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2018 HC  
Baen - 2019 - ISBN: 1481483803 / 9781481483803  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041586 $7.99
Ursu, Anne  
The Lost Girl
Ages 8 and up. Everyone realized early on that identical twins Iris and Lark had better outcomes when they were together. But for fifth grade, they are split into different classrooms, and something breaks in both of them. At the same time, in the city around them, things great and small are going missing without a trace. Iris decides it's up to her to find a way to keep her sister safe.  
Novel, 357 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Harper - 2019 - ISBN: 0062275097 / 9780062275097  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041519 $16.99
Weber, David  
Honor Harrington #10: War of Honor limited edition
Signed by the author. No one wanted another war. Thomas Theisman didn't. Baron High Ridge didn't. His Imperial Majesty Gustav didn't. Protector Benjamin didn't. And Honor Harrington certainly didn't. Unfortunately, what they wanted didn't matter.  
Novel, Hardcover, Reprint (originally published in 2002)  
Baen - 2019 - ISBN: 1481483781 / 9781481483780  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: No Jacket as Issued.  
Already Received   ID: #New041575 $36.00
Werner, C.L.  
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: The Tainted Heart
An untraceable blight has engulfed the realm of Chamon. Resisting the epidemic are Talorcan and Esselt, witch hunters of the Order of Azyr.  
Novel, 314 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st US Edition  
Black Library - 2019 - ISBN: 1784968749 / 9781784968748  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041629 $16.00
West, Michelle (aka Sagara, Michelle)  
House War #7: Firstborn
The blue leaf was created to serve a purpose that neither Jewel nor Carver understands. With Ellerson by his side, Carver intends to traverse the wild Winter to reach home and the people who are waiting for him. There are those who do understand the significance of the leaf, and the disaster that will prevail if it remains in his hands. But time is of the essence. These lands are not unclaimed, and the Lord of them is waking from his ancient slumber.  
Novel, 580 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
DAW - 2019 - ISBN: 0756415527 / 9780756415525  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041691 $27.00
Whedon, Joss (creator) / various writers / various artists  
Firefly Legacy Edition Book Two
Full color. Omnibus reprint of graphic stories extending the storyline of the short-lived TV series.  
Graphic Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint (originally published between 2014 and 2017)  
Boom! - 2019 - ISBN: 1684153085 / 9781684153084  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041634 $29.99
Wilgus, Alison  
Chronin #1: The Knife at Your Back
Black & white. New York City, 2042: College student Mirai Yoshida is studying Japanese history, learning swordsmanship, and preparing to travel to 1864 Japan. When she winds up marooned in the past, she disguises herself as a wandering samurai.  
Graphic Novel, 298 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Tor - 2019 - ISBN: 0765391635 / 9780765391636  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041655 $17.99
Wilkins, Kim  
Daughters of the Storm #2: Sisters of the Fire
Four years ago, the five sisters worked together to restore their father to the throne, but fractured the bonds uniting them. Blue dutifully serves as heir. Rowan hides in exile with her aunt. Ash is learning magic and hunting dragons. Ivy rules a prosperous seaport. And Willow hides a dangerous secret - one that could destroy all that the sisters once saved.  
Novel, 446 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Del Rey - 2019 - ISBN: 0399177507 / 9780399177507  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041686 $27.00
Williams, Tad  
Last King of Osten Ard #1: The Witchwood Crown
Thirty years ago, the Storm King was destroyed and his armies scattered. Osten Ard has been at peace, ruled by King Simon and Queen Miriamele. Now, in the frozen north, the Norn Queen wakes, and tells her followers she will sleep no more. Humanity must be destroyed. Her sorcerers will bring a demon back from death, her warriors will search for living dragon's blood, and finally, the Witchwood Crown will be hers.  
Novel, 1025 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
DAW - 2019 - ISBN: 0756410614 / 9780756410612  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041954 $8.99
Wilson, G. Willow (writer) / Alphona, Adrian (artist) / Wyatt, Jake (artist)  
Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan
Ages 12 and up. Full color. Reprints Ms. Marvel (2014) issues 1-11 plus bonus material. Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City, until she suddenly gains extraordinary powers.  
Grahic Novel, Trade Paperback  
Marvel - 2019 - ISBN: 1302916408 / 9781302916404  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041848 $12.99
Zahn, Timothy  
Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances
Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader ally against a threat to the empire.  
Novel, 447 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2018 HC  
Del Rey - 2019 - ISBN: 0525481281 / 9780525481287  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New041959 $9.99

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